TNA IMPACT 2-04-10 Thoughts and Recap


TNA ImpactThis past Thursday evening, TNA presented another addition of IMPACT after what was, in my opinion, a very confusing show which left defined story lines up in the air. My hope was that TNA would clear things up tonight. Did that go down? Let’s get to the review and find out!

Mr. Anderson Defeated Brutus Magnus In An Eight Card Stud Qualifying Match

Kind of an odd pairing here between these two supposed heels. The majority of the offense in this matchup was dominated by Anderson. After about 3 minutes or so, Anderson finished Magnus off with the Mic Check. Nice way to get Anderson to advance here, making him look like a more big time player by basically defeating Magnus with ease. Although Anderson may not be the most talented wrestler on the TNA roster, I’ve got to admit that he has excellent skills at playing his gimmick, an overbearing, arrogant heel.

[adinserter block=”1″]Up next, Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring. He talks about how Mick Foley’s refusal of compliance will cost him big time tonight. Soon, Foley makes his way into the ring, and stands toe to toe with Bischoff. The two cut a phenomenal, and I mean phenomenal, promo discussing their past experiences working together, as well as their dislike for one another. Foley verbally ran Bischoff down, calling him a “salesman and a crappy commentator”! Foley claimed that he had always planned on living outside of the wrestling business. He claimed that he had saved everything he had ever worked for, taking it into consideration that he would one day not be working in the professional wrestling industry. He was ready to live life to the fullest if Bischoff fired him from TNA. Foley said that he didn’t really “hate” anyone and never has, but there is one man that is the exception, and that’s Eric Bischioff! He told Eric that he has and always will hate his stinking guts! Foley said the only reason he was still with TNA was because of JB and Abyss. As Foley prepared to leave the ringside area, Bischoff called him back, threatening the jobs of JB and Abyss once again. The segment concluded with Bischoff booking a match for later that night, featuring Kevin Nash vs. Mick Foley himself in a no DQ match. Again, this was an absolutely tremendous segment here! Again, not sure how we’ll get our payoff within this feud, but this promo made things a hell of a lot brighter.

Hernandez And Matt Morgan (C) Defeated Team 3D To Retain Their TNA World Tag Team Championships

Again, kind of an odd pairing here between two face teams. Morgan and Hernandez are obviously established faces, and TNA looks to be converting Team 3D back to faces through their feud with the Nasty Boys. Anyway, this match was actually fairly decent, with both teams receiving their fair share of offense. Both teams got their respective hot tag as well. Again, decent little 5 minute matchup here. In the end, Devon ascended to the top turnbuckle, but was shoved off by the Nasty Boys. organ hit the Carbon Footprint on Brother Ray for the three. After the match officially ended, the Nasty Boys entered the ring and continued their assault of Team 3D, until Morgan and Hernandez charged back into the ring, running them off. They shook hands with 3D to end this segment. Nice way to get a bit of action in as well as continuing the Nasty Boys/Team 3D feud, but not sure why Morgan, Hernandez, and Team 3D would be on the same page now considering they just had a huge feud which consisted of two eight man tag matches over the course of the last two PPVs.

Samoa Joe Defeated Jesse Neal In Another Eight Man Stud Qualifying Match

Not quite sure was Joe is involved in this tournament, considering he already has the world title shot briefcase that he won at Final Resolution as as a result of Feast Or Fired, but I’m just glad to see him on TV again. Very brief bout here, really doing a good job of reestablishing the bad-ass mentality that exemplifies The Samoan Submission Machine. After about 2 minutes or so, Joe got Neal up for the Muscle Buster, verbally said that this will be AJ Styles, and planted him hard onto the canvas for the win! Nice way to have Joe advance. I really loved how he said that this will be AJ before giving Neal the Muscle Buster. That really captured his determination.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Defeated AJ Styles (C) In A Non-Title Match

Finally it looks as though “The Pope” is getting his much deserved main event push. I’ve always anticipated the day where these two would finally go one on one in a TNA ring! AJ entered with Flair, with more of a heel entrance. In my mind, this was truly a picture perfect match here, really doing a great job of both putting on a great wrestling match, while telling a great story at the same time. Nice heel psychology on the behalf of the champ. People have complained from day one that AJ is a great wrestler but doesn’t have much charisma or mic skills, but that will surely change very, very soon. He has shown butt loads of improvement on the mic, is a great heel worker, and a great wrestler as always. Great work by not only AJ, but “The Pope” as well. “The Pope” is defiantly more than capable of participating in the main event picture. The crowd loves him as well. Anyway, as I said earlier, this was a very good TV match, featuring plenty of innovative maneuvers, near falls, and action throughout. AJ dominated the majority of the match, really shining as a heel, with “Pope” coming back several times with a few extended flurries of offense. The match was given more than enough time as well, lasting well over the 10 minute mark. In the end, AJ goes for a suplex, but “The Pope” counters it into a small package for the ever so shocking three count! “The Pope” just pinned the world champ! Although I believe that this loss may have hurt AJ a bit, it did wonders for “The Pope” who is now officially considered a main eventer in my eyes! Out of frustration, Flair and AJ beat “The Pope” down after the bell, until Samoa Joe charged down to the ring and cleaned house! After a brief commercial break, Joe got on the mic (he and “The Pope” were kept on the stage thanks to security), and cut the second awesome promo of the night! Flair initially attempted to talk over him, but Joe told him to shut his mouth or he’ll shove the “nature” up his ass! This is the Joe I have come to love! He said that even though him and AJ had been through hard times together, AJ had always been a warrior. He said that AJ had become nothing but a scumbag leeching off of Flair and his wholesale hookers! He tells AJ that at Against All Odds, he will be cashing in his world title briefcase, and will become the new TNA Heavyweight Champion of the World at his expense! Joe and “The Pope” precede to break through security, and chase Flair and AJ out of the arena. Again, great, great segment here! This looks to be an awesome world title feud between AJ and Joe. These two have had incredible matchups in the past, but things have never quite been this intense between the two. After Joe’s run with AJ, we’ll hopefully see “The Pope” as the challenger for the title at upcoming PPVs. Damn I can’t wait for Against All Odds! Did I actually just say that about a TNA PPV you ask? I sure did!

Kurt Angle Defeated Tomko In Another Eight Man Stud Qualifying Match

Wait a minute… I thought Hogan gave Angle a buy into the tournament at Against All Odds because of the screwjob? am I missing something? Anyway, this was another solid TV match, but only went about 5 minutes. Tomko did an alright job, but looks to be getting a bit physically slopping again, much like he was beginning to become when he was in the WWE a few months back. Angle looked very focused here as always, at one point hitting 5 German Suplexes in a row! This match was basically dominated by Kurt all the way through. The match concluded with Tomko tapping as a result of an ankle lock cinched in tight by the Olympic Gold Medalist. Nice way for Angle to advance, making him looks very focused as well as intense. I just hope he doesn’t win the tournament at Against All Odds, for AJ and Kurt have wrestled one another one too many times lately. It’s starting to loose its flavor. If Joe happens to win the title a Against All Odds though, I wouldn’t mind seeing another Joe/Angle feud.

Tara (C) defeated Angelina Love To Retain Her TNA Knockout Championship

Just to clarify, these two women are both faces now. They showed mutual respect for one another in several backstage interviews before this match officially got underway. Both Knockouts looks pretty good here, but weren’t really given enough time make any meaning out of the match. After only about 3 or 4 minutes max, Tara wins with a roll up. Personally, I wouldn’t have done this match this week because of the fact that the show was already packed. I would have waited until next week where both women could have been given more time in the match itself, considering this was one of Angelina’s return matches and all. After the match, The Beautiful People come out to the ring and attack Angelina from behind. Tara comes in to make the save, but it appears as if she had to think about it for a moment. Could we see Tara as a heel taking on Angelina as a face over the title in the future? Love and Tara clear the ring and stand tall as we went to a final commercial break.

Backstage, Kurt Angle stormed into Hogan’s office and accused him of putting the hit on him with Hall and Pac last week. He left in a heap. Not sure where this story line is going, but I’m glad Kurt is involved.

Kevin Nash Defeated Mick Foley In A No DQ Match

[adinserter block=”2″]Considering there was only 5 minutes left in the show before the bell even rang here, nothing much was expected but some sort of angle which should have left a cliffhanger for next week. This was a very, very brief plunder match, featuring several garbage can shots and that’s about it. Back in the ring, Foley looked as though he was going to finish Nash off with a weapon of choice, but stopped in his tracks, almost like he was thinking of how him loosing his job would affect JB and Abyss. Out of nowhere, Nash hit the big boot for the three. Before I get to what happened next, there was a backstage segment earlier, where Bischoff asked Nash to take Foley out tonight. Nash said he was happy to do him a favor, as long as Bischoff gave Hall and Pac another chance at contracts. Bischoff basically refused, and hinted that Nash would loose his job if he didn’t comply. Anyway, after Nash pinned Foley, he stood in the ring, while Hall and Pac made their way through the crowd and entered the ring. Shockingly, Hall slugged Nash in the side of the face, and the two momentarily beat Nash down, as IMPACT went off the air. Although I’ll admit this was a major shocker, I have no interest in seeing a feud between Hall and Pac against Nash. Wonder how Hogan will get involved in this whole thing? You know he will.

Overall, I felt that this was a very good addition of IMPACT! Great action throughout, and two great segments (one with Bischoff and Foley and the other with Joe and AJ). Against All Odds is shaping up to be a very interesting PPV to say the very least. The many(too many) different feuds/storylines became a lot more define on this night, however I didn’t particularly enjoy the start of the Hall/Pac vs. Nash deal. I don’t see any pay off with that. TNA was more focused this week, but still has a long ways to go when it comes to the Angle, Hogan, Hall, Pac, and Nash deal. Great world title feud though, which in my opinion should be the main focus of the show, not these veterans. I’ll give IMPACT a B plus here, almost an A minus but not quite because confusion still exists without sole focus on feuds/storylines.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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