TNA IMPACT 2-11-10 Thoughts and Recap


TNA ImpactThis past Thursday evening, 2-11-10, TNA Wrestling presented their go home show until this Sunday’s Against All Odds PPV! Who advanced into the Eight Card Stud tournament? Did Scott Hall and Sean Waltman squeeze their way into the IMPACT Zone once again? Let’s get to the review and find out!

To open up the evening, Hulk Hogan made his way down to the ring, and he preceded to cut his typical TNA promo, putting the promotion over as the future of professional wrestling. Soon, he was surprisingly interrupted by Eric Young, who came down to the ring and vowed that he would get revenge on Hall and Waltman after what they did to, his fellow World Elite partner, Kevin Nash last week. Looks like Young’s going to be a face now. Notable “underrated” chant targeted toward Young from the front row. I can’t help but to agree. Young is really a great wrestler, and very solid on the mic as well. Hogan ends up accepting Young’s statements. He tells him to do what he’s got to do, but not on his turf. He tells him to “bust them up real bad”. Nice segment to set up some sort of story line to be carried out throughout the show here.

Eight Card Stud Qualifying Match: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Defeated Orlando Jordan

The last time these two faced one another, Jordan picked up the victory after capitalizing on the injured knee of “The Pope”. This was about the same quality of their last matchup, decent but nothing really memorable. After some fairly formulaic action, “The Pope” ended up advancing to the tournament after pinning Jordan following the Express. After getting the win against the world champ AJ Styles last week, I defiantly see “The Pope” winning the tournament at Against All Odds, and rightfully so. He’s a great performer, had plenty of charisma, has the look, and is super over!

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett entered Eric Bischoff’s office and asked to have a chance of being in the Eight Card Stud tournament at Against All Odds. Bischoff refused Jeff’s proposal. Jeff kept himself calm, and acceptingly walked out. Bischoff laughed to himself as Jeff walked away. This will defiantly turn into some sort of a power struggle story line.

Eight Card Stud Qualifying Match: “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan Defeated Suicide

[adinserter block=”1″]Not sure why Suicide was even given the opportunity of being in a qualifying match here. When was the last time we even saw him on television? This was your basic match where Morgan got the pin with the Carbon Footprint in only a few minutes with minimal effort. Makes sense for Morgan to be apart of the tournament. As far as Suicide goes, he’ll never be recognized as a legitimate challenge for the world championship unless he takes his mask off and goes back to being Kaz. I still think Kaz was one of the most underrated wrestlers on the TNA roster for many years. I still remember to this very day that awesome ladder match he had with Christian Cage. That guy had potential! Just never really clicked with the fans.

Yet another backstage segment featured Mick Foley entering the office of Eric Bischoff. Foley was more or less a kiss ass here, for the fates of both JB and Abyss are currently in Bischoff’s hands. Bischoff gives Foley a buy into the Eight Card Stud tournament, and announces that his opponent will be Abyss. Should be interesting from a story line standpoint, and could be fun to watch too if given some sort of hardcore stipulation.

X Division Championship Rematch: Doug Williams (C) Defeated Amazing Red

After recently loosing his X Division Championship to Williams, this was Red’s chance at redemption, for both men were fresh. Nice faced paced, aerial action here, with some nice technical wrestling holds implemented by Williams. Match pretty much went back and forth with both men getting in plenty of offense. At one point, Red hit his amazing corkscrew splash over the top to the outside taking Williams out! After about 5 minutes or so, Williams threw Red’s shoulder into the ring post, hit his sweet rolling German suplex into a bridge for the three. Nice showing for both men here, as well as legitimizing Williams as the new, worthy X Division Champion. Maybe we’ll see a Brian Kendrick/Doug Williams feud next, although both men are heels. Maybe Williams will make a face turn.

The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich, Velvet Sky, And Madison Rayne) Defeated Tara (C) and Angelina Love In A Knockout Handicap Match

Another match between these ladies here, continuing their ongoing feud. This match was actually pretty decent, and lasted a lot longer than your average Knockout matchup. It ended up going for a good 20 minutes or so. To my surprise, Lacey Vin Erich looked much better than usual here, actually hitting a moonsault from the middle rope into a standing elbow drop! Otherwise, this is what has come to be expected from the Knockouts. Better than the WWE Divas, but still plenty of room for improvement. Where’s Sarita, Hamada, Taylor Wilde, Kong (well, we know where Kong is)? In my opinion, there are the most talented Knockouts on the TNA roster. So there not eye candy… who really gives a damn? Anyway, back to the match at hand. In the end, Lacey used the ugly stick behind the referees back for the pin. The Beautiful People stood tall after the match. This feud is decent, but kind of getting old. Seems pretty repetitive.

Kurt Angle And Mr. Anderson Defeated Hernandez And Desmond Wolfe

Nice way to incorporate four men, all in which will be apart of the Eight Card Stud tournament, here. Interesting concept to book Angle and Anderson, opponents for Against All Odds, as a team here. Being that Hernandez and Wolfe aren’t opponents at Against All Odds, it probably would have been better to have booked another pair as a team, although there were still qualifying matches going on previously on this same night, although Wolfe and Hernandez could potentially end up facing one another in the second round or finals. Anyway, nice tag match here, with plenty of action throughout. Did a nice job of giving us a sampling of what’s in store for us at Against All Odds. Both Angle and Anderson, opponents for Against All Odds, ended up physically assaulting one another. After about 7 or 8 minutes, Angle hit the Angle Slam on Wolfe, but Anderson gave Angle a low blow, threw him to the outside, and took the pin for himself! Nice way to throw a little bit of a story line or feud into the tournament matchup between these two at Against All Adds.

Up next, Samoa Joe came out to the ring and was soon interrupted by his opponent for the world title at Against All Odds, AJ Styles (accompanied by Ric Flair). The two cut another really good promo, which was very similar to the promo between the two last week, with Joe expressing his disgust in AJ. By the way, once again, AJ showed that he is more than capable of cutting great promos. He has improved a lot in that subject area as of late. He is really a much better talker as a heel than as a face if I do say so myself. Once things got super heated here, AJ decided to charge down to the ring and he and Joe began to unleash on one another! Joe soon was in the driver’s seat, unleashing all of his frustrations out on the champ! As Joe hoisted AJ up for the Muscle Buster, Flair hit a low blow on him, and him and AJ beat him down to end this segment. Great way to gets things even more personal and heated for Sunday! Soon after, Eric Bischoff announced that he will be the special ref for this Sunday’s title match. I say he’ll screw Joe out of the title. Bischoff is incapable of being a face, seriously!

[adinserter block=”2″]Earlier in the evening, Angle told Young that he would take care of Hall, Waltman, and even Hogan himself. He now came into the ring, and called them out. Hall and Waltman soon ran to the ring, if you could call what Hall was doing running, and Angle began the brawl. Soon the numbers game picked up on him, being knockout by a shot with brass knuckles. Hogan now came out and appeared to be on the side of Hall and Waltman. He out on the knuckles, and was about to clean Angle’s clock, when he double crossed “The Band” and knocked them both out with fists of brass of the face! The show ended with Angle sporting a confused look on his face. Decent segment. Thankfully it doesn’t look like we’re going to see a full fledged NWO reunion! In nothing else, I’m glad that Angle is involved with this major story line here. He deserves to be. These guys will obviously get involved at Against All Odds somehow, the question is how???

Overall, this was a pretty solid go home show for Against All Odds. TNA has had very solid go home to PPV shows lately, but need to start building for PPVs earlier. They can’t make the mistake WCW did. Story lines were also a little more cleared up on this night, which is great! I’m seeing improvements here, but not enough yet to comment on how Hogan and Bischoff have effected TNA. More will be revealed come this Sunday at Against All Odds! (B+)

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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