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TNA IMPACT 1-28-10 Thoughts and Recap

TNA ImpactThis past Thursday Night, 1-28-10, TNA Wrestling presented another addition of IMPACT! Last week, we witnessed the Kurt Angle screwjob resulting with Kurt Angle spitting in Hulk Hogan’s face and quitting on TNA, as well as Eric Bischoff coming out to the ring covered with blood, firing Mick Foley. Are Kurt Angle and Mick Foley truly through with TNA? Let’s get to the results and find out!

IMPACT opened up with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming down to the ring. Hogan called out Mick Foley. Foley claimed that he didn’t attack Bischoff, that Bischoff was faking it. Hogan, although he didn’t say it directly, implied that Foley was not fired after all. He said that Foley and Bischoff had to work things out, which concluded this opening segment. I am none too keen of this whole Eric Bischoff/Mick Foley feud. I just don’t see a pay off, unless we end up seeing Bischoff vs. Foley in a match with one another, which would honestly result in me blasting my television into a million little pieces with a shotgun! Am I kidding you ask? I wish I was, I really wish I was.

Desmond Wolfe Defeated Sean Morley In An Eight Card Stud Qualifying Match

[adinserter block=”1″]At TNA’s next PPV, Against All Odds, we will witness an 8 man tournament to determine the number one contender for AJ’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I love tournaments. If you love tournaments as well, I highly recommend purchasing Against All Odds. While showing several promotional shots of the individuals involved, there was a casino theme, with the wrestlers being revealed with the flip of a card. TNA has been lacking decisive themes to their PPVs, and I’m glad to see this theme relating to casinos/gambling. In a casino, you gamble and the “Odds” of winning are generally “Against”. Get it? Against All Odds? The PPV name? Clever, I know. Anyway, on to this matchup. As always, the fans were anti-Morley, although I’ll admit he didn’t look quite as methodical here as he did at Genesis. I really like Wolfe’s new valet, Chelsea. This really adds to his character/gimmick. This was a decent match, only because of Wolfe’s involvement, with Wolfe picking up the win in about 3 or 4 minutes with the Tower Of London. Thank God Wolfe got the win, or else the IMPACT Zone would have surely rioted. Not sure how long Morley’s going to last in TNA, for if Hogan doesn’t get rid of him, I swear someone in the crowd is going to kill him! Hey Morley, pack you bags and head up North!

Hernandez Defeated Daniels In Another Eight Card Stud Qualifying Match

Glad to see these two originals one on one here. This was a basic 5 minute contest, featuring what you’d expect from these two great talents. Both men looked good with Hernandez showing off his impressive power maneuvers, while Daniels used his quickness to his advantage. In the end, Hernandez hit his new finisher, which is a variation of the Denominator, for the win. Not sure why Hernandez was booked to win here and enter the tournament at Against All Odds, considering he’s one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions. Not a smart way to push the tag division. Daniels should have defiantly gone over here.

Up next, Mike Tenay stood in the center of the ring, and introduced The Nasty Boys. Team 3D soon followed, but were forced to remain at ringside due to security. The two teams cut an excellent promo over which team was the greatest team of all time and which team had accomplished more. As always, Team 3D was great on the mic here, but to my surprise, so were The Nasty Boys. These two will meat at Against All Odds, in what should be a fun plunder match between two of the most notoriously hardcore stars in the dated history of main stream professional wrestling.

Last week, Bobby Lashley announced that he and his wife were wrong, and he truly wanted to be with TNA. This weeks, we saw Lashley with Bischoff in Bischoff’s office, where Bischoff surprisingly fires Lashley, having security escort him from the building. All I can say, Na Na Na Na Na…I mean, good luck to Mr. Lashley with his future endeavors.

The Beautiful People Defeated Awesome Kong and Hamada (C) And Tara (C) In A 6 Knockout Tag Team Match

Another more than fair showing for the TNA Knockouts here, given plenty of time. 5 of the 6 participants looked at least fairy good here, not counting Lacey Von Erich who was probably physically in the ring for no more than 10 seconds throughout the entire match, which is probably a good thing! There was also a mild chant regarding Kong punching out Bubba The Love Sponge, although I couldn’t exactly make out what was being said. TNA didn’t even bother to edit this out. Shows how much TNA feels for Bubba. I love it! Toward the end of the duration, Hamada hit some very notable, stiff kicks and enziguris taking out all three members of the Beautiful People! In the end, Lacey Von Erich hit Hamada in the head with the Ugly Stick behind the referee’s back to pick up the win for the Beautiful People. Good way to create cheap heat for the Beautiful People, but seems kind of strange considering that not only are Kong and Hamada the tag champs and Tara the singles champ, but Hamada ad Kong also essentially squashed the Beautiful People a few weeks ago. Go figure. After the bell, The Beautiful People continued the beat down, until Angelina Love ran out to make the save. I can understand her wanting more revenge with the Beautiful People, but is this the same woman who feuded with Kong for only God knows how long and cut her braids off? Why would she safe her? Anyway, I don’t see a very intriguing pay off with this Angelina Love/Beautiful People feud here, considering the fact that they probably wouldn’t have very good matches together. It would be more of a Diva quality matchup, where looks take predominance over talent or ability.

Back in Hogan’s office, Hogan is meeting with Earl Hebner, the man who screwed Kurt Angle out of the world title last week calling for the bell before Kurt actually tapped out. After briefly denying his faults, Hebner eventually admitted that he did because of a pay off from Flair. Hogan suspended him until further notice. Seriously? This makes sense, but just came off as plain stupidity, although it was kind off comical!

Next, Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. Didn’t he quit last week??? He cut a promo vowing that he would end up winning the Eight Card Stud tournament and go on to face AJ to win back his world title. Hogan apparently gave him a buy into the tournament considering what went on last week. But didn’t he spit in Hogan’s face??? Hulk Hogan then came out to the ring, and told Kurt what he did last week was unacceptable. Kurt apologized, and as Hogan walked away, Kurt was jumped and beaten down by Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. Why exactly are these two guys attacking Kurt? Security escorts them from the building, but they guarantee to be back next week. Oh, boy!

Brian Kendrick And The Motor City Machine Guns Defeated The Amazing Red (C) And Generation Me

[adinserter block=”2″]Considering Kendrick and Red had a pretty good match at Genesis and MCMG had a really sweet match with Generation Me a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to this match. This was a fun match, but far too short for my taste. Great double team maneuvers from my favorite tag team Generation Me, as well as MCMG. Red looked good as well, as did the aggressive Kendrick, who is now pretty much a full fledged heel and rightfully so. One things I have noticed though, is that I haven’t seen may dives to the outside since the new ramp has been implemented. These high fliers need to find away to accommodate that, but either diving in another direction or actually diving off of the ramp itself. In the end, MCMG hit a double team finisher, but Kendrick made the blind tag and hit a punt kick to Red’s temple for the win. It was perceived that MCMG were none too happy with Kendrick stealing the pin. Nice way to put Kendrick over as a heel. This is a guy who will most certainly bee the X Division Champion in the near future, considering he has a great gimmick, a great look, great verbal skills, and is a great talent. This guys really does have endless potential, and I guarantee that he will get opportunities here in TNA that he never would have received in the WWE.

Doug Williams Defeated The Amazing Red (C) To Win The TNA X Division Championship

Almost right away, Williams won the X Division Championship from Red with an awesome Chaos Theory rolling German Suplex. I guess this explains what’s next for the British Invasion, at least for Doug Williams. Hopefully Red will get his rematch at Against All Odds, in what would most certainly be a really fun matchup. We also saw more friction between the Brits and Rob Terry because of the fact that Williams demanded that Terry give him his X Division briefcase. Will Terry turn face? Who cares! The guy’s nothing but a muscle bound stiff, who has very little wrestling ability. Trust me, I’ve seen him several times wrestling on the independent circuit in Florida. It also seems that he won the TNA Global Championship from Eric Young at a TNA house show in the UK this week. Great, just great!

Mr. Anderson Defeated Jeff Jarrett

Earlier in the evening, Mr. Anderson through out an open challenge, claiming that he hoped it were Abyss. Later on, Jeff Jarrett went into Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s office, apologizing for the way he had been acting as of late. He said he was going to do just what Hogan said, and that is start on the bottom and climb up the ladder. Bischoff booked him against Anderson in the main event. I have to admit, Anderson looked much better here than he did at Genesis, for he meshed a lot better with Jarrett than he did with Abyss. Jarrett also looked decent here, considering he hasn’t actually wrestled a match on IMPACT for quite some time. A fair amount of action was featured in this match, which did a good job telling a story. It was given plenty of time, lasting about 15 minutes or so. In the end, Anderson hit a low blow behind the referee’s back, and then gave Jarrett a small package for the cheap victory. If nothing else, this was a fair way of awarding Anderson with more heel ammunition, as well as serving as the first step in Jeff Jarrett’s struggle for his job. After the match officially ended, Anderson continued the beat down, hitting the Mic Check on him in the center of the ring. Bischoff was shown backstage, and he commented that it would be a long, hard mountain for Jarrett to climb to the top.

Overall, this episode of IMPACT was all over the place, which is no surprise considering what has gone down lately. One of the biggest problems I see in TNA now, is their lack of focus, similar to WCW on its last leg. I mean, Come on. AJ and Flair are feuding with Angle, Hall and Waltman just attacked Angle, Bischoff is in a personal feud with Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are both involved with an ongoing story line involving Jeff Jarrett, and there’s a huge tournament set to decide the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, all at the same time!!! For crying out loud, this is just ridiculous. It’s not that all of these individual feuds aren’t legitimate, it’s that there seems to be far too much going on at the same time, all of which seem to be considered main/major story lines which should involve far more focus. WWE generally is very good with this.

For example, on RAW they’re currently doing their major feuds between Randy Orton and Sheamus over the WWE Championship, as well as the Mr. McMahon/Bret Hart saga. Those are only two major story lines going on, and they have been fairly focused all the way through. TNA flat has too much going on to make meaning out of anything. Plus, I just can’t seem to think of a payoff for many of them. The major feud needs to be over the world title, not guys like Foley, Jarrett, Hogan, and Bischoff who don’t even step into the ring anymore. The TNA Champ, AJ Styles and Ric Flair were only shown celebrating backstage, and were later approached by Bischoff who told them they wouldn’t be slacking off and to be ready at all times. As I’ve said countless times before, it’s too early to make any major judgments, so let’s just hope Hulk Hogan and TNA work out these kinks, and result in an ideal product somewhere down the line. If not, we may be seeing a commercial for the new Rise And Fall Of TNA DVD! Anyway, the in ring action itself was fair tonight, but not quite enough. Overall I would give this week’s addition of TNA IMPACT another B.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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