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TNA Impact 11-19-09 Thoughts And Opinions

TNA ImpactAfter a phenomenal Pay Per View event last Sunday night, Turning Point, it is time for my IMPACT review. TNA just put on a great show at Turning Point, and now it is time to find out if the greatness will continue or not. With Hulk Hogan coming in soon, there’s also a lot of controversy on how he will make an impact on TNA. Also, this addition of IMPACT promised to have an exclusive interview with Sting, on his thoughts on Hogan’s partnership with TNA. By the way, why does everyone in TNA keep saying Hulk Hogan’s “Partnership” with TNA. Is he in the damn company or isn’t he?

[adinserter block=”1″]The opening segment of the show, featured Mick Foley and Abyss in the ring, where Foley went on to call out Raven and Dr. Stevie, after they assaulted him 2 weeks ago. Raven, Dr. Stevie, and Daffney all came out, and cut a promo cutting down Foley and Abyss. Out of rage, Foley announced that it would be himself and Abyss, taking them (Dr. Stevie and Raven) on later that night. Abyss looked worried, for Mick Foley was in no condition to compete, after Raven threw a fireball in his face a few weeks back. I had no major problems with this segment, aside from the fact that Abyss is still acting like he’s an 8 year old little boy, and I think these two teams are capable of having some great hardcore matches in the future.

Amazing Red vs. Scott Steiner

Who in the blue hell put this match together!?!? Amazing Red puts on a top notch performance defeating Homicide at Turning Point, and now he’s booked in a match with Scott Steiner? That makes no sense to me whatsoever! Scott Steiner basically toyed around with Red, and then hit a Steiner Screwdriver, which is always pretty cool to see. I wish he would use this move more often. He’s only used it twice in his TNA career, once here, and once against Petey Williams, last February at Against All Odds. I guess it’s just to dangerous. Anyway, there was no reason for Red to be put in this match. Is Steiner in the X Division now? I don’t think so! Eventually, instead of getting the pin, Steiner grabbed a lead pipe, and began beating Red with it, until Bobby Lashley ran out, and made the save. Although most of this segment was worthless, Bobby Lashley chasing Steiner off, implies that their feud will continue, and I look forward to seeing more of their psychological story line evolve.

The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money vs. The British Invasion, Kiyoshi, and Sheik Abdul Bashir (World Elite)

Apparently, Kevin Nash is apart of the World Elite now. I didn’t realize Detroit was no longer apart of the United States. Also, Nash and Eric Young teased that they would be starting a tag team together. Eric Young and Kevin Nash as a tag team? Again, this makes absolutely no sense to me, nor does it intrigue me. As far as this match went, it was a decent enough contest, although I would have liked to have seen it go a bit longer, showcasing the young talent in TNA. After about 5 minutes, The MCMG got the pin for their team, with a neck breaker/ frog splash combo. I’m glad to see the MCMG get the pin, however, I don’t see how this could be a push for them, seeing as though their feud with The British Invasion is never really going to work, at least until Beer Money is out of the equation. My prediction, is that there will be an upcoming MCMG/British Invasion feud, which I have no major problems with, and a Beer Money/Eric Young and Kevin Nash feud, which I have no interest in whatsoever. Why is Kevin Nash still being given TV/Pay Per View time to wrestle? The guy can barley leave his feet,and if he does, it takes him a month of Sundays to get back up!

Hamada vs. Taylor Wilde

This was a decent 3 minute match, a hell of a lot better than the WWE Divas, but again, it could have benefited from a bit more time. I really like Hamada. She has a lot of talent, and I’d love to see her and ODB feud over the Knockout title in the near future. Hamada got the pin with a Hamada Driver. Hopefully,this is a start in her push for Knockout gold.

Dr. Stevie and Raven vs. Mick Foley and Abyss

Earlier in the evening, Abyss barricaded Foley in his office, so he wouldn’t risk getting re-injured in the match. Now,this was basically a handicap match. The 3 men brawled in and out of the ring for a few minutes, until the referee gave Abyss the win, as a result of a disqualification, when Raven attempted to throw a fireball into the face of Abyss. After the match, Dr. Stevie and Raven continued the beat down, and ended up strangling Abyss with some sort of electrical cord or cable. This was a fair enough segment, heating up the Abyss and Floey vs. Raven and Dr. Stevie feud. Later in the night, Mick Foley was attacked by Stevie and Raven. Again, pretty solid stuff.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed the returning Tomko, who cut a promo on how excited he is to be back in TNA. Tomko returns, and they reveal it in a backstage segment? I understand that Tomko was never a huge star in TNA, but hell, at least have him make a surprise return in a match or something. I wonder if Tomko will end up being the mystery man who has been attacking AJ Styles? I think an AJ/Tomko feud for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, would be pretty interesting. I could see TNA doing that some time down the line, assuming that Hogan doesn’t book himself in the main event first!

Alissa Flash vs. Sarita

The match only went for about 3 or 4 minutes, but it was pretty good while it lasted. This was defiantly not as good as these two’s first match though. Sarita ended up getting the pin with a back heel kick. After the match, Traci Brooks attacked Flash, and the two had to be separated by security. Are we really getting a Traci/Flash feud? What sense does this make? Oh, and it Traci a face now, all of a sudden? TNA has some major explaining to do for this one, but I’d personally rather see then drop the whole idea.

Team 3D and Rhino vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Hernandez, and Matt Morgan in a Street Fight/Rematch from Turning Point

Not only was this a pretty good match, but it was a great way for TNA to capitalize on WWE going PG, with this hardcore type of match, featuring garbage cans, steel chairs, kendo sticks, and tables. After about 7 minutes of pretty entertaining stuff, Jesse Neil made his return, but surprisingly, hit Matt Morgan with the chair, allowing 3D and Rhino to get the win. I’ll have to admit, this really surprised me, and I glad TNA is trying to find a place for this kid. I just hope his wrestling ability has improved. As far as the older guys getting the win, I have no problem with that now, but TNA needs to put over the younger talent, by the time this feud is over with.

Next, the announcers commented that they would not have the Sting interview shown tonight. Apparently he didn’t show up. Maybe he’s disgusted that Hogan is in TNA, and doesn’t want to see TNA fail miserably like WCW did! LOL!

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe and Daniels

This match started with under 10 minutes left in the show. I really wish TNA would start giving their IMPACT main events more time. As far as this match up went, it was filled with some good action, and overall was a good match, but again, I would have loved to have seen it go a bit longer. The match also featured a continuation of elevated tension between Angle/Wolfe and Styles/Daniels. Right now, it looks like Final Resolution will feature a main event, between Daniels and AJ Styles, for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I am really looking forward to that match, and am glad TNA had paired these two together again, to put on another great wrestling match! Also, Angle and Wolfe will most likely have another match at Final Resolution as well. Should be another good Pay Per View! At least the main events will be good.

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, this was a good addition of IMPACT. I wasn’t overly impressed, but I still see some improvements, as far as matches go, and pushing the younger guys. If TNA keeps taking these steps and improvements, they should have a great product someday. I just wish they would take bigger steps! But I keeps reminding myself, that in order to succeed, you must be patient. Overall, a good addition of IMPACT, and I’d give it a B+. I better appreciate what I’m seeing now, cause who the hell knows what’s going to happen when Hogan comes in!

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Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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