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TNA ImpactIt’s time for another addition of TNA IMPACT, the first taping since Hulk Hogan was signed with TNA. Although, Hogan is now officially apart of the company, he did not appear live in the arena, for either of the three tapings, which means that we will not see Hulk Hogan in real time, on IMPACT, for at least 3 more weeks. Also, TNA’s next Pay Per View, Turning Point, is now only 2 weeks away!

To kick off the evening, we are shown a meeting, from earlier that day, between Dixie Carter, and the rest of the TNA roster. She gives a heartfelt speech, promising big things to come in TNA, and that a big change is in-store for the company. I’ve heard that one before! She slates tonight as a new beginning for TNA, and everyone involved with it, blatantly stating that you’re either with her or against her, and if you’re against her, you better find another place to work!

After the speech, AJ styles, the TNA world Heavyweight Champion, comes out to the ring, and calls out the mysterious man, who has been attacking him for the past several weeks. Daniels comes out, and accuses AJ of blaming him. Eventually, AJ and Daniels get into a heated argument on who is truly the better wrestler. Meanwhile, out come Samoa Joe, who fuels both men’s fire. Eventually, AJ and Daniels, both agree to have a match, later that night, and really find out who the better man is. It was later announced that Samoa Joe would be the special guest referee. For once, TNA actually did things right here. I love how they aren’t just letting these three wrestler in the main event at Turning Point, but they are providing a great story line to go along with it. This story line, has drama, competition, jealously, and rage all wrapped into one, and I really look forward to seeing this thing finally climax!

In the opening match of the evening, it was Beer Money vs. the new Global Champion, Eric Young, and his partner Big Rob Terry (The World Elite). This match was pretty decent, running about 5 minutes. After Eric Young inadvertently hit Big Rob with his title belt, Beer Money got the pin with a roll-up. As World Elite walked up the entrance way to the back, The Motor City Machine Guns, stormed out the tunnel, and attacked them, eventually causing security to separate them. I like how TNA is adding more of a meaning for the tag title match at Turning Point, which will feature World Elite vs. MCMG. It should be a pretty good match.

Next, we saw Desmond Wolfe take on Cody Deaner. During the match, Kurt Angle was a guest commentator, via his telephone. This match was a squash, with Wolfe hitting his devastating lariat immediately, and getting the win. I had no problems with this, as it put Wolfe over, as a force to be wrecking with. After the match, Wolfe accepted Angle’s challenge, for a rematch a Turning Point. I am really looking forward to this match. Hopefully, it will be given a lot more time than their IMPACT match last week, and if so, it should be an awesome match up, featuring two of the greatest ground wrestlers in the world!

After, it was time for Daniels vs. AJ styles, with Samoa Joe as the ref. As Daniels and Joe, were shown standing in the ring, AJ was shown on the big screen, doing an interview with Lauren, when he was attacked by the mystery assassin. Well, we know it can’t be Daniels. As Daniels was being distracted, Joe attacked him from behind, and gave him a Muscle Buster. This was a pretty good segment, putting Joe over, as a true mastermind.

Following, we had a knockouts match up, in Tara vs. Hamada. This was a good, 4 minute match, showcasing the TNA Knockout Division, putting them even higher above the WWE Divas. After Tara picked up the victory with the Widows Peak, Awesome Kong came out, but was cut off by security. As security restrained her, Tara ascended to the top rope, and hit a cross-body to the outside, wiping out the security and Kong! Pretty cool spot. Security eventually separate the two. It is announced that they will finally go at it at Turning Point, in a 6 Sides Of Steel Cage match. I love the idea of Kong vs. Tara, but why is the steel cage gimmick being used here? I’m sure it will be a great match and all, but what is the reasoning behind the cage. I understand that it is going to be used to “contain” the two, but when I think of a cage match, I think of it being booked to eliminate outside interference, which obviously doesn’t apply here. Putting TNA’s illogical approach aside, this has the potential to be a great match at the Pay Per View.

In the next segment, Mick Foley came out to the ring, and called out Abyss. He apologized to Abyss, and put him over. Then, he gave Abyss a “special gift”, a cartoon drawing of themselves, just like the one with Jeramy Borash and himself. Foley also announced, that next week, Abyss would face Dr. Stevie, and if Abyss pinned Dr. Stevie, then Stevie would be gone from TNA forever. Hopefully, this is really, in fact, the end of Dr. Stevie, allowing Stevie Richards his ridiculous gimmick. Also, I hope this isn’t the end of the Abyss/Foley feud, but I’m afraid that it is. I was hoping that we would see some more hardcore battles between the two. Oh well.

Bobby Lashley vs. Homicide is up next. This was only 2 minute squash, which put Lashley over as a power house. After Lashley picked up the win with a choke slam variation, Scott Steiner showed up on the big screen, with Lashley’s wife, Crystal. Lashley ran to the back, and he and Steiner has a decent little brawl. I can’t saw that I’m looking forward to their match up at Turning Point, but at least Steiner’s personality, and the overall storyline, will compensate for the lack of quality wrestling.

Now, we have Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wild. This match was not very good, and lasted only about 2 minutes. This was mainly used to set up the conflict after the match, where the Beautiful People beat down Taylor Wilde, after she got the pin with a roll up. As they were beating her down, ODB ran out to make the save. At Turning Point, it is going to be The Beautiful People vs. Sarita, Taylor Wilde, and ODB, in a 6 person tag match, for both the Knockout tag titles, and the Knockout world title. This should be interesting, but the real female match I’m looking forward to, is Kong vs. Tara in the cage.

Finally, it was time for Daniels vs. AJ Styles, with Samoa Joe as the ref, to decide, once and for all, who is the better man. This was a pretty good match, but I’d like to have seen it go a bit longer than 6 or 7 minutes. I guess Turning Point will be the payoff. Aj got the pin with a Styles Clash. After the match, Joe choked AJ out, and then posed, over AJ’s fallen body, with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I loved this segment. TNA is finally portraying Joe correctly, as a bad ass heel, craving AJ’s belt. I can’t wait until Turning Point, which is rare when it comes to me looking forward to a TNA Pay Per View!

The main event, was Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan and Hernandez. During the course of the match, Rhino came out, and continues his conflict with 3D. After about 6 minutes of decent action, Brother Ray hit Hernandez over the head with a chair, causing the DQ. Rhino come in and gores Morgan and Hernandez, and then embraces with Team 3D. This was very, very predictable! TNA is trying to push the younger talent, yet they create a stable with Team 3D and Rhino in the main event of the evening. Makes no sense to me.

Overall, this was an alright addition of IMPACT. There wasn’t a ton of quality wrestling, but there were great instances of story line development, especially between Daniels, Joe, and AJ. In conclusion, I would give this addition of TNA IMPACT a B.

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Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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