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TNA Impact 11-12-09 Thoughts And Opinions

TNA ImpactIt is now time, for another TNA Impact review, since Hulk Hogan’s partnership with TNA had been announced. Additional, this is the final TNA IMPACT, before Turning Point, this Sunday on Pay Per View. Let’s get started.

Impact began, with Abyss vs. Doctor Stevie. As announced last week, if Abyss pinned Stevie, than Stevie would be released from TNA forever. After 2 minutes of the two playing cat and mouse, Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam. The ref counted to two, but then the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Abyss was laid out, and Doctor Stevie got the win. After the match, Stevie continued to assault Abyss, but Mick Foley ran into the ring, and Stevie fled. Then, the lights went out again, and a fireball was thrown into the face of Foley. When the lights went back on, Raven stood in the middle of the ring, and gave a Raven Effect DDT to Foley. Raven’s back! Raven then posed with Daffney and Stevie, and left Foley and Abyss laying. I guess this means The Flock 2.0 is upon us. Hopefully, TNA won’t drop the ball time, and actually make something out of this stable. Hopefully, they will add a few younger guys to the stable, like the Motor City Machine Guns. They seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle as of late, and this would be a great opportunity for them to shine. I could see them being like the Hardy’s or Edge and Christian, when they were apart of the Brood.

[adinserter block=”1″]Next, it is Alissa Flash vs. Traci Brooks. Why are the two in a match against one another? It makes no sense at all, being that they are both heels, and have no “beef” with one another. Anyway, the match was pretty dull, with Alissa working on Traci’s arm, which apparently has been giving her problems, ever since birth. Alissa gets the win in about 2 minutes, with an arm bar. After the match, Traci attacks Alissa, and screams at her for working on her bad arm. The commentators, make it sound like Traci is now somewhat of a face, but the crowd in attendance, begged to differ. All in all, this makes no sense. I could see them just booking this match as a squash, to put Alissa Flash over, but why are they creating a possible storyline out of this? This just makes no sense at all.

After, Jay Lethel came out for his open challenge invitational, for the legends of pro wrestling. The challenger this week, was Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Although Neidhart was obviously not in tip top condition, it was nice to see him in a ring again. Neidhart got the win, in about 2 minutes, with a power slam, after catching Lethel in his attempt at a cross body. I like the idea of this new legends invitational challenge thing, because it’s always fun to see guys in the ring you haven’t seen in a while, however, I don’t particularly agree with Jay Lethel getting pinned in the first match. TNA is trying to push the younger guys, yet a 40 some year old man, in Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, cleanly pins a young and coming TNA original? Seems counterproductive to me. I think Jay Lethel is a great wrestler, who has a lot of potential, but in my opinion, his “Black Machismo” gimmick, is stale now, and holding him back. He needs to be his old, intense self again. By the way, the first 3 matches here, were all less than 3 minutes long. Not good, not good at all.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley watched a live feed, of Scott Steiner on his way to Bobby’s hotel, where his wife Crystal is. Bobby jumped in his car and sped off. I like this. This situation creates suspense for the viewer, and gives us something to stay tuned for.

In the next match, all 3 members of The Beautiful People and Awesome Kong, took on ODB, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, and Tara. This was a good match choice, because it was a preview, featuring all of the Knockouts that will be involved in the matchup at Turning Point. The match itself, featured decent action. Awesome Kong gets the pin with an Implant Buster on Taylor Wilde, and then eyes Tara, who she will face in the 6 Sides of Steel, on Sunday. I’m looking forward to both of these match-ups, featuring the Knockouts at Turning Point, especially Kong vs. Tara in the 6 Sides of Steel! Eat your heart out WWE Divas!

Backstage, Bobby Lashley ran into his hotel room, only to find Crystal unharmed on the bed. While his back was turned, Scott Steiner ambushed him, hitting him in the head with a led pipe and a lamp. Steiner said that the feud was not about him and Lashley, but rather about him and Crystal. Although I’m not particularly looking forward to Lashley vs. Steiner at Turning Point, I have to admit, that their feud has been fairly intriguing, especially this week.

Next, Kurt Angle was in the ring, cutting a promo on how he will dismantle Desmond Wolfe at Turning point. After distracting Angle with a promo from himself on the big screen, Wolfe tries to attack him from behind, but Angle takes him down. The two brawl, until Wolfe hits a DDT, and a chair shot to the head on Angle. He leaves him laying, and implies that he will finish Angle off come Turning Point. Desmond Wolfe, has successfully beat down Kurt Angle on two separate occasions, and I am very happy with this. They are really putting Wolfe over, as a force to be reckoned with from the get-go, something that WWE could have never done. I’m so glad he decided to come to TNA! I’m also really looking forward to these two locking up at Turning Point. These are two world class wrestlers, and should put on a great match!

In the next match, it was The Motor City Machine Guns and Amazing Red vs. Bashir, Kyoshi, and Homicide (World Elite) in a special X-Division 6 man tag match. This was a very fun match, showcasing many of TNA’s most athletically gifted wrestlers. The MCMG and Red got the victory in about 7 minutes. Damn, I love the X-Division! Red vs. Homicide on Sunday should be pretty cool too!

It was announced that it would be Team 3D and Rhino vs. Hernandez, Matt Morgan, and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in a Street Fight at Turning Point. What is this, the Frontline vs. The Main Even Mafia version 2? If so, hopefully TNA won’t drop the ball, and put over the young guys. If given the correct approach, this should be a very fun match.

The next match, was The British Invasion vs. Beer Money. Why are these two teams facing one another, when the British Invasion are set to take on the MCMG at Turning Point? There should be more of a storyline between MCMG and the British Invasion to set things up for the Pay Per View. This was a decent 7 minute match, with Beer Money getting the win with a DWI. Thankfully, it was announced that the match at Turning Point, would now be a 3 way. I am very surprised with TNA here. They actually ended up doing something that made sense in the end! Cutos for TNA! I have thouraly enjoyed the feud between the British Invasion and Beer Money, and am looking forward to the match Sunday, but I don’t understand why the Motor City Machine Guns are involved in this. There’s no doubt that the MCMG are phenomenal wrestlers, and are more than worthy of a tag title shot, but they just don’t seem to fit the feud going on between Beer Money and the Brits. TNA should have done one final match between Beer Money and the British Invasion, and then the MCMG should have challenged the winners of that match, at Final Resolution, with an adequate story line/focus involved.

[adinserter block=”2″]Finally, it was time for the main event, and a match that I was really looking forward to. It was Samoa Joe vs. The TNA Champ, AJ Styles. These two have been involved in one of the most storied rivalries in TNA’s history, and had some classic matches, so I was obviously excited for this. To my disappointment, this only went about 7 minutes or so, but the action was very good for the time it was given. I wasn’t to upset, being that these two, with the addition of Daniels, will have plenty of time at Turning Point, and are going to pull out all the stops. At the ending of the match, AJ hit a Pele kick on Joe, and then ascended to the top turnbuckle. At this point, Daniels merely came out to watch the match but ended up inadvertently distracting AJ, allowing Joe to get the win via a rear naked choke. This really gets things heated up, furthering the friction between AJ and Daniels, for the big match Sunday. I can’t wait!

All in all, this was a pretty go home show for TNA, just 3 days until Turning Point, which has shaped up to be, what looks like a great card top to bottom, although I mustn’t get to excited, because in the past, TNA has presented amazing cards, but have failed miserably to deliver. I can only hope! Overall, I would this show a B+, and can honestly say that I’m going to order, and hopefully enjoy, Turning Point this Sunday on Pay Per View!

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Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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