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TNA Impact 10-29-09 Thoughts And Opinions

TNA ImpactThe first TNA IMPACT since the huge Hulk Hogan announcement, had finally come. This would be the final TNA show, until Hulk Hogan would make his impression. This IMPACT was taped before Hogan was signed, therefore he would not actually appear in the ring, but rather would be shown during his TNA contract signing press conference in New York City.

The show begins with Desmond Wolfe, in the ring, cutting a promo on how he is the next big thing in TNA. Kurt Angle interrupts him, saying that he messed with the wrong guy, when he attacked him last week. Angle challenges Wolfe to a Street Fight later that night, and Wolfe confidently accepts. I am very excited for Wolfe being in TNA, and I’m very glad that he is getting this huge push! I am very excited to see what he brings to the table, and expect big things from him, to come. By the way, he cuts great heel promos as well!

[adinserter block=”1″]Backstage, AJ Styles is with Lauren, watching the video of him being jumped last week. Samoa Joe comes in, and blames it on Daniels. He tries to confidence AJ, that Daniels in jealous of him, and is tired of him getting all the glory. At least TNA is giving the main event at Turning Point, Joe vs. AJ vs. Daniels for the title, a story behind it. I am very excited to see these 3 lock horns, and it should be an excellent match!

In the first match of the evening, Tara faced off with Alissa Flash. This was a decent match, running for about 5 minutes. After Tara picked up the victory with a fireman’s carry into a side slam, Awesome Kong came out and gave Tara an Implant Buster onto Flash. The story now, is that Kong has gone wild, because she is no longer being controlled by Saeed. It looks like Kong is resorting to her ways, that she practiced when she first came to TNA, total domination! I am very excited, with this rejuvenation, and look forward to her new impact on the Knockout Division!

Backstage, Rhino approached Team 3D, and voiced his conspiracy theory, that TNA is trying to get rid of the older guys like them. In a way, this is ironically a form of a shoot. TNA is really and truly, starting to push the young guys over the older guys. I Just hope to God, that TNA doesn’t put 3D and Rhino in a stable together, like the Main Event Mafia, trying to one up the young guys! Then again, I better not hope very much, because TNA seems to do really stupid things all the time! They better not screw up here!

Next up, was The Motor City Machine guns vs. Team 3D. This was a decent match, only going about 3 minutes. During the match, Chris Sabin was injured, via a urinage courtesy of Brother Ray. At the conclusion of the match, Alex Shelly hooked a Boston Crab on Brother Devon. Devon slammed his hand on the canvas, but shook his head no, telling the ref that he didn’t give. The ref thought he tapped, and called for the bell, giving the MCMG’s the win. This looks to me, like TNA is going to pair Team 3D with Rhino, a a team, after all. Darn it! Rhino will approach Team 3D next week, and tell them how the ref screwed them, because TNA wants the older guys gone. Mark my words!

The next match is Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young for the TNA Legends Championship. The match was alright going about 2 minutes. Believe it or not, Lashley actually looked pretty good here. He hit a few impressive maneuvers like an elevated back body drop and a sweet T-Bone Suplex. It sure took Lashley a while to come along. He is looking much better lately. During the match, Scott Steiner came out, wearing a shirt featuring Lashley’s wife, and cracked him over the back with a steel chair causing the ref to throw out the match. Lashley is looking decent as of late, but I don’t understand why they are pairing him with Steiner, although Steiner looked pretty damn good at Bound for Glory!

After a commercial break, The World Elite were in the ring, now wearing, very gay looking, matching sweatsuits. Last week, Eric Young promised a huge announcement. It turns out, the announcement was the Legend’s title, is now going to be the Global title, and will only be defended outside of the United States, against wrestlers, none of which are from the United States. In my opinion, this is an interesting decision. This title, could be a great way for TNA to get global or international attention. This could be a great opportunity for TNA to showcase their talent, against world class competitors around the world. After that big announcement, Kevin Nash came out, and cut World Elite down, because of how Young screwed him at BFG. Meanwhile, Beer Money crept up behind World Elite, and attacked them, with a steel chair and a stop sign! Nash tell Young that he can run, but he can’t hide. I have two big problems here. First of all, why did Beer Money attack The World Elite? I can understand their motives, after being screwed in their title shot last week, but why does it look like the British Invasion (World Elite) /Beer Money feud is still going to continue, when there are already new number one contenders for the tag titles at Turning Point, in The Motor City Machine Guns? Again, not to beat the dead horse once again, but this is TNA, expect the unexpected, and throw logic out the window! My second problem with this segment, was the feud continuing with Eric Young and Kevin Nash. Nash is obviously not even close to being near his prime, so why is he even being involved in a story line? Nothing against the guy personally, but he has no business in a feud, which will likely lead to some sort of a pay per view match up. Get it together TNA!

Backstage, Daniels confronts AJ Styles about what Samoa said earlier. Daniels gets very defensive, when AJ isn’t 100% confident about him not being the culprit. This created even more friction for the match at Turning Point, and I’m glad TNA is attempting to make a story out of this match.

The next match, was all three members of the Beautiful People vs. The Knockout Champion ODB, Hamada, and Christy Hemme. This was an alright match, lasting about 5 minutes. Lacey Von Erich got the pin, with a choke slam on Hemme. After the match, Awesome Kong came out once again, but was cut off by Tara. The two brawled until they were finally separated by security. I am really into the Kong/Tara feud, because it reminds me of the Gail Kim/Kong feud, from a few years ago. This could be a very good match up, and I hope to see it at Turning Point!

After, we got Abyss vs. Dr.Stevie, in a No DQ match. This was basically a 3 minute squash, and I thought it was very dissapointing. There were not many weapons used, and oddly enough, Abyss won with Shock Treatment. That’s what you call a finish out of nowhere! After the match, Stevie attacked Abyss with a Kendo Stick. Mick Foley’s music hit, and he came out, acting like he was going to assist Dr. Stevie, but he double corssed him, and hit him in the skull with the Kendo Stick. I really hope this isn’t the end to the Abyss/Foley feud, because I really would like to see more from these two.

Next, Matt Morgan defeated Rhino in a pretty bland, 3 minute match. Why is Morgan being put into these low staked match ups, after his classic with Kurt Angle at BFG? I thought Morgan was going to be a headliner in TNA now. Makes no sence to me. After the match ended, Rhino gored Morgan, and then was chased out if the ring by Hernandez. Please don’t let this turn into another TNA front line vs. the old timers flop. Please TNA, please!

In the back, Homicide demanded a title match with Amazing Red, to Don West. It looks to me like these two will wrestle together at Turning Point, and if given enough time, should pull off a pretty damn good match.

Also, in the back, AJ Styles was shown knocked out on the floor. Again, I’m glad a story is being added to accentuate the Turning Point main event.

Finally, it was time for the main event, Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe, in a Street Fight. Why this was slated as a Street Fight, I’ll never know. No foreign objects were used, and they barley even fought much outside the ring. Overall, this was a decent match, but I feel these two could of put on a much better performance. I hope to see a great match with these two, at Turning Point. Desmond Wolfe picked up the victory in about 7 minutes, when the ref ended the match, after Wolfe hit a vicious lariat/clothesline. Angle was taken out on a stretcher, which I thought was pretty corny.

Finally, we got to see the Hulk Hogan Contract signing Press conference in NYC. We see him make the official signing announcement with Eric Bishoff and Dixie Carter. I am very glad to see Hogan with TNA. This makes TNA look much mor eprofessional and major league. Hopefully, this is just what TNA needs to elevate themselves to that next level, and possibly compete head to head with WWE!

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, this was a decent addition of IMPACT. The wrestling wasn’t nearly as good as it has been in the last several weeks, but there was some pretty good stuff on here as well, especially storyline-wise. In conclusion, I would give this IMPACT a B-.

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Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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