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TNA Impact 10-22-09 Thoughts And Opinions

TNA ImpactJust 5 days removed from TNA’s biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory, TNA presented their fallout addition of IMPACT. TNA’s first shows after a pay per view, are usually pretty bland, featuring a lot of promos and lack of wrestling, but surprisingly, this IMPACT had a very legitimate amount of wrestling.

TNA Impact kicked off with Kurt Angle in the ring, cutting a promo on his faults, doubting the younger talent, and his new found respect for them. He admits that he was wrong, and apologises. Does this mean the NWO, I mean the MEM is over? I sure hope so, because if TNA plans on really pushing the younger talent, than they really need to get rid of the MEM, which is full of a bunch of older wrestlers, who were hot in the 90’s. As Kurt is finishing up, Rhino interrupts him, running his decision, to apologise to the young guys, down. Eventually, Team 3D interrupts him, and charge toward the ring, looking for revenge after Rhyno screwed them out of winning the titles at BFG. Security stops them from entering the ring, and Rhino tells them that he is only trying to help them realize that TNA management wants older guys like them gone. (Hopefully that was a shoot!) The promo ends, as Rhyno claims that the only was he’s leaving TNA, is if TNA management drags him out.( Round up the troops!) TNA is trying to push the younger guys, so why do they open IMPACT with a promo involving Kurt Angle, Rhino, and Team 3D? Again, not to beat a dead horse, but this is TNA , expect the unexpected, and throw logic out the window!

It is soon announced, after a promo with AJ Styles, that he will defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship, against Samoa Joe and Daniels, in a 3 way main event match up, at Turning Point. These 3 had one of the greatest matches in TNA’s history, 5 years ago, so I am really looking forward to this. Although this is a great way for TNA to push the young talent, there is little to no logic here. You don’t just announced a main event match for a pay per view, in a backstage segment, with no reasoning behind it. It should be a great, fresh match up, but TNA really needs to get things together, when it comes to their logic.

The first match of the evening, is Amazing Red, the X-Division Champion, vs. Homicide, in a non-title match. These two have great chemistry together, and pulled off a pretty sweet 3 minute match. Although this was an entertaining match, TNA should give these X-Division matches a lot more time. I would have liked to have seen this match go for at least 7 minutes or so, if not longer. Homicide eventually picks up the win with a Gringo Killer. If TNA actually uses logic here, which they most likely won’t, Homicide will face Red at Turning Point for the title. I could see these two putting on a very good match, if given the appropriate amound of time, at the pay per view.

After Scott Steiner cuts a promo, on how the MEM is never going to crumble, and it is still up and running, he comes out to face Matt Morgan in the second match of the night. This match was alright, but the main purpose was to set up a Steiner/Lashley feud. Several times throughout the match, Steiner approached Lashleys wife, Crystal, who was sitting in the front row. After grabbing her hands, and placing them onto his chest, Lashley charged out and attacked Steiner, eventually tossing him back into the ring, for Morgan to his the Carbon Footprint, and pick up the victory, in about 5 minutes. If I thought the Lashley/Joe feud was going to blow, this Steiner/Lashley feud is certainly going to be singe my retinas. Why would TNA book these two together? It’s like they want to torture us fans.

Up next, we have AJ Styles and Daniels vs. Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe. After about 5 minutes of some pretty good wrestling, Nash gets the pin with a choke slam, after Daniels was distracted, when AJ hit Joe with a springboard moonsault. Again, TNA’s trying to push the young guys, yet they have Nash get the pin over 3 of the young wrestlers who will main event Turning Point. Where’s the logic here?

It was now time for a match booked because of what went down at BFG, Awesome Kong vs. Raesha Saeed. As I said before, I really hope this turns into a Kong/Cheerleader Melissa feud, not a Kong/Cheerleader Melissa in a turban feud. Although we didn’t get that tonight, the two put on a pretty decent match up. To my surprise, Raesha actually got a fair amount of offence in. I can see these two having some great matches in the future. After Kong defeating Raesha in about 5 minutes, Kong dragged her up the stage, and then proceeded to power bomb her through the stage! It was a pretty cool spot, really making Kong look bad ass!

Next we had another match up, featuring Hernandez vs. Rhino. These two pulled off an alright match, with Hernandez getting tag win with a big splash from the top, in about 3 minutes. I’m glad they put over the younger guy! After the match, Rhino attacked Hernandez, only to have him fight back, and set Rhino up for a Border Toss to the outside. At this point, Team 3D slid into the ring and stopped Hernandez. Wait a minute, earlier in the night Team 3D were ready to kill Rhino, and now they save him? Again, no logic here. Apparently, they are thinking about what Rhino said earlier.

The next match was the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethel Consequences, in an Ultimate X match, for a shot at the tag titles at Turning Point. TNA really needs to stop with theses gimmick matches all the time. These are matches that only should be done on special occasion, and not overdone, because overdoing them, makes them loose their importance. As far as the match itself goes, it was no where near as good as the Ultimate X match at BFG, but It was still pretty good nevertheless. The MCMG ended up getting the victory in about 8 minutes, and now will go for a chance at the tag titles at Turning Point. I’m glad the MCMG are finally getting a push, and I look forward to their match up at the pay per view.

It was now time for the main event, Beer Money Inc vs. British Invasion (c) , in a six sides of steel cage match, for the TNA world Tag Team Championships. Again, enough with these gimmick match ups. They are really loosing their importance! Although the match only lasted about 7 minutes, there was pretty good action throughout. Toward the conclusion of the match, Magnus punched out the ref, and got his team disqualified. Disqualified in a steel cage match! Are you kidding me! Come on TNA!

Earlier in the evening, Desmond Wolfe, also known as Nigel McGuinness, attacked Kurt Angle in the back. Now, as TNA staff are taking down the cage, Angle storms out to the ring and calls out Wolfe. Wolfe ends up attacking him from behind, and eventually giving him a Tower Of London. He then placed a steel chair over the neck of Angle, and said he knows about his neck, and is going to leave just a piece of him to finish later. Then, he introduces himself. His name is Bond, James Bond…I mean McGuinness, Nigel McGuinness…I mean Wolfe, Desmond Wolfe! Besides his new name, I am really looking forward to Desmond in TNA. I’m also very happy that TNA decided to put him in a feud with Kurt Angle, and I really hope these two have a match at Turning Point. I could really see some classics coming from these two great wrestlers!

Overall, this weeks IMPACT was pretty good, with mostly decent matches, with a few pretty good matches as well. I would have to give this weeks IMPACT a letter grade of a B. Also, I am really looking forward to Turning Point, which is more than I could say for past TNA pay per views!

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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