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TNA IMPACT 4-12-10 Results and Thoughts

TNA ImpactThis past Monday evening, 4-12-10, TNA Wrestling presented the final Monday Night War addition of IMPACT leading into the Sunday night’s Pay Per View Lockdown! Will it be Team Hogan or Team Flair who will head into St. Louis with momentum for Lethal Lockdown? What’s next in the Kurt Angle/Mr. Anderson saga? Who is the favorite and who has the odds stacked against him for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match Sunday, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero or AJ Styles? Let’s find out!

[adinserter block=”1″]To open the show, we went directly to the stage as Jeff Jarrett made his way into the IMPACT Zone. He said he had payback on his mind because of what Sting did last week and he was going to track him down and kick his ass! Jarrett made his way into the rafters in pursuit of The Icon, and ended up blindsiding him. The two battled their way down the flight of steps and eventually battled into the ring. At this moment, the light went out and when they went back on Sting ha his baseball bat and took Jarrett out with it. Team Hogan then runs out to make the save as Sting Retreats. Very well done segment to start the night off. Even though Jarrett and Sting have feuded many, many times before this segment this felt fresh and different so I was happy about that. Nice way to set the stage early for Lockdown, establishing advantage, Team Flair in the beginning of the show. Nice way to set a theme for the show, in who will leave the final advantage?

New York City Street Fight: Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon, And Jesse Neal) Defeated The Band (Syxx Pac, Kevin Nash, And Scott Hall)

To my surprise, this was a very entertaining, intense match to start off the show! Very glad this turned into a street fight. Had it not, it wouldn’t have been near as entertaining. This was your typical plunder match here which is a great way for TNA to show that they’re attempting to cater to the fans left behind when WWE made the decision to turn to a PG rating. Reminded me a bit of the original ECW here. Plenty of trash can and kendo stick shots throughout. To point out a small observation I made, it looks as if Jesse Neal is improving and had a fairly positive reaction from the fans in attendance. Looks like he may have some potential. About a bit over five minutes of brawling, Brother Ray set Pac on a table and went for a frog splash from the top, but before he could leave his feet Bubba The Love Sponge ran out and distracts Ray long enough for Syxx Pac to hit the X Factor from the second rope, through the table, for the pin. Nice spot here. After the match officially ended, The Band continued their beat down but Eric Young ran out and made the save! He cut a promo vowing revenge on Nash and announced that it would be he and Nash at Lockdown. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hind, and no Band to bail him out. Nice buildup and dramatic way to announce this match for Lockdown. A Kevin Nash match is never going to be a very entertaining match, but if Eric puts a lot of effort into the match, which I’m sure he will, he could make this a decent match with the use of some sweat spots from the top of the cage similar to the elbow from the top of it he utilized a few weeks ago in the IMPACT steel cage main event.

Kaz Defeated Shannon Moore

Wow! Great X Division match here! Has been quite some time since TNA has put out an X Division matchup of this quality on free television. Nice reprieve from a spot feast as well, for this was your classic X Division singles match. As I expressed, this was a very well done match was plenty of quality back and forth action throughout. This is what you call quality wrestling. Some higher risk spots included Shannon Moore hitting a moonsault from the top rope to the outside, Kaz hitting a top rope hurricanrana, and Kaz hitting a very innovative electric chair drop into a bridge. Toward the end of the match, Doug Williams… I mean Douglas Williams came out for commentary. He continued putting over the storyline of how the X Division roster is inferior to him because of their high risk antics while he exemplifies real wrestling, technical wrestling. At least they’re giving the X division some sort of storyline even if it may not be the best. As this match reached its peak, the bell rang declaring this match a draw after reaching the ten minute time limit. Great match give plenty of time! After the match officially ended, Williams cut a promo against them both but the two chase him down the ramp and into the back after shaking hands with one another. Nice final set up for the three way matchup for the X Division Championship at Lockdown. Nice little story and set up for what has the potential to be a very good match.

Leather And Lace Match: Angelina Love And Velvet Sky Fought To A Draw

[adinserter block=”2″]This was what TNA put out there to go head to head with the opening of WWE RAW. Nice choice for the Knockouts always seem to draw fairly high ratings, and especially with this being a Leather and Lace match between two of the hottest women on television who the hell would dare to change the channel??? Smart booking antics here. Anyway, Velvet came out and announced that this wouldn’t be a Leather And Lace Match after all, and it would now be a match where Angelina Love would be handcuffed. Surprise, surprise. After a quick commercial break we returned to see Velvet Sky entering the ring, but was immediately attacked by Love who unleashed on her, even though she was cuffed. Sky soon regained the advantage and beat on her for awhile. She then announced that the match would be an I Quit Match. Only reason she could make up the rules as she went was because of the open contract she secured last week in the Lock Box Challenge. She continued the beat down but Love refused to quit despite Sky shoving the microphone in her face several times demanding that she swallow her pride to fight another day. Sky said that she may have to strip Love naked to get her to quit! Huge pop for this in the IMPACT Zone as well in my family room! She ripped off Love’s top to reveal her in her bra. As The King would say, puppies! At this point, if there was any man watching RAW he must not really be one! At this point, Love was prompted to quit on the microphone once more, but replied “Never you bitch!” At this point, the rest of the Beautiful People ran out to help Sky and beat on Love, which prompted Tara to run out and make the save. Love went to shake Tara’s hand but Tara left her hanging. We saw tension backstage between the two earlier in the evening. Tara is still upset about losing her title last week in the Lock Box Challenge. At Lockdown, it will be Love and Tara vs. sky and Rayne. If either Tara or Love pin one of the Beautiful People they become the new Knockout Tag Team Champions but if one of the Beautiful People pin Tara or Love they become the new Knockout Champion. This segment on this night was entertaining and told a great story, however was not a good match from any stretch of the imagination. It was more of a segment or angle than an actual matchup. Glad to see the Knockout’s are being given intriguing story lines and television time to pursue them but I wish some quality wrestling, like that of the past Knockout Division, would accompany this. Looks like the Knockout’s are making more of a compromise between wrestling, story lines, and sex appeal now. Not what the Knockout division once was but still superior to the WWE Divas.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: Matt Morgan And Amazing Red (C) Defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

So after defeating Generation Me in the Ultimate X match at Destination X to become the number one contenders for the tag titles as well as having to matches with that opportunity on the line ending in no contest with Team 3D the Guns just now get their title shot. Wow! Way to complicate things TNA! A, why did team 3D ever deserve a chance at their title shot and B, if the matches with 3D ended in no contest twice why do the Guns cash in their tag title shot without any further explanation or controversy? Makes little sense either way. Anyway, Morgan chose Red to defend the title with him being that he injured Hernandez a few weeks ago. Odd choice, but very intriguing at the same time because of the power/size and speed/agility combo. This was another very entertaining, action packed matchup, featuring great X Division action on the behalf of both members of the Guns and Amazing Red as well as some nice use of power maneuvers from The Blueprint. It was given plenty of time as well going nearly ten minutes. Two ten minute, quality matches on one wrestling show? Yes! It’s a start! Morgan was obviously the only real heel in this match so he took the brunt of the heat from the fans in the IMPACT Zone. After Red began to loose momentum half way through the match Morgan drug him over to their corner behind the ref’s back to make the tag. Nice use of both power and heel tactics here. Morgan brought the psychology into this match. A sick, sick spot featured Red on the outside of the ring eating a vicious kick to the chest from Sabin literally turning him inside out sending him moonsaulting to the outside. Rapid fire action from all four men as the match came to an end with Morgan getting the last laugh by turning Sabin inside out with a forceful clothesline. In the end, Morgan set Sabin up for the Hellevator but Amazing Red hit Code Red and pinned Shelly for the win before Morgan could even elevate Sabin up. Morgan and Red celebrated after the match, and as I expected Morgan turned on Red, hitting him with a kick to the crotch. He placed his head against the ring post and went for the Carbon Footprint like he did to put Hernandez out of action but the Guns made the save by pulling him out of harms way. As I said, great action here as well as put Morgan over as even more of a heel. Wish the Guns would have won the belts though. Oh, well. I have no doubt they will most likely in the near future.

In the back Abyss was shown hurt and it was reported that he had been run over by a car. The footage of the incident from a surveillance cam featured just that, with the driver appearing to be Eric Bischoff. Nice intrigue here. We also saw tension between Hogan and Bischoff earlier in the evening after Hogan caught Bischoff shaking hands in a plotting manner with Flair. Wish they would leave Hogan and Bischoff out of the main fold as far as story lines are concerned but at least they aren’t overdoing it but placing themselves in the ring every week. Improvement is a good thing!

Jeff Hardy Defeated Robert Rude

Up next was our first of two Lethal Lockdown preview matches featuring Jeff Hardy, from Team Hogan, and Robert Rude, from Team Flair. Another solid match here, but not quite as good as the RVD/Storm match from last week. Back and forth action throughout featuring a very interesting clash of styles featuring Hardy’s unorthodox, high flying antics supplemented with Rude’s matt based, technically sound style. After about five minutes or so Hardy won with the Swanton Bomb. Wish Rude would have gone over being that he is potentially the future of TNA. After the match, Storm ran out and attacked Hardy from behind. He then takes a sip of beer and spits a… fireball we come to find out into Hardy’s face. they edited it out so it looked like the television froze. It can be viewed uncensored at TNA’s official website. Nice way to promote the website I guess. RVD came out to help, but he can’t keep up with both members of Beer Money simultaneously so he gets a beat down as well. Nice was to promote RVD against Storm to open Lockdown to decide which team will receive the numbers advantage in Lethal Lockdown.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero And Abyss(?) Taking On AJ Styles (C) And Desmond Wolfe (?) Ended In No Contest (?)

Why all the question marks you ask? Well, because this wasn’t really an official match. What happened was Beer Money tried to attack Pope in the back but Pope beat them down in the end and made his way to the ring for this main event tag match. Jay Lethal was going to replace Abyss since he was run over by the vehicle earlier (glad to see this potential push) but he was also attacked by Beer Money in the back. AJ came out to the ring an announces this will be a handicap match. Wolfe starts to come out, but before he can get to the ring he’s cracked in the back with a steel chair courtesy of Hulk Hogan! Well done moment. Looks like this was a singles match now between the two men who will face off for the title at Lockdown Sunday! Talk about a Lockdown preview! Not much of a match here though. Only went about two minutes if that before Flair gets out of his wheelchair at ringside, and uses AJ’s title belt to knock out the Pope from behind resulting in the ref throwing out the match. After the match, Beer Money came down to help with a beat down on Pope. The crowd chanted for Hogan and Abyss, to no avail. Hogan finally comes out but just stands on the ramp looking at Team Flair, but this was enough to stop the on slot. Not much of a match but nice way to create anticipation for Lethal Lockdown Sunday. Would have been better if Team Hogan ran out and the two teams had to be separated by security, but oh well. This was effective in putting Team Flair over as the team going into Lockdown with the advantage. Fair enough.

Overall, honestly felt that this was a great IMPACT! Plenty, and I mean plenty of wrestling action throughout as well as plenty of intriguing hype and match announcements for this Sunday’s Lockdown! Wish they would have done a final segment with Anderson and Angle, however it’s better too leave something out than to try and cram it all in like TNA’s been notorious for. Great show, and if this is any indication of what’s to come in TNA’s future, I’m hooked! there’s room for improvement, but I’m starting to see a lot of that improvement every week, peaking this week! Keep it up TNA! Can’t wait for Lockdown!

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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