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TNA Global Championship: Opportunity Awaits

Rob TerryThere’s been a lot of talk here over the past couple of months about TNA as a whole, so I thought I’d try a different approach and talk about specifics. Today, I’d like to talk a little about the TNA Global Championship and how TNA has dropped the ball with it and turned it into utter garbage. I’ll tell you why it’s even more meaningless than title such as the FTW World Championship and the Stone Cold Smoking Skull Championship.

Originally, the TNA Global Championship was held by a Canadian, Eric Young, and was supposed to only be defended against foreign competitors outside of American turf. This quickly changed when Young ended up defending the title against random Americans from the TNA roster, in the TNA ring. The belt is currently held by “The Freak” Rob Terry. Now, Terry is from the United Kingdom, however, like Eric Young, he has been defending the title against just about anybody, most of which are from the United States. He is currently involved in a feud with Orlando Jordan over the championship. What if Orlando were to win the gold and defend it against other Americans in the IMPACT Zone. This would make the “Global” Championship slogan even more meaningless.

[adinserter block=”1″]If I were in charge of things in TNA, here’s what I would have done with the TNA Global Championship. I would have allowed it to be defended on American soil, so long as it was against a foreigner for the most part. There could be exception if there was going to be a title change for instance. In the occasional case it could be American vs. American to decide who will represent TNA Wrestling internationally. That’s the gimmick behind the Global Championship. That’s what should make it unique and different. The belt would also be defended in foreign countries by TNA stars. This includes TNA shows as well as other shows from promotions around the world. This would be a great way to both bring something new and unique to the title, and give TNA even more international exposure at the same time!

This would allow international wrestlers to come into TNA for one time appearances. Some of the international stars I’d like to see compete in TNA for the Global Championship include, Jushin Thunder Liger, Alex Kozlov, Tyson Dux, Millano Connection A.T., Kota Ibushi, Wataru Inoue, The Great Muta, Yugi Nagata, Shinsuke Nakamura, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Ultimo Dragon, PAC, Naruki Doi, Shingo, CIMA, Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza, Puma, Shocker, Mr. Aguila (formerly known as Essay Rios in WWE), Super Crazy, Psychosis, and the list goes on. TNA would obviously have to associate themselves with other promotions other than new Japan Pro Wrestling in order for this project to be most successful.

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, TNA has dropped the ball with their utilization of the Global Championship, which is a huge opportunity for TNA to not only change things up but also to obtain further international exposure. TNA is quite a bit more popular in the United Kingdom for example than here in the United States, so why not capitalize on this? I’d also recommend more international events in general, but that’s another subject for another time. TNA should have done this a long, log time ago, however it is still not too late to start anew.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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