Inside The Wheelhouse: Dear TNA, Give Samoa Joe the ball


Samoa JoeI’ve been thinking of ways where TNA Wrestling could get me to enjoy their programming and to be a fan of their work. Why I’ve been thinking of these ways is beyond me because TNA continues to let me down every time I want to walk through the TNA programming door. But then I remembered one of my favorite wrestlers is on the TNA roster and TNA does nothing with him.

I have been a fan of Samoa Joe since his time in Ring of Honor where he became one of the best wrestling World Champions during his reign. He was probably better booked as a World Champion then anyone in the WWE or TNA at that time. He was that good and that over powering as a wrestler. It reminded me of when Taz was ECW World Champion and had the wrestling world in the palm of his hand.

When TNA signed Samoa Joe in 2005 I was excited to see what he could accomplish on a nationally televised stage. Everything else in his career at this point was hyped via word of mouth, youtube videos or DVDs. The hardcore wrestling world was introduced to Samoa Joe but the mainstream fans hadn’t seen anything yet from Samoa Joe. This was his chance to take it to the next level.

His introduction to TNA was heavily hyped. He was a big deal because of everything we saw or heard from during his time in TNA. He was a star without ever stepping in the TNA ring. He was poised to be a mega star and possibly take TNA to the level where it needed to be to compete with WWE.

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But as time grew on TNA took the Samoa Joe character and made him less & less important over the course of time on TNA programming. A wrestler that should be a mainstream star was taking the backseat to wrestlers that time has certainly passed in the wrestling world. Instead of building his heat as a star, TNA killed it.

[adinserter block=”2″] TNA gave us what we wanted in the epic encounter of Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe, but they may have done it a little bit too quickly. Instead of letting it build they pulled the trigger right away. We got what we wanted to see, but who knows how many other people would have tuned in if given the right build of anticipation. Instead we got it too quickly that it might have killed any heat it could have had in being a famous rivalry.

Samoa Joe has taken a backseat to much lately in TNA and never really hasn’t found his own in 2010. Ever since the Hogan regime came into TNA Joe has been rarely used for any big time storylines and it contributed to a backstage outburst that led to his suspension over the summer. No one would probably have envisioned that the star of Samoa Joe would be weaker then it was when he entered TNA.

If TNA wants to save their ratings and build new stars then Samoa Joe is your guy. If your going to leave a young fresh faced talent like Samoa Joe to rot on your roster then the best thing you can do for his career is release him. A company like ROH or even the WWE could use his talent better then what TNA is doing.

There were signs in the 90s that use to always say “(Enter wrestler here) = Ratings” and that’s exactly what Samoa Joe brings to the table. There is still a strong fanbase out there for Samoa Joe that TNA can tap into and help build some steam in the TNA train. If they certainly want me to get to watch full-time again then this is the guy.

Create some sort of rebellious wrestler against all these heel stable/factions in TNA right and let Samoa Joe be that guy. His character makes him believable in that type of gimmick and he certainly can get the job done. Let Samoa Joe do the talking and the walking to make TNA seem important again.

[adinserter block=”1″]Give Samoa Joe the ball and let him run with it because this is a guy that can build your brand & give you ratings. The WWE did it in the late-90s when they were struggling with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. While Joe is not an Austin type of character he certainly is the fresh face that wrestling fans want to see be the focus of a company.

Had it not been for WCW pushing old 80s/early 90s stars down our throats then who knows if Steve Austin would have made the splash that he did. It’s the same thing again in wrestling with the same batch of old wrestlers with the exception being that this time it’s in TNA’s own company and not a rival company. Samoa Joe is the guy that can carry TNA out of this bad era of wrestling it has been in since January 4th, 2010.

Dear Dixie Carter: Give Samoa Joe the ball and let him run with it please.

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  1. As a big ROH fan, I have been impressed by Joe's work for a long time. Your comparison of his title reign to Taz in ECW got me thinking. I would basically copy the Taz character from those days. Joe would just come to the ring night after night and just tap out the roster. Build him up to be this anti hero who cares only about reaching the top and he doesn't care who he steps on along the way. Remeber FTW? They could even go as far as having Taz be the front man for Joe's new persona. Joe could come out, arms folded and just stand there like Taz used to. Then Taz would come out from behind the announcer's desk and act as his mouthpeice like Bill Alphonso did for Taz. Anything would be better than just wasting his talents like they are now.


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