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TNA Wrestling Genesis 2014 Results and Recap

This week’s episode is another “free PPV”, that being Genesis. I have already heard atrocious things about this show, so I am mentally preparing myself for the worst.

On the plus side, Mike Tenay and Taz do something right for once and say some nice things about the late Mae Young, and this is followed up with a simple graphic.

[adinserter block=”1″]Rockstar Spud is in the in the ring. He tries to speak, but the crowd is heavily booing him. He eventually gets to it, saying he brings us the most monumentous (no, that’s not a real word. Yes, he said it) night in pro wrestling history. Tonight, he brings to us the woman that promised last week she’d bring home the World Championship, and she did. She is the “queen of TNA Wrestling”, his queen and all of ours, Madame Dixie Carter.

Dixie comes out, and this week, she’s trying to look more like Nipple H than Linda McMahon. Everyone has now seen what it is like when you cross the boss. It’s not very pretty, is it? First, it was Jeff Hardy. Last week, it was AJ Styles. Tonight? Who knows, but if someone is game, she’s ready to play. Before going further, let’s address last week. She warned AJ not to mess with her. She is the law in her company. AJ didn’t listen, and every single time, he chose to go above the law. She asked him nicely countless times to get in line like everyone else, but AJ couldn’t do it. No, the lowly, redneck in him had to rear its ugly head every time and disrespect her. Where did that get him? Back to the beginning of his career. Thank God that story is over. Tonight is a new chapter in the history of this company, and it’s about an individual who has earned the respect & honor of everyone. He’s looked up to as a role model by millions, and he represents everything she wants for her company. He is the undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He is Magnus.

Magnus comes out, and he’s still carrying both title belts. Ladies and gentleman, this is your champion speaking. On a historic night here in Huntsville, a night where we can finally say that we have left petty, unnecessary business firmly in the rear-view mirror and look ahead to the new day. Out with the old, in with the new, and he’s calling it the “Reign of Magnus”. It’s punctuated by the gold, and you may have noticed he has two belts. That’s a bit obnoxious, but there’s a reason for it. He takes the belt off his waste (which appears to be the good one), and tells Dixie to look around. It’s all because of her. She is a champion to not only him, the company and the industry, but also to every one of the millions of fans around the world, he presents her with the belt, as she is the champion of our hearts forever. She calls herself deserving of this beautiful honor, but Magnus is the real World Champion to all of these people. Before the celebration goes any further, we need to bring out some people who showed tremendous loyalty to this company, and it’s time for them to come out so she and Magnus can thank them.

The Bromans, Zema Ion, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa all make their way down to the ring. She tells them they each went above and beyond the call of duty last week, especially Roode. What he did at the end of the match was pure art. She’s so proud of all of them, and they will all benefit greatly. Tonight is the genesis of a new company. It is the genesis of a new TNA. She knows everyone will be happy by this: this is the genesis of Dixie Carter’s TNA. For that to happen, they all need to stand tall as one, and tonight is the first chance to have that in TNA. To accomplish that, her nephew will have to take out the one man standing in the way. Her nephew will have to continue his long-standing undefeated streak when he takes down Sting tonight. That nephew is Ethan Carter III.

And now EC3 makes his way out for part of this seemingly never-ending promo. Before he can start talking, the lights go out and Sting’s music hits. We see Sting standing in the crowd, pointing his baseball bat at the ring. Commercials.

Back from the break, Sting is still standing in the crowd. He asks Dixie if this is the future right here. He hopes the payoff was worth it. There are a bunch of men and women in the back who can’t be bought for all the money in the world. They have honor, something Dixie can’t comprehend. He had no idea she could stoop this low, and it’s really bad when you mess with the wrestlers. But when you mess with their families like she did with Kurt Angle’s, you’ve crossed the line. And now you have that paper champion next to you, the one that’s never earned anything in this business. They took Magnus into the MEM because they did see him as the future, but they had no idea he would sell out, backstab, cave in and throw in the towel. No, this is not a house united; it is a house divided, and a house divided cannot stand. So, before it comes toppling down on top of everyone, we’re going to do something about this. We are going to fight tonight. Dixie asks who “we” is, as she all sees is Sting. Sting tells her to take a look around the building. They’re in Huntsvilla, AL, and they’re going to fight. The camera shoots to the stage, and we see James Storm, Gunner, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, ODB and Joseph Park. They and Sting hit the ring and a big brawl erupts in and around the ring. The ring eventually clears out, leaving only EC3 and Sting. Sting shoves EC3 into the corner with his bat, then nails him in the stomach. Commercials.

Back from the break, the faces are still in the ring while the heels are on the entrance ramp. Joe screams the name of the city, then says tonight they came here to get into a fight, and they’re not leaving until they get into one. Um, didn’t that just happened? Rockstar Spud comes out with Brian Hebner and tells Joe to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. The six faces in the ring (minus Sting) will face the heels in a 12-man tag team match, which is happening right now.

MATCH 1-Intergender 12-Person Tag Team Match: Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian), World Tag Team Champions the Bromans (Jesse & Robbie E), Zema Ion and Lei’D Tapa vs. Gunner, ODB, Joseph Park, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young
The brawling continue as Ion is rolled into the ring by Joe, making them the official starters. Joe nails a running back elbow, then snaps off some right jabs, knocking him down in the corner. Ion gets sent across the ring, where he misses a springboard cross-body from the middle rope. Joe hits a running hip bump in the corner, followed by a spin kick to the head. Ion rolls to the floor, and Joe follows, now Tapa and ODB are in the ring. Tapa goes for the Godsmack, but ODB escapes and hits some chops before low-bridging Tapa to the floor. ODB heads out, and now Storm and Daniels are in the ring. Storm hits a chop, a clothesline and reverses a hiptoss. Storm clotheslines Daniels to the floor, but then turns around to a dropkick by Kaz. Storm gets knocked to the floor, and now Gunner attacks Kaz from behind. I guess tags don’t mean jack sh*t in this match. Gunner presses Kaz over his head and throws him to the floor before following out. EY and E are in the ring. EY does the Flair Flip in the corner before they crisscross and EY hits a forearm. Jesse nails EY from behind before getting knocked down by Park. Park and EY hit a double back elbow before Park connects with a jumping splash. EY is on the top, but gets crotched by E. E and Jesse hit a double pancake on EY, and Ion follows up with a Lionsault. They all leave the ring, and now ODB is in with Ion. Ion misses a clothesline, and she hits him with a fall-away slam. Ion rolls to the floor, and Tapa comes in with a running shoulderblock, knocking ODB to the outside. EY and Daniels are in the ring, and Daniels hits a jumping side kick for 2 before applying a rear chinlock. I guess now the match is officially on-track, but who the hell knows? EY elbows his way out, and now the two trade punches. Daniels blocks a tag attempt and backs EY in the corner. He avoids a corner whip and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Joe tags in, hits a forearm to the face, a pair of clotheslines, an inverted atomic drop, a running boot and a running senton for 2 as Kaz tries for a save with an elbow. Joe moves, and Kaz drops the elbow on Daniels. Joe is back on his feet, and he snaps off a powerslam on Kaz. Daniels rolls to the floor and Joe goes for a suicide dive, taking out the Bromans in the process. Tapa and ODB are brawling at ringside. Park is in the ring, and Kaz takes him down with a dropkick. Park’s mouth is bleeding, so now he’s transforming into Abyss. He hits everyone with clotheslines before giving Ion a chokeslam. Kaz receives the Black Hole Slam, and now Gunner and Storm enter the ring to high-five him. Park drops them with a double clothesline, because they don’t pay attention. Park heads outside and grabs Ion as Daniels and Joe are once again in the ring. Joe gets sent to the corner, where he hits a standing uranage. The Kokina Clutch is locked in, and Daniels taps.

WINNERS: Gunner, ODB, Joseph Park, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young.

This is already exhausting, and unfortunately, Genesis continues next week.

Velvet Sky is in the back, seemingly talking to herself. The camera pans out, and she’s talking to Austin Aries. Aries says he knows she’s in a difficult position, but she needs to still think about what he told her. She says she will, and Aries walks off. Chris Sabin enters the area a moment later and wants to know what’s going on and why she’s talking to Aries. Sky says she doesn’t want to talk about this right now, especially in front of all these people. Sabin says they can talk to the entire world in the ring right now, then.

Kurt Angle enters the building, looking for Dixie Carter and Al Snow.

Sabin and Sky are in the ring. Sabin says he didn’t want to do this, but Sky is being very, very selfish. He is her boyfriend. He is the X-Division Champion, but he’s not the champion just for him; he’s also the champion for her, for them. And now she wants to have secret meetings with Aries? What’s going on?

Before Sky can answer, Aries’ music hits. Aries says Sabin is proud to be X-Division Champion, but Aries has a better title for him: worst boyfriend that ever lived. Sabin doesn’t have to worry about him stealing his girlfriend. He’s a vegan and doesn’t consume animal products, but he would make an exception for a piece of “pigeon pie”. That’s not what he was talking to her about, though. He was just explaining to her that she doesn’t need to put up with Sabin’s crap. She’s an extremely hot woman. Sabin says nice try, but Aries won’t steal her from him, so give up on that. Sky loves Sabin, and she’s proven it by doing everything he asks of her. Aries says that proves his point. Sabin is using her as a pawn, and he was telling her she’s not a pawn. She needs to be who she is, one extremely hot piece of…Sabin tells Aries to watch his “word hole”, then says this “piece” is his piece. Ain’t that right, toots? Aries says if Sabin is a real man, he proposes Sabin face him next week for the title, and they take Sky out of the equation because he doesn’t think Sabin can beat him without her help. Sabin says everyone knows he’s greater than Aries. Aries is glad Sabin feels that way. Just to make sure Sky is out of the equation, let’s put her in a cage at ringside. Sabin says that won’t happen, but then Sky takes the mic from him and says she’ll do it. She’s sick of this mess. She never wanted to be involved, but Sabin keeps putting her in the way. It’s time to find out what kind of relationship they really have. She wants a man who will support and stand up for her, not blame her. Next week, she’s putting it all the test. It’ll be Sabin/Aries for the title, only this time, Sabin won’t be able to force her to do any of his dirty work. Before she leaves, she tells Sabin that if he doesn’t beat Aries next week, she might have to find someone else to spend her time with, toots.

Angle is in the back, now in his gear, still looking for Dixie.

Pat Kenney is talking to a cameraman, telling him to film everything he sees backstage, no matter what. Kenney leaves, and that’s when he sees Samuel Shaw walk by. Kenney stops him, calls him “Sam”, and says he saw Shaw’s match a couple of weeks ago and liked the intensity, as well as the submission. He calls Shaw a player and shakes his hand. Before Shaw leaves, Kenney tells him not to worry about Christy Hemme. Kenney starts to leave, so Shaw assaults him from behind. He pounds on Kenney, screaming about him mentioning her name, then takes Kenney’s shoe off, smells it (WTF?), then hits him with it. He says thank you, then tells Kenney, “It’s Samuel”.

EC3 is in his dressing room, talking to his reflection in the mirror. He says he’s a Carter, and he can beat Sting. Magnus sits down on the counter and says he sees what EC3 is doing. What he sees is a rookie who doubts himself, standing in front of a mirror, talking to himself out of doubt. Magnus used to be in that same position five years ago, but it’s alright, because EC3 is a Carter, and if he believes in himself, he can be just like Magnus and rise to the top of the company all by himself. EC3 mocks Magnus for that statement, and says he doesn’t have AJ this week; he’s got Sting. Magnus tells EC3 to ask for an autograph out there. At BFG he beat Sting by submission, so why doesn’t EC3 worry more about not letting the family down tonight, because he’d hate to see him fall short. Good luck, kid. EC3 thanks Magnus for interrupting his “preparation zone”.

MATCH 2-No Disqualification Match: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
As Ray is making his way down to the ring, Anderson nails him from behind. Ray gets slammed into the ring apron as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Ray is in control, and he tries to slam Anderson into the announce desk. Anderson blocks it and slams Ray face-first into it instead. He screams at Taz, then slams Ray’s face into the desk once more. Ray rolls into the ring, Anderson follows, and the bell rings to officially start this match. Anderson knocks Ray down with a right. Ray blocks a back body drop before getting with a clothesline, a back elbow and a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for the Mic Check, but Ray blocks it with elbows to the head. The two simultaneously clothesline each other, and now both are down. Ray rolls to the outside, throws his chain onto the apron and grabs a chair from under the ring. Anderson is grabbing a chair on the opposite side. Both men are back in, chairs in-hand. They circle each other and go for several swings, the chairs colliding. Anderson rams his into Ray’s gut, then cracks him over the back. He hits the top buckle going for a shot to the head, boots Ray and goes for a running shot, but Ray takes him down with a spear. Ray grabs his chain and whips Anderson with it. He puts a chair on Anderson and whips him once more. Now, he’s wrapping the chain around his arm and he hits Anderson with an elbow drop for 2. Ray grabs a chair, then screams at Earl Hebner to count faster. Anderson gets to his feet and grabs his chair. They both swing again, with only Anderson connecting. He goes for the pin, getting 2, then rolls to the floor. Anderson looks under the ring and pulls out a piece of guardrail, sliding it into the ring. He picks it up, and Ray boots it into his face. Ray then hits a bodyslam on the guardrail. He goes for a big splash, but misses. Anderson is up top now, and he misses the Kenton Bomb, landing right on the guardrail. Anderson gets to his feet, blocks a clothesline and hits a Mic Check on the guardrail for 2. Anderson rolls to the floor once more, pulling a table out from under the ring. The table gets slid in, Anderson clears the ring of the other weapons and leans the table near the corner. Ray mounts the middle rope, and Anderson nails him in the junk. He picks Ray up on his shoulders and hits a rolling fireman’s carry slam through the table for 2. Anderson heads outside yet again and pulls out another table, sliding it into the ring. This one gets set up like normal, then turns around into a uranage by Ray for 2. Ray crawls under the ring and pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid. He tells Anderson this is for his wife and his two bastard children. Anderson pops back up to his feet and hits a Mic Check. He grabs the bottle of lighter fluid now, then coats the table that is still set up in the ring. He just happens to have a Zippo, which he flicks on. However, before he can light the table, Ray hits him with a low blow and follows up with a piledriver for 3.

WINNER: Bully Ray.

We see Kurt Angle still in the back, looking for Al Snow. He opens the door to the catering area and sees Snow sitting at a table. He turns the table, grabs Snow and slams him against a wall, wanting to know what that was all about last week. Snow says he was just doing what he was told. Angle wants to know who told him to do it, and Snow says, “Her”. Angle lays him out with a punch and marches away.

Angle makes his way to the ring and says Dixie Carter is the reason he came to TNA seven years ago. Tonight, he wants to talk about what she did last week. Not only did she mess with him, but his family as well. When you mess with his family, you’ve gone too far. Boss, why don’t you come out here, because he wants answers, and he isn’t leaving until he gets them.

Dixie comes down and tells Angle things are changing, and this is not seven years ago. Angle agrees, because the Dixie he knew then isn’t here anymore. That Dixie was a good woman. But look at her now. She wants to fake an emergency with his wife and kids to get him out of the building? Dixie says she did it because she cares about him, and his family. If Angle didn’t leave the building last week, he would’ve made a decision that he would regret. She was trying to protect him from himself. Angle calls her twisted, warped, and says she’s out of her mind. She wants to screw AJ that badly, she takes out half the locker room, then lies about his family. Why? Dixie says they both know he needs her looking out for him. If she would have asked for help from him, he would have made the wrong choice and wound up injured. Therefore, he wouldn’t be able to make her any money. Angle’s not smart enough to make this decision, darlin’. She doesn’t want him to be like Jeff Hardy or AJ. What she did was best for him, just like everything she does is what’s best for her team. Angle calls her “honey”, then says he’s not on her team, and he will make sure this never happens again. After he kicks Bobby Roode’s ass in a Cage Match tonight, he’s going to be out here for the main event, supporting Sting. Dixie calls him unstable and says he can’t get in the ring tonight, so she’s postponing it until next week. As far as the main event, if Angle or anyone else decides to get in the ring, there will be consequences, and consequences that may cost a job. Angle says this is bigger than his job. If she wants to fire him, go ahead, because he’ll do what’s right. Dixie says she has to protect Angle again, then orders security to escort him from the building. Two security guards enter the ring and get between them, and moments later, Roode nails Angle from behind with a Northern Lariat. He picks up Angle and hits him with what is apparently now called the Roode Bomb. Real original. Dixie then tells the security guards to escort Angle out of the building, so they literally drag him out of the ring.

JB is standing by with Madison Rayne. Rayne says she’s been waiting for over a year to…Lei’D Tapa interrupts by staring at Rayne. Rayne asks if she’s supposed to be afraid of Tapa, and that’s when Gail Kim nails her from behind, telling Rayne she needs to be afraid of Kim. Kim kicks her in the gut and tells her she doesn’t stand a chance before shoving her to the floor. She’ll see Rayne out in the ring, BFF.

Dixie is in the back with Earl Hebner, and she asks if he understands what she’s saying. Hebner offers no reply and starts to walk away. Dixie asks where he’s going, and he says he’s going to referee the main event. Dixie tells him no after what happened last week. She doesn’t care who he is, and he isn’t refereeing the main event. As for who is, it’s none of his concern, and he needs to take the night off.

MATCH 3-Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim (Champion, w/Lei’D Tapa)
Rayne tries to charge at the opening bell, but Kim sees her coming and knocks her down. Kim hits a jumping clothesline for 2, then goes for a bodyslam, but Rayne falls on top of her for 2. Rayne gets a victory roll for another 2, then turns her over into the Taco Twister. She goes for the Rayne Drop, but Kim dumps her on the back of her head. She throws Rayne into the corner, kicking her in the back and ribs. They trade forearm shots until Rayne hits a clothesline. She misses a big boot, and Kim kicks her in the gut before applying a headscissors. Kim rolls Rayne near the ropes, where Rayne grabs the bottom rope. Kim hits another forearm to the face, but then gets her corner whip reversed. Kim slides through the ropes to avoid a charge, but then gets knocked to the floor from the apron. Rayne throws her back in the ring and begins to climb in, but Tapa grabs her by the foot and picks her up in a double choke. Referee Brian Stifler ejects Tapa from ringside at this point, and as he heads back to the ring, Kim applies a corner figure-4. Rayne falls to the floor, and Kim rolls back into the ring, asking for a count-out. Rayne makes it back in, and she pancakes Kim in the corner. She hits the Rayne Drop (no one notices, because no one knows it’s her finisher anymore), and gets the 3.


JB is standing by with Sting. Sting says there’s a lot of men in the back that want to come to his aid, but it’s not about that anymore. No one is going to suffer any more consequences, because tonight it’s about getting his hands on EC3.

TNA’s new motto is “A Real New Era is Here.” That’s probably accurate, but not for the right reasons.

Dixie is in the back, talking to someone off-camera about how excited she is. The camera pans out to show Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, the American Wolves. She’s been reading all about them, and they have quite the following. She’s very excited about their tryout match next week, and if they impress her, she might sign them to a contract. Richards says they’re past a tryout match at this point, and Dixie says no, she brought them here for a tryout. Edwards says they appreciate that, but they signed their TNA contracts this morning. Dixie is confused. Richards says “they” said this might happen, so he hands her a manila envelope and says they’ll see her next week. She opens the envelope and reads a document that mentions a “new investor”. She gets on her phone to her lawyer.

MATCH 4: Ethan Carter III vs. Sting (Guest referee: Rockstar Spud)
They lock up, and Sting backs EC3 into the corner. He gives a clean break as Spud says Sting was pulling EC3’s hair. They lock up again, and EC3 backs Sting into the corner. Sting reverses and goes for a punch, but Spud grabs his arm. EC3 nails Sting from behind and hits a suplex. Sting no-sells and dropkicks EC3, knocking him to the floor. Sting throws him over the steps, then slams him face-first into another set. Sting hits a suplex on the entrance ramp before throwing EC3 back in the ring. EC3 goes to the corner, where Sting looks for the Stinger Splash. Spud steps in between them, which allows EC3 to hit a couple of cheap shots. He throws Sting to the corner and lands some kicks to the gut before whipping him across the ring. EC3 hits a corner clothesline and a back suplex. He mounts the middle rope, missing an elbow drop. Sting hits a couple of clotheslines and connects with the Stinger Splash. He kicks EC3’s leg out from under him and applies the scorpion deathlock. EC3 goes to tap, but Spud breaks the hold by jumping on Sting’s back. Sting swings Spud into EC3 a couple of times, knocking him down. He then hits EC3 with the Scorpion Death Drop and goes for the pin. Spud drops to the mat, then tells Sting he refuses to count. Sting forces him to the mat, making him slap it twice. Before he can do it a third time, Magnus comes down to the ring and pulls Spud to the floor. Magnus takes off his shirt, and he’s wearing a referee’s shirt. EC3 schoolboys Sting and Magnus slides in to make a fast 3-count.

WINNER: Ethan Carter III.

[adinserter block=”2″]Sting gets on a mic and says he wants to fight Magnus, and he will do anything to fight him. Magnus turns back toward the ring at this point. Commercials.

Back from the break, Magnus has a mic now. My computer crashed after typing this all out the first time, so I’m not going to re-write every word, but basically, it boils down to Magnus saying that Sting’s contract is coming up for renewal soon, and Dixie is wanting to re-sign him. So, he proposes a match between himself and Sting for the title, but if Sting loses, that contract is torn to shreds, and Sting is done in TNA. Sting agrees to the match.

End of show.

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Dustin Nichols
Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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