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TNA Final ResolutionSunday night, 12-19-09, TNA presented their final Pay Per View of the year, Final Resolution. I’m glad TNA switched this Pay Per View title to December, rather than January. It just makes no sense at all in January, considering December is the “final” month of the year. All foolishness aside let’s get to the review, the review of the last TNA PPV before the TNA debut of Hulk Hogan!

The British Invasion (C) Defeated The Motor City Machine Guns To Retain The TNA Tag Team Championships

[adinserter block=”1″]WOW! This was a great match to start of the evening! It really did a tremendous job of setting the pace for the entire evening. I expected this one to be good, but this was great! Plenty of action was featured, in this clash of styles tag bout, with the aerial maneuvers of the Guns, and the technical precision of the Brits. This bout featured tons of near, near, near falls, including one of the Brits kicking out of sliced bread, and the neck breaker, frog splash combo! The only gripe I have about this, is that the Brits got the victory, after hitting Sabin with their spine buster, European uppercut finisher. Why were the Brits given the duke here, when Sabin beat all three members of their stable a few weeks back on IMPACT? Poor reasoning from a booking perspective hear, but great match! (***3/4)

Tara Defeated ODB (C) To Win The TNA Knockout Championship

In my opinion, this match was decent for a Knockout match, but should have been better. It was rather slow paced, and dull at times. After about 5 minutes or so, Tara got the win with a sunset flip. As far as Tara winning the title goes, I see this as a positive thing, which could lead to great matches, with the likes of Alissa Flash, Hamada, Sarita, among others. Again, this match was decent, but could have better. (**1/2)

Kevin Nash, Big Rob Terry, Shiek Abdul Bashir, And Samoa Joe Retrieved Briefcases In The Feast Or Fired Match

This was probably TNA’s least innovative Feast Or Fired Match they’ve done over the years, but this was still decent nevertheless. I just feel that there could have been a lot more spots in this one. To my surprise, TNA decided to reve4al the contents of the cases, directly after the match. You mean the folks who paid to view the PPV are going to see this, and not have to wait until IMPACT? Never saw that one coming. LOL! The following are the winners, and the contents of their respective cases;

Kevin Nash – TNA Tag Team Championship Shot (I have no problems here. Just glad that he didn’t get the World Championship shot. Expect some tension to make its presence known within the World Elite, considering that the Brits still hold the gold.)

Samoa Joe – TNA World Heavyweight Championship Shot (Great news here! later in the evening, Joe hinted that he would challenge AJ at the January 4 addition of IMPACT for the title! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Big Rob Terry – TNA X Division Championship Shot (Seriously? I’d say that this was a pretty decent way of TNA throwing us a curve ball, but this is just plain ignorant. I could see Eric Young demand that Terry give the case up to him, and rightfully so. Let’s just hope Terry doesn’t turn on World Elite, for that would be the beginning of a worthless, boring feud.

Shiek Abdul Bashir – Fired (I don’t have much to say about this, for I’ve never been a big fan of this man. I hear this is legitimate)

Overall, I’d give this years Feast Or Fired a rating of (***)

Matt Morgan, Suicide, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, and Hernandez Defeated Team 3D, Rhino, and Jesse Neal

As I had expected, this was another pretty good match involving these eight men, and the elimination gimmick only added to it. Hernandez ended up eliminating Rhino with a roll up countering the gore. After the rest of the competitors came out, things picked up. Hernandez hit his sweet dive over the top, and all other participants hit most of their patented spots as well. Jesse Neal got himself disqualified when he hit Suicide over the head with a steel chair. As an act of revenge, Hernandez clocked Neal over the head with a steel chair, literally bending it over his skull! Stiff, stiff chair shot! Next, “The Pope” was eliminated with the 3D. This left Matt Morgan against both members of Team 3D. Morgan made the match one on one, when he hit the Carbon Footprint onto Brother Devon. Eventually, Morgan got the win for his team, with a Carbon Footprint to Brother Ray with the assistance of a steel chair. Again, another pretty good bout. (***1/2)

Bobby Lashley Defeated Scott Steiner In A Last Man Standing Match

Believe it or not, I’ve got to admit that Mr. Steiner has looked pretty good as of his past several PPV appearances! This was your basic brawl around the building, filled with several steel chair and led pipe shots. This was basically what they did at Turning Point, with a twish. Toward the ending of the match, Scott Steiner grabbed his led pipe, and was about to use it on Lashley, but before he could make contact, Crystal grabbed it from him, tossed it to Bobby, who ended up using it on Steiner for the ten count and win. This was another decent bout from these two, which told a good story, with Crystal finally getting an act of revenge, on her stalker Steiner. (***)

Mick Foley and Abyss Defeated Dr. Stevie and Raven In A Foley’s House Of Fun Match

What’s a Foley’s House Of Fun Match you ask? It’s where you’re forbidden to use closed fists, weapons, or any other rule breaking tactic known to man. Yea right! This was a match where anything goes, and weapons are not only legal, but encouraged! This was a very good little hardcore match, which saw use of numerous weapons, such as cookie sheets (great way to spread holiday joy!), steel chairs, tables, shopping carts, barbed wire bats, among others! A notable spot, was Foley hitting an elbow drop, from the top of the ramp way, onto Dr> Stevie, through a table, while Stevie had a ring of barbed wire wrapped around his arms, leaving him defenceless! This was awesome! The finish saw Foley and Abyss exacting the ultimate revenge, when Abyss pinned Raven with the Black Hole Slam. Really fun match! (***1/2)

Kurt Angle Defeated Desmond Wolfe In A 3 Degrees Of Pain Match

The first fall was pin fall only. These two started off the match with a technical wrestling clinic, and kept the clinic going throughout the entire duration of this historic bout! The first fall featured a very fair amount of near falls, including Wolfe powering out of the Angle Slam, and Angle kicking out after sustaining a Tower of London!

Winner Of Fall #1-Desmond Wolfe (Wolfe got the pin with a second Tower of London)

The second fall was to be submissions only, and this only added to the ongoing clinic! There were plenty of close calls hers, and this made for very dramatic moments.

Winner Of Fall # 2- Kurt Angle (Angle made Wolfe submit with an ankle lock)

At this point in this match, about the 20 minute mark, Desmond Wolfe was busted wide open, and believe it or not, the TNA doctor didn’t run out an glue him up for fear that wouldn’t bode well with a PG rating! This is where TNA’s strengths lie. They need to capitalize on WWE going PG, and supply those former WWE TV-14 fans with something cutting edge, something violent, something MATURE! Back to the match. At this point, both men were worn down, and plenty of “This is wrestling” chants filled the IMPACT Zone. I half expected to hear some “Screw Hulk Hogan” chants like we heard at Turning Point, but I obviously had no such luck.

Winner Of Fall # 3 And The Entire Match- Kurt Angle (The conclusion of this classic encounter, saw both men trying to escape the cage. Angle from over the top, and Wolfe from the cage door. Angle ended up making it out first, and consequently won the match)

Again, this was a great pure wrestling match, with great psychology in addition. If you’ve seen their match from Turning Point, this one was just as good as that one, just not quite as historic, considering this was a rematch. Again, great, great WRESTLING! (****)

AJ Styles Defeated Daniels To Retain His TNA World Heavyweight Championship

[adinserter block=”2″]Once again, as I had expected, this was a great, great main event! This was given plenty of time, well over 20 minutes, and didn’t fail to deliver, and deliver in full force! There were plenty of near falls in this one, including Styles kicking out of the BME, and AJ kicking out of the Styles Clash! This was a great match, filled with a genius balance of acrobatics, technical wrestling holds, and ring psychology. Finally, AJ retained his title, by hitting a Styles Clash from the middle rope! This was sweet as hell! Reminded me a lot of the great X Division bouts from TNA’s past, which is great! (****)

Overall, this was another great PPV effort from TNA! Hopefully, the debut of Hulk Hogan won’t hurt TNA’s momentum, but I’m certainly not going to get my hopes up. TNA needs to keep an ideal balance, between veterans, and younger talent, just like they did here at Final Resolution! Again, great PPV!

*****Overall rating: (8.5/10)*****

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