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TNA gives ECW the sendoff it deserved

Rob Van Dam and SabuIf you saw the Hardcore Justice pay per view and didn’t like it well, you just didn’t get it. ECW was known as the “little engine”that could amongst many wrestling circles in the mid nineties and the old Philadelphia based company had a little gas left in its engine.

If Vince McMahon had his way the company would have been dead long ago, but Vince can’t control what wrestling fans want, and ECW fans wanted one more night. TNA Wrestling and Dixie Carter gave ECW the proper send off it deserved.

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The WWE did its best to make sure the ECW flag would never fly again. Legally TNA could not use the term “ECW”because the WWE owns the name. Legally TNA could not use some character names like “The Blue Meanie”or “Balls Mahoney”because the WWE owns those likenesses. That didn’t stop TNA/ECW fans from using them. In fact chants of “Vince can’t stop this”and “F*c# you Vince!”were screamed throughout the pay per view and the Impact Zone. Once again ECW was the little engine that could.

[adinserter block=”1″]From the first bell to the last I got chills watching my old favorites hit the ring. Not every ECW performer has kept in the best shape but that is beside the point. This pay per view was a celebration of a company that revolutionized the wrestling business. There was still blood, weapons, hardcore moves, and yes hilarity. ECW fans were even treated to a light saber duel between Bubba Dudley and Balls Mahoney! Yes you read that correct a light saber duel. Of course in no other venue would a light saber be appropriate but for some strange reason last night it made perfect sense.

The double main event stole the show. Raven and Tommy Dreamer ended one of the most intriguing feuds in wrestling history last night. Dreamer gave his all as always and Raven really stepped it up a notch. Blood, sweat, and tears would be an understatement for that match. In typical Dreamer fashion he received stitches after the match. Raven walked away victorious but it didn’t matter. The match lived up to the hype which is something that rarely happens in today’s wrestling environment.

Unfortunately Jerry Lynn could not make the pay per view due to a serious injury. There couldn’t have been a better replacement for Lynn than Sabu. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu from last night was a match that honestly could be up for match of the year. Sabu looked as if he hadn’t skipped a beat. Rob Van Dam as always put on a great show but even he stepped it up last night. This was a classic match in modern times. A hug in the middle of the ring between the two performers was a perfect ending to this long standing feud.

[adinserter block=”2”]Where does TNA go from here? TNA cannot make the same mistake the WWE did, and try to make ECW live on past last night. The stars of ECW will always be remembered whether they are current wrestlers or retired. Last night we said goodbye to “ECW”. No the company is not dead and buried that is too harsh. ECW is simply gone but will live on in our hearts.

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