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TNA Bound For Glory Preview and Predictions

TNA Bound for Glory This Sunday night, October 18, 2009, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presents Bound For Glory, live on pay per view. Bound For glory is TNA’s biggest event of the year, comparable to WWE WrestleMania. This Sunday night will be another chance for TNA to prove that it can in fact compete with WWE, and for the sake of TNA, I hope to God that they don’t drop the ball this time!!!!! Now, let’s preview the big event, shall we?

The first match that I’d like to talk about is ODB(c) vs. Awesome Kong vs. Tara for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship. To be honest with you, I’d have to say that I am looking forward to this. One thing that TNA has done exceptionally well over the years, is building a respectable women’s division. I’m not saying that the Knockout Championship is all that prestigious, but it is certainly worth more than either of the WWE championships for their female division, which is in my opinion, very weak to say the very least. Now let me discuss the participants.

[adinserter block=”1″]The champion is ODB. ODB is defiantly not the most talented female wrestler on the TNA roster, but is nevertheless decent, as far as her in ring work goes. The second Participant is Awesome Kong. I have been a big Kong fan ever since she steps into the 6 sided ring. She is a very unique female wrestler, who can tell great David vs. Goliath type stories in the ring. She is also a solid wrestler as well, with respectable skill.

The third and final participant is Tara. Formally known as Victoria in the WWE, Tara looks to make a name for herself in TNA, where she has more of an opportunity to shine. I think that she is a very solid worker, who has the ability to do great things in the professional wrestling industry. She looks to take another step up the ladder of success, as she performs in this 3 way match at Bound For Glory. This should be an exciting match, which showcases what the TNA women’s division is all about.

The next match on the card is one that I can honestly say that I’m not looking forward to. The Legends Championship will be up for grabs, as Kevin Nash (c) challenges Hernandez and Eric Young, in another 3 way match up. I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric Young vs. Hernandez, but adding Kevin Nash to the fray, takes a lot away from this match. Nothing against the man, but Nash is way past his prime, and has no business wrestling on TNA’s biggest event of the year.

I am a fan of both Eric Young, as well as Hernandez, and I’m glad to see that they’re finally getting a push, but TNA needs to put them in match ups together, and really let them let loose and show what they are really all about. Enough with the 30 second squashes let Eric Young and Hernandez just go out there and WRESTLE! This is professional wrestling after all! Overall, if booked correctly, this could be a decent match, but most likely it won’t be, and it will be another disappointment. C’mon TNA! Don’t screw this up again!

Next, we have the TNA Tag Champions, The Main Event Mafia (Scott Steiner and Booker T) vs. the IWGP Tag Champions, The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) vs. Beer Money, Inc (Robert Rude and James Storm) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon), in a Full Metal Mayhem Match for both the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Championships. This is a match that I’m really, really looking forward to.

TNA has been doing a pretty good job lately of pushing the tag team division, and this match should be a great display of just that. The added stipulation (Full Metal Mayhem) makes me even more excited for this match. A Full Metal Mayhem match basically means that all weapons are legal, and the only way to achieve victory, is just like a ladder match, climb the ladder and retrieve the title belts. This is becoming TNA’s version of Money in the Bank, and hopefully this match won’t disappoint.

Next, it’s time for Sarita and Taylor Wilde (c) vs. The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky) for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles. Before I actually start to discuss the match, I’d like to talk about TNA’s decision to bring in the tag titles for their female division. I don’t think it’s a terrible idea, but I think that TNA needs to focus on heating things up in regards to the knockout’s singles division, because that is suppose to be the most prestigious.

Right now, I think the knockout’s tag division is stronger than the singles division, and I don’t think that makes much sense. A great example to prove my point is taken from TNA’s last pay per view, No Surrender. On that night, we crowned new TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions, when Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeated The Beautiful People. On that same night, we also saw ODB win the TNA Knockout Championship by defeating Cody Deaner. I don’t even need to say anything about that. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but then again, we’re talking about TNA, expect the unexpected and throw logic out the window! As far as this match goes, it should be okay. Sarita and Taylor are always fun to watch, so hopefully this match will be at least watch-able.

This next match is another match that I am really looking forward to. It is Suicide vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. Daniels vs. Homicide, in an Ultimate X match, for a future X-Division title shot. All the competitors, in this match, are great wrestlers, and should put on a very stellar performance to say the very least. TNA was built on the X-Division, and this match is a great way to pay tribute to it.

Up next, is a match that I have mixed feelings about. It is going to be Mick Foley vs. Abyss, in a Monster’s Ball match. In this match, Dr. Stevie is going to be the special guest referee. Also, if Abyss uses thumbtacks during the match, he will be disqualified.

I am really looking forward to this match in the sense that it will be a great, hardcore wrestling match, but I think TNA really dropped the ball, once again, when putting together the Abyss/Foley storyline. Rather than going on another rant about that, I’ll just say that their storyline was rather illogical, as well as ridiculous at times. Also, adding Dr. Stevie, as the special ref, really takes away from this match. This is a hardcore wrestling fan’s dream match; therefore it needs to stay one on one, without any interference.

Now, we’ve got TNA vs. MMA, as Bobby Lashley takes on Samoa Joe in a Submission match. In my opinion, this match is going to stink up the place. Bobby Lashley has done nothing to impress me since coming to TNA, and Samoa Joe has become a lot lazier in the ring than he used to be. The match up is pretty bad to begin with, and making this a submission match makes it even worse. If TNA is trying to put the crowd to sleep, this will defiantly not disappoint.

Reeling from the negativity of Lashley vs. Joe, Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan should be a great match and really elevate Morgan as a major individual in TNA. I have been looking forward to these two locking horns ever since they began feuding. I believe that this match has the potential to be on par with Angle and Jarrett at Bound For Glory last year, and even their match at Genesis. Again, just to reiterate, this should be a phenomenal match, and maybe even one for the ages!

Finally, the main event is going to be AJ Styles (c) vs. Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Will this be Sting’s final curtain call? The Bound For Glory tagline implies that this could be Sting’s final wrestling match, in his home state, of California. Last year at Turning point, Sting and AJ wrestled in the main event, and had a really good match, which even appeared on TNA’s Best of 2008 television special. I have no doubt that this match will be another great contest. Will this in fact be Stings final match? I do not know, but if it is, it seems to be a good way for Sting to go out, wrestling for the world title in his home state of California. I can hardly wait to see how this one pans out!

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, Bound For Glory looks to be a really good show, which had the potential to be great. Every match on the card looks decent to great, with exception to the Joe/Lashley match, and I am really looking forward to seeing the show!

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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