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Tito Ortiz wants Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz 3

Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz ended in a win eachChallenging guys to fight is easy for Tito Ortiz. Showing up is a whole other story. After backing out of his last two of three fights, Ortiz is once again barking. Ortiz is calling out Forrest Griffin after a Twitter war between the two and is the only one hoping Dana White makes Ortiz vs. Griffin 3.

Tito Ortiz is at it again. After pulling out of his latest fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira last month, Ortiz is ready to start hyping his next fight. Ortiz is calling out Forrest Griffin in hopes of a third match. The challenge comes after Forrest Griffin recently called out Tito on Twitter after Ortiz backed out of his last fight.

[adinserter block=”2″]”I am the new Tito: b—h about injuries after every fight win or lose, hold guys down as much as possible, never finish a fight -check all boxes,” wrote the winner of the first The Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin on his Twitter.

The tweet was kind of odd considering Ortiz hasn’t mentioned Griffin in any recent interviews. It was random for sure. Tito Ortiz wasted no time responding, seizing the opportunity to promote a potential fight that nobody has any interest in seeing.

Tito Ortiz responded on his Twitter, “Hey go f*ck yourself! run forest run like a b—h! never defended a world title!, been KTFO!, runs out the cage like a b—h! Check all the above!”

Sorry Forrest, but you were owned! Amazing how people have forgotten about Forrest running away after losing to Silva.

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The two went back and forth a few more times but quite honestly, none of their tweets were half as entertaining as anything that The Rock has written about John Cena in the last month. Ortiz recently addressed these tweets in an interview with Ariel Helwani which resulted in Ortiz officially laying down the gauntlet for a challenge.

“It’s up to Dana and the UFC to let the fight happen. I know people want to see me fight again, so let’s do a Forrest-Ortiz 3. He’s a former world champion, our last two fights have been awesome – so let’s just put on a 3.” Ortiz also said that he would be ready to fight in May or June.

[adinserter block=”1″]The idea of seeing Ortiz vs. Griffin 3 probably appeals to nobody other than Ortiz. Ortiz won a very controversial split decision in their first fight in 2006. Ortiz and Griffin fought again at UFC 106 in 2009 with Griffin winning a split decision. Unlike their first fight, there were no doubts or controversies coming out of their last decision. Griffin flat out won the fight and closed strong against the former UFC champion. It was a good fight but certainly nothing I would care to see again.

Heck, not many people wanted to see the rematch the second time. Dave Meltzer reported the UFC 106 buyrate at between 330,000-375,000 which he analyzed as “very disappointing.” I can’t imagine that Dana White would be enthusiastic about making a third match for a fight that was one of his lowest bought fights in 2009.

Don’t mistake my sarcasm, I like Tito Ortiz. I just think at this stage of the game after talking so much trash he hasn’t been able to back up in five years that he should do a lot less talking and a lot more fighting.

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