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Tito Ortiz Won’t Make Excuses But Makes Excuses – Video

I am a Tito Ortiz fan, but this is one unintentionally funny video from the UFC 106 post-press conference. Ortiz lost a split decision earlier that night to Forrest Griffin. Ortiz begins to address the media and says he will make no excuses. Yet, Ortiz goes on for the next seven minutes to make a multitude of excuses. Quite honestly, I don’t think Tito did himself any favors with the UFC community by rolling off excuses for his loss.

Over the next seven minutes, while Tito says he won’t make excuses he claims…

[adinserter block=”1″]- He may have come back too soon.
– He fought the fifth best fighter in the world on his first fight back.
– He was only able to spar once. (Again, explain the black eye)
– He was only able to wrestle once in training.
– He has a broken neck.
– He has a cracked vertabrae.
– He just had back surgery one year ago.
– “I didn’t know that you could get that many points off a sweep.”
– He was less than 100%.

So there you have it, no excuses but plenty of excuses from The Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy. Tito then goes on some weird rant towards the end mentioning numerous times that his career is in Dana’s hands. Dana gives a look towards the end of the press conference that is just priceless.

If there is any news here, Tito does mention that he and Dana talked about him doing the Ultimate Fighter again. I suggested the same thing when I originally wrote about Tito’s return to the UFC. There are already rumblings about a Tito vs. Forrest TUF in the near future with a third fight in the finale. I love the idea and would love to see the dynamic between the two as coaches on the show.

[adinserter block=”2″]I will agree with Tito on one thing. I do agree that he and Forrest should have gotten Fight of the Night over Johnson-Koshcheck. Other than a 30 second flurry of punches, Johnson-Koshcheck was nothing special. While Griffin-Ortiz had a boring third round, rounds one and two were much more exciting than anything else on UFC 106.

I think Tito was a great fighter and I still think he is very good. He lost, but he wasn’t knocked out or submitted. I just don’t see him beating any elite fighters in the near or distant future.

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