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Time For The Annual WWE Locker Room Vs. The Rock Rumors

The childish rumors about WWE locker room resentment against The Rock have reared their ugly heads once again. A new report states that not everyone in the WWE is as happy about The Rock coming back as he’d lead you to believe.

[adinserter block=”1″]This is hardly a new story. Ever since The Rock returned in 2011, rumors about WWE superstars being jealous or angry about The Rock’s comeback have become commonplace in the wrestling media. The biggest difference about then and now is back in 2011, talent like Randy Orton and CM Punk who had the guts to publicly speak out and put their names behind those sentiments. Today’s stars aren’t so brazen and are keeping their names anonymous.

It almost reminds me of the Tim Tebow NFL story from late last year. Anonymous teammates gave quotes to the New York media criticizing Tebow. None of those players went on record with their names while other players who defended Tebow were angry at their peers for being gutless in their comments. Welcome to the annual locker room vs. The Rock WrestleMania story.

The Pro Wrestling Torch is “reporting” on anonymous sources who are upset with The Rock returning. What is even more ironic about the report is that the actual writer is anonymous. The story is credited to “PW Torch staff”. This isn’t a knock against The Torch but it is one thing for a WWE employee to remain mysterious. It is even more gutless for the writer to fail to identify him or herself.

Quite frankly at this point I am ready to discredit the story. If a writer won’t stand up by name and own up to the story, what incentive does he or she have to tell the truth? But I do believe that where there is smoke there is fire and it really isn’t that hard to believe that some WWE talent will be shortsighted and jealous of the attention that The Rock is receiving.

Here are some highlights from the story.

– The Rock is too big and CM Punk had to carry The Rock and work twice as hard in their Royal Rumble match. What this brilliant coward fails to point out is that CM Punk probably made twice if not more money than he would have ever made on a non-WrestleMania show by wrestling The Rock.

– The Rock is only there to promote his movies. Has anyone in the locker room seen the kind of business The Rock’s movies do? Here is a fun mathematical exercise for those whiners. Look at the ratings and buyrates without The Rock as compared to shows that included The Rock. Do the math and tell me who is benefitting more by this arrangement?

– The Rock has no friends or allies in the locker room. Right there I’ll call lie. The Rock and Chris Jericho are very tight so while he may only have one ally, that one ally disputes this entire claim. I’d also have to think that John Cena is quite an ally considering how much money he is bound to make by wrestling The Rock as opposed to anyone else he would have wrestled at WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”2″]You get the idea here. Everyone hates The Rock, he’s out of shape, poor CM Punk for having to carry The Rock, blah, blah blah. Cry me a river. If these rumors are true, you have a bunch of talent that are missing the big picture. The Rock equals more money and at the end of the day, they should all be rolling out a welcome back mat for the guy. I would ask that these individuals step up and say their names, but I don’t think The Rock cares what their names are.

Funny how you don’t hear these rumors about Triple H and Brock Lesnar isn’t it?

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  1. I agree with this entire article. Rock brings money, he brings ratings, PPV buys, older fans, and even more WOMEN, to watch the product. None of the guys complaining about him are doing that. If they were, they (WWE) wouldn't NEED The Rock.

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