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The Tim Tebow Reality Check

 alt= The Gator faithful have been out in full force since the Sugar Bowl. Tim Tebow has turned into the hottest NFL prospect since Peyton Manning. The hype machine is at an all-time high for Saint Tim. Yet the reality of the situation for Tebow fans is that the Sugar Bowl means absolutely nothing about the future NFL prospects of Tim Tebow.

I don’t know wbo was more annoying following the Sugar Bowl. Between the analysts raving about Tebow’s performance as proof that he is NFL-ready or the tweets that accused Tebow doubters of being morons for not believing in the NFL powers of Tebow, the Tebow bangwagon was on the verge of tipping over due to capacity. I haven’t seen this much hype coming out of a Bowl game since oh I don’t know…JaMarcus Russell. How did that turn out?

[adinserter block=”1″]Here are the facts about Tebow’s Sugar Bowl game. The fact is that Tebow and the Gators were playing a team without a coach! Brian Kelly up and left his team weeks ago in order to take a job at Notre Dame. I actually felt sorry for the Bearcats, who looked like a team with no direction in the Sugar Bowl. Call me crazy but I am far from impressed by a performance from a quarterback who beat a team in as much turmoil as the Bearcats. This would be like propelling a quarterback all the way to the top of the draft for beating an over-hyped football team. Mark Sanchez anyone?

The other fact that all of Tebow’s fans fail to mention is that the Gators were playing in the Sugar Bowl. The reason they were playing the Bearcats in the Sugar Bowl and not Texas in the BCS title game was that they were crushed in a regular season game by their rivals Alabama. It would be different if Tebow came out in the national title game after going undefeated all season, and had the kind of game he played in the Sugar Bowl. However, the cold hard truth is that Tebow was playing in the Sugar Bowl because he lost his biggest game of the season. Not only did he lose, but he looked terrible in the game and did nothing on offense. The reason he was picking apart a coachless Bearcats was because he choked in the biggest game of his second senior season. But hey, why bother bringing up facts when discussing Tebow’s 2010 NFL MVP prospects.

The knock on Tebow is that he is inaccurate and has too slow of a release to be an NFL quarterback. I am far from an NFL scouting expert, but I have read and listened to enough experts to know that this is the consensus. Having a great performance against a team without a head coach, in a meaningless game, doesn’t do one thing to change that. This isn’t to say that Tebow won’t work on these mechanics and go on to be a winning quarterback in the NFL. Yet, the Tim Tebow we see today needs a lot of work to make it in the NFL.

Tebow faithful also have to remember that the NFL is looming on a lockout in 2011. No matter how good Tebow will be, the chances are good that he won’t reach his potential for a few years. The biggest draft busts in the NFL over the last decade were quarterbacks like Joey Harrington and JaMarcus Russell, who fooled NFL scouts with big Bowl games. I find it very hard to believe that an NFL team is going to use a first-round draft pick and commit first-round money to a quarterback like Tebow. This could all change if the NFL and the NFLPA come to an agreement before draft day. Until then, I can’t fathom a team committing money to a guy like Tebow who will likely miss his NFL sophomore season due to a lockout.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am not saying that Tim Tebow won’t be drafted. I think someone will give him a shot, if for nothing else to try and create a buzz with the pick. I am just saying that people need to sit back and completely ignore the Sugar Bowl game in assessing Tim Tebow’s NFL prospects. Remember, he will see a lot more defenses in the NFL that look like Alabama’s than what he saw from the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Am I moron for not crowning Tim Tebow the 2010 NFL Rookie of the Year off of the Sugar Bowl? I don’t think so, but I think you’d have to be a moron to make your case for Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl future off of the Sugar Bowl.

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