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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 8 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Lingerie Football League Marie NicoleAnother great NFL week in the books. We lost some undefeated teams, seperated some of the men from the boys, and watched a legend go back to his old home and teach his old club a thing or two. Some upsets were had, some former winless clubs finally got on track, and yes, even Vince Young played! It is always great to be an NFL fan because you just never know what you’re going to see.

Ok, so with that lead in it brings me to “Beat The Shark”, and the wrap up of how well I did this week. I brought in Lingerie Football League star Marie Nicole from the New York Majesty and well, if she’s a wide receiver, then “The Shark” was truly a “shut-down corner” this week. Marie had a very long week, going 0-4 against the spread. Yes the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints won, but neither covered the spread, and her Bills and the Lions lost. Meanwhile, “The Shark” sizzled, going 3-1 on the day. I racked it up with the Eagles, Texans, Titans and had my lone loss with the Cardinals. Ahhh it’s good to be back on track! So now I’m making it more respectable and have a 3-4 record against the ladies and an overall games record of 14-13-1. Over .500 baby, yes! Meanwhile Marie’s tough day drops the ladies to 15-13 in games. Pretty tight race all of a sudden huh? Well another week, another wonderful contestant, and we will see what our next contestant can bring. Check it out Friday, it’s go time!

Alright, now it’s time to put my fingers in motion, crack the knuckles and prepare for “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down”, my little dose of what rules and what reeks in the NFL.

Thumbs Up:

To Titans QB Vince Young
Yes we all knew how good the Titans were last year. This year they have been dreadful, but head coach Jeff Fisher decided he was putting Young back in charge of the offense. How did it look scoring 30 points? Yes Chris Johnson was huge, but Young’s presence in the backfield made the Jags defense have to think, and they couldn’t just tee off on the run game. He played a really good game, shook off the rust, and didn’t go over the top. If he keeps this up, perhaps the Titans will become a spoiler team in the upcoming weeks.

To Texans RB Ryan Moats
Your coach will always tell you to be ready because you never know when your number is going to be called. Welcome back Ryan Moats. Teammate Steve Slaton has been diagnosed with “fumblitis” and Moats was Houston’s cure this past week. Moats had 126 rushing yards and 3 TDs plus some catches and just a look of super-human ability. We had seen this from Moats before. A few years back as an Eagle he went off in 2 games to end the season. After dealing with the loss of his mother-in-law and all the bad press that had come from it, this guy needed something good in his career and this certainly was it.

To Vikings QB Brett Favre
Is it finally over? Ok it may never be totally over, but Favre will never be a Green Bay Packer again, and he whipped them both times this year. He greeted his boo’s with a smile, and he played like an angry, angry man. To this day, we really don’t know who to blame for all that happened but I’m sure that Packers fans are just sick. I saw some interesting moments, like near the end when Greg Jennings was down hurt and Favre had leaned in to say something to him. It kind of looked like it got heated with some Packer staff, did’nt it? Either way Favre made the Packers his babies, took them twice this year, and he has the Vikings looking like a Super Bowl contender. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers is just struggling to get out of bed this morning.

Thumbs Down:

To Texans RB Steve Slaton
This is the “anti-story” to what Ryan Moats did last week. The Texans had him in special drills all week to help his ball carrying woes, and what does he do? Slaton fumbles on his third touch of the game, which was his fifth fumble this season. Not only did coach Gary Kubiak remove him from the game, but a rumor surfaced that Slaton alledgedly had some choice words for his coach. Ok that can be pure specualtion, but Slaton has been cursed by more fantasy football players and more than enough teammates, to last him a while.

To the Detroit Lions
Just when we think youre turning it around, bam! A 7 point loss, at home, to the Rams? Wow talk about lower than low for the Lions. Not only that, but you managed just 10 points against possibly the worst defense in the league. Okay, so star receiver Calvin Johnson was out hurt but no one else stepped up? I guess the Lions are once again “that bad.” I believe that the Titans, Bucs, and even the Browns can beat this team. The Lions just look so bad, as always.

To Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt
What is this team all about? The Cards win when they should lose, lose when they should win? This is one of the mose enigmatic teams in the league. Hey coach Ken, what did you think of your team this week? “These guys need to take more chances down the field.” Oh yeah, I guess Kurt Warners 5 interceptions and one fumble were not enough gambles for you. Keep throwing into that double coverage, it looks great on the Panthers stat sheet. How about this, create an offense other than, “go long guys,” other than this kind of “front-yard” football. There is no Buick to make a left at, and no tree to hide under to fool defenses. You actually have to be creative in this league, you know, the NFL? Ever hear of it?

Thanks again everyone for reading. This week we will have “Mid-Term Grades” for your fantasy football players, and as always “Flash and Crash” and of course more “Beat The Shark” with gorgeous girls and football picks. If your friends aren’t with us yet, what are they waiting for, give them the essential address for all the best sports stories,

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