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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 6 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Beat The Shark GirlsInsert your sportscasting cliches here: “The Shark” is back in the winners circle, finally!

Well quite the Monday night nail-biter. Not only was I glued to the TV watchng the Phillies rally back to beat the Dodgers in the 9th inning, but I was also doing some channel surfing to ESPN to watch Denver drop San Diego 34-23, and help “The Shark” beat the ladies for the second time this season.

So I finished 2-2 this week as New England beat the University of Tennessee (oh wait, that was the Titans?), and the Panthers got a late TD to beat the Bucs. Kind of softened the blow of the Eagles and Bears letting me down. My opponent, Christina, as anxious as she was to get into this contest had to settle for a 1-3 record as she was let down by the Redskins (as is all of Washington), the Jaguars who didnt cover the spread, and the Chargers. Her only bright spot was the Texans, who upset the Bengals.

So now “The Shark” is 2-3 against the females and has an overall games record of 9-11. Meanwhile with this loss the girls games record falls to 10-10. Who am I to brag about winning, do I really look like a hero if I shoot my big mouth off? Well maybe not to you but i’ll take it! Besides it’s one less t-shirt I have to produce. Sorry Christina, your picture may have been great, but your picks were blood in Shark infested waters!

Ah the fury rages on as this contest heats up! I am already pumped to sink my teeth into next weeks opponent, but you will all have to wait until Friday to see who I got coming up next. Stay tuned!

Ok so with that all said and done we come to Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down, where I dish out the credit and the smack talk to the NFL after week 6.

Thumbs Up:

To The Oakland Raiders
It would have been easy to crawl under a rock after last weeks humiliation served up by the New York Giants, but not the Raiders. They entered this game against Philly as a 15 point home underdog, something that is almost never heard of. They sure did watch film, and used the tight end as a huge weapon, much the way the Bucs did to Philly last week with Kellen Winslow. You know the phrase “any given Sunday?” Well this was that Sunday in Oakland.

To Broncos coach Josh McDaniels
His mantle must be filled with my Thumbs Up awards. A 5-0 team coming into a Monday night game as a 4 point underdog? Did this team really seem scared by that? Not one bit. McDaniels has this team truly believing, he has Kyle Orton winning, the defense is number 1 in the NFL and have allowed only 3 second half points in the last 5 weeks. I don’t know what they are feeding these guys, but the fiery McDaniels is looking more like Belichick then, well Belichick!

To Chiefs coach Todd Haley
You got your first NFL win as head coach, and despite a lack of talent, actually have the Chiefs playing some decent football. Ok so they beat an awful Redskins team, but they took Dallas to overtime, and had 2 very bad calls go against them in the Giants game. Add into that a last second loss to the Raiders and this team could just as easily be 4-2 maybe? Ok let’s not go nuts here, but he is sticking to his philosophy and it’s starting to mesh.

I’m going to do a basic Thumbs Up to Baltimore receiver Derrick Mason. I just simply marvel how this man remains ageless and plays so hard week in and week out. I won’t gush over stats, but remember this was a guy last year who played with a seperated shoulder, he also retired in pre-season just to come back and play hard every down. This guy is living proof as to how the game should be played.

Thumbs Down:
To the Washington Redskins Brass
You just lost to the Chiefs at home, and all you can do is remove head coach Jim Zorns play calling duties. How about this: How about you apologize to every fan in the nation’s capitol for putting out such a dead product. You bench QB Jason Campbell for a 36 year old Todd Collins? Some big move there. Let’s face it, you overspend for huge free agents every year , don’t pay any attention to role players, and because of it you continue to stink! Sure blame Zorn’s play calling, very “Washington” of you to pass blame!

To anything Titans
What was that? 59-0? I thought it was a college game. Yes you can be angry at the Patriots and say they ran up the score, but it is nobodys fault but the Titans. They are making Thumbs Down alot, and it’s becoming easy after games like this. Why even play, why even waste air fare and peoples time. Go out and pay a bunch of guys working 2 jobs, they’d love that big paycheck, and will probably play harder. This is a total joke. The Rams are laughing at you right now.

To Bears running back Matt Forte
I’m starting to get to be at a lost for words for Matt. 2 huge fumbles Sunday night cost the Bears a very winnable game. He seems very hesitant to hit holes and seems like he has little desire out there. This Bears team has found a QB in Jay Cutler, and believe they have a quality guy in Forte. But what I saw Sunday was guys like Garret Wolfe playing his tail off, and Forte making way for him on crucial 3rd down plays. You won this job last year, don’t sit on it and swear it won’t be taken from you, because it just might.

I had to put a thumb down to the New York Giants too. Called by many “The best team in the NFC” but yet they can’t even really show up to this huge match-up against the Saints. People hold this Ginats team in very high regards, but yesterday was a pretty poor effort. Besides you let your cast off Jeremy Shockey score one on you. Not a very stong showing!

I’m not even going to waste thumb muscles to describe that awful elbow to helmet hit dished out in the Carolina game, nor will I entertain using the name of the cowardly player!

As always friends don’t forget to check out my fantasy football “Flash and Crash” every Thursday, plus a new gorgeous and gutsy female opponent on “Beat The Shark” every Friday!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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