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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 7 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Beat The Shark Girls I have to say that it is a good thing I recruited pretty women for this contest, because I’m making it really ugly! Another loss this week for “The Shark” you say? Oh you betcha!

This past week “Beat The Shark” was treated to not only the beautiful Miss Jenn Davis, but Jenn in return served up some history by becoming the first contestant to go a perfect 4-0 on the day. Ahh how nice it must have been for her and all of you followers of the contest to watch the Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, and Saints rack up big victories! Meanwhile not too shabby here either, but only 2-1-1 as I had the Texans push, suffered a loss wth the Panthers and got my 2 wins from the Patriots and Packers. So with Jenns perfect performance the ladies are now 4-2 vs “The Shark” and 15-9 in games, while “The Shark” stumbles to 11-12-1 in games. Keep your eyes on all the pretty girls in the tri-state area, they will all be wearing “Beat The Shark” T-shirts soon! Oh by the way, as always don’t forget if you like Jenn and the other contestants you will get a chance to vote on your favorite at the end of the season for “Miss Beat The Shark”.

So with that behind me (far behind me), it’s time for the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down portion of our wrap up. As always I go all out to praise some nice things and trash some real garbage that I saw in the past week in the NFL. So here we go.

Thumbs Up:

To Eagles WR DeSean Jackson
You have to admit that he is quickly becoming one of the most exciting young superstars in the game. On the big stage Monday night, Jackson ran a 68 yard reverse for a touchdown and later added a 64 yard reception as well. He is the only player in NFL history to have touchdonws of 60 or more yards in his teams first 3 games of the season. Analysts and announcers abroad are praising this kid every time he touches the ball, and he is becoming more mature every week. For years Andy Reid refused to trust young receivers in his offense, but it looks now as if the times are changing.

To Redskin Byron Westbrook
Football is a dangerous but yet highly competitive sport. However some times things are bigger then the game and we saw that on display this past Monday night. Eagles RB Brian Westbrook had taken a knee from ‘Skins MLB London Fletcher to the head and went down motionless to the ground. Without even a second thought, his brother Byron, a Redskin, came to his side and stayed until his brother showed movement and came too. Yes it is a game, and that’s just it, a game. The Westbrooks realized real life and it was fitting that the nation got to see such an act on a Monday night.

To the Steelers Defense
They say defense wins championships, and if that is the case, the Steelers may have as good a chance as anyone. When Troy Polamalu gets on that field it’s like a whole new club, and last week in their win against the Vikings, this squad came up huge to seal the win. 2 TDs were scored off of forced turnovers and they held one of the games most legendary QBs in Brett Favre, and perhaps the games best RB in Adrian Peterson to just 10 points. While the offense failed to do big things against a very good Vikings defense, the Steelers defense made sure to come in and save the day.

Thumbs Down:

To Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson
So looks like yet another apology is being issued, another team forced suspension, and a once was superstar player at the end of the line. It is always been said that Johnson is a bit of a cry-baby, kind of an angry guy and always has off-field issues but this is the clincher. Using “gay” slurs, really? Not only is it gay slurs, but using it towards his coach, and belittling his team. The Chiefs gave him a second chance after violations of conduct conditons last year, and I guess its now time for the 3 strikes and out rule. This guy is pretty much finished, how about he just goes away.

To The Miami Dolphins
Ok so this franchise will always be known with a perfect season, but when it was needed to defend against a possible undefeated challenger in the Saints this past week they totally crumbled. A 24-3 lead soon turned into a 12 point loss. At the end with just one second left and the game out of reach, head coach Tony Sporano asked rookie QB Chad Henne to “spike the ball?” I’m not getting it? Maybe the 6 1/2 point spread needed to be challenged huh coach? If this team would have just played a full 60 minutes then this act would not have been needed. Must have been some half-time speech?

Once again, the Redskins
Get it right people, it’s not who’s calling the plays, but who you have executing them. Sherm Lewis had to be asking himself “what am I doing here” during a dreadful 27-17 loss to the Eagles Monday night. Oh and how disgusted did Jim Zorn look? They brought in Lewis specifically because they thought Zorn couldn’t handle the play calling? Does management and ownership even watch these games? Can I have a job calling plays?

You know it was really nice and fun to see the people of England enjoy and welcome the NFL into town again this season. I couldn’t help but get a feeling of global pride in our football league when the crowd on hand was cheering the Buccaneers to go for it on a 4th and 1 play from around mid-field in the 2nd quarter. Commisioner Roger Goodell has mentioned the possibilitiy of more games or perhaps a franchise in England. I say why not, they seem more alive then the people in St. Louis did anyway. We here in the U.S. give very little time to soccer, but yet thehy take the time to learn and love our game. Just goes to show you about opening your mind to new things!

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