Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 9 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Beat The Shark JamieWe sure don’t count style points, but we do count wins! Thank goodness for some late game heroics as “The Shark” managed to pull out another victory and now stay hot winning 3 out of the last 4.

Not a great week however for our lovable cheerleading coach Jamie Castle. She could not get one game to go her way, and ended with an 0-4 record. The Colts, Patriots, and the Saints all won, but none of them could cover the spread, and the Philadelphia Eagles stunk up the joint in a loss to Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile, “The Shark” was playing, oh dare I say “King of the Castle” (sorry it was too easy). I got two wins from Seattle, and San Diego and it was all I needed on this day to come out with the victory! So now, “The Shark” has made it real interesting, and is now tied with the ladies at 4-4 with weeks and now lead with an overall picks record of 16-15-1. Meanwhile the ladies fall to 15-17. It continues to stay tight, let’s see what this week can bring and if the ladies can pick up the pieces. Thanks for playing anyway Jamie, but you have been “Shark-Bit”.

Ok so now it’s time to turn to some thumb work of the up and down variety. Quite simple, good stuff gets an up, bad stuff gets a down, or as we all lovingly know it Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down.

Thumbs Up:

To Tampa QB Josh Freeman
At the beginning of this season the Bucs had him listed as third on the depth chart after drafting him in the first round. From that point they had lost every football game, and had decided it was Freeman’s turn to take the field. Freeman looked like a rookie at times but also showed good scrambling skills, a good arm, and some nice savvy in leading the Bucs to a 38-28 win over the Packers. Freeman has some skills and yes, they need to be fine tuned but when you look at someone of his size and you compare him with a guy like JaMarcus Russell it’s like night and day.

To the Kansas City Chiefs organization
As a whole it is a rebuilding time and many of us who are real football fans understand what this means. The Chiefs have not had alot to celebrate but did stick to thier guns in keeping trouble-making RB Larry Johnson away from the club, and eventually released him. If you bring in young guys and try and rebuild, this kind of negative energy is the last thing you will need. Good riddance to this big mouth!

To Bengals RB Cedric Benson
So many of us had wondered if this guy was truly back and if he really was a top flight NFL running back. Well how about the only man over the last five seasons to go back to back with 100-yard games against the Baltimore Ravens. While the Bengals continue to shock the league, benson continues to be their main weapon, and nobody seems able to slow him down. Just imagine if Carson Palmer was the guy he was before his knee injury!

Thumbs Down:

To Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco
Oh Chad? Did you really not think your sad little stunt of taking a dollar bill out to, “bribe” the refs wasn’t going to make trouble? Hey, some of us love your stunts but this one was not clever and in sports today when talk is on NBA refs fixing games and how Vegas is taking a pounding on the books, the last thing you want to do is use words like “bribe” and actions of passing off money to get a call. Also, when no one really paid alot of attention to it you were seen giving the dollar back to your coach like you are all hurting for a dollar?

To the Houston Texans RB disaster
This team could easily be 8-1 right now, but these guys have serious problems holding on to a football. For the fouth time this season a fumble from inside the five cost the Texans a touchdown and in turn eventually cost them a game. No not Steve Slaton this time but Ryan Moats, you know last week’s hero. Okay, so with this bye week start to inject glue into your blood stream and perhaps sweat it on yourself during the games. This past week you had Indy on the ropes and in the immortal words of Dennis Green you, “let them off the hook”.

To some teams that are proving to be frauds

Let’s hear it for the Bears? What was that? The Redskins, Packers, 49ers and other jokesters. Give us the heads up early in the year that your going to stink so we don’t get all excited for your games. The Bears defense has become swiss cheese, alot like the Packers. The Redskins, hey who is the next 100 million dollar man Mr. Snyder? Oh and welcome back to Earth San Fran! Ahh just another year of NFL madness I guess.

Hey did anyone else notice a Chris Chambers sighting this week, or Ty Law? Have I been missing something?

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