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Three Biggest WWE Stories for the Week of October 28

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There is a buzz throughout the WWE fanbase, as fans prepare for some must see matchups and recover from the shocking outcome of Smackdown Live. Here are a few storylines you need to catch up on!

  1. Sasha Banks and Charlotte Get Ready for Historic Match.

In a contract signing that was filled with tension and Mick Foley keeping it as real as possible, Sasha Banks and Charlotte engaged in a final confrontation before their historic match on Sunday. They will be the first females in history to compete in a “Hell In a Cell” match. Both competitors seemed ready to go where no woman in wrestling history has gone before.

However, Mick Foley proceeded to give them a lecture about what this sadistic structure is all about. Attitude Era fans will never forget the Undertaker tossing Mick Foley off of the cell onto a table. They will never forget him being tossed through the cell.

Like a concerned elder statesman, Mick Foley made these women quite aware of what “Hell In a Cell” was all about. Fans can expect some fireworks when Banks and Charlotte meet.

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  1. AJ Styles seeks retribution against Dean Ambrose.

AJ Styles had an absolutely brutal last couple of weeks, stepping into Smackdown Live with a record of 0-2 against James Ellsworth. Needless to say, Dean Ambrose had a heavy role in both of those stunning outcomes.

Sometimes, the ultimate retribution is to just win. AJ Styles had and took advantage of that opportunity when he faced Dean Ambrose one on one on Smackdown Live.

If Dean Ambrose won, he would have gotten a rematch against AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There could be no sweeter revenge for AJ Styles than to prevent Ambrose from the opportunity of claiming the one thing that he desires the most.

In the end, it was not Styles who kept Ambrose from the Championship match but Ellsworth, whose involvement in the match earned Dean Ambrose a loss by disqualification.

  1. Kevin Owens ensures that Seth Rollins is not 100%.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are set for a date with destiny inside “Hell in A Cell” for the WWE Universal Championship.

On Raw, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins faced off in a triple threat match in Raw’s Main Event. After KO and Jericho’s repeated efforts to double-team Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins got the win on an unprecedented double rollup pin. However, Kevin Owens would get the last laugh as he would powerbomb Seth Rollins on the edge of the ring.

If you recall, this is the same move which Kevin Owens injured Sami Zayn with in NXT. Therefore, Rollins is not 100% for Sunday’s match. That definitely bodes well for Kevin Owens.

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