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Thousands of Australians Evacuate Homes as the Worst Flood Hits

While the world is on the brink of war and destruction is at its peak, natural disasters are too stepping into the arena of human destruction. A destructive flood is likely to hit Australia’s southeast coast. Tens of thousands of people have been asked to evacuate their homes by Tuesday and many more had been instructed to prepare to depart. All this chaos and unrest is in lieu as portions of Australia’s southeast coast are overwhelmed by the worst floods in decades.

Scores of residents, some with pets, spent hours trapped on their roofs in recent days by a fast-rising river in the town of Lismore in northern New South Wales state. Apart from that dozens of cars were trapped on a bridge in the nearby town of Woodburn over Monday night with both the bridge’s approaches submerged.

The rescue went for several hours and around 50 people in total were evacuated. The state emergency services are handling the whole situation. When the officer was asked about the whole incident he stated that “We didn’t have the resources to get them out in the dark, so we simply had to make sure they were safe, and we went in this morning and took them all out.” Commander Ashley Slapp was leading the whole operation.

Apart from the rescue operation that was conducted, around 40,000 people have been asked to evacuate the places on their own. On the other hand, around 300000 people are under the threat of getting evacuated. The death toll however is pretty low considering that it is a natural disaster. But is expected to increase if timely evacuation is not done. Hence proper precautions must also be taken.

Queensland is the area where there has been the site of nine of the ten deaths thus far. A 76-year-old man has been declared deceased after his vehicle was lost in floodwater northwest of Brisbane on Sunday. Emergency services were concerned about another man in his 70s who fell from his moored boat in the state capital Brisbane into a flooded river on Saturday, according to Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll.

Schrinner said the national weather agency had confirmed the six-day total rainfall for downtown Brisbane — 792.8 millimeters (31.2 inches) to Monday morning — was significantly higher than the previous record of 655.8 millimeters (25.8 inches) set when flooding devastated the city in 1974, in a social media post with the hashtag #Rainbomb.

Rick Threlfall and Steve Hadley, meteorologists who emigrated to Australia from England and have lived in Newmarket, Brisbane, for over a decade, were sandbagging the ground floor of their home but couldn’t finish in time to avoid the swiftly rising water.

Australia has always been the target of extreme weather conditions. No matter what the season is, the extreme conditions always prove to be fatal. For instance, 2019 was Australia’s warmest and driest year on record, with disastrous wildfires raging across southeast Australia. The flames killed 33 individuals immediately, and the smoke killed another 400 people.



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