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Thoughts on WWE Roadblock and the Company Moving Forward

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And so we have it. Add Chris Jericho to a WWE Universal Title match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens and once again, Jericho proves he is the best the red team has going today.

I wasn’t excited about Roadblock going into WWE’s final pay-per-view of the year, and am still not impressed with what I saw. The lame crowd, the matches that did not excite me as in months past and the almost assured ending to the title match between Owens and Reigns has left me a little empty inside. Hopefully, 2017 will give me something more to look forward to as the road to the Royal Rumble begins in earnest today.

WWE has come a long way since July, with a brand split that has made things more interesting but lacks depth and advanced booking. The Raw brand, for whatever reason, still keeps my attention more so than the SmackDown Live. In the end, however, I still want a little less talk and a lot more action.

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The company did the right thing in not putting the Universal Title on Reigns on Sunday night, but it dropped the ball in shying away from the Owens-Jericho confrontation that could have been money if given the right booking.

Heck, it still could make us all happy if given the properly swerve once more.

WWE has plenty of questions left to answer and a few steps it must take to ensure fans get their monies worth in San Antonio in a month. The ebb and flow of title change in the women’s division, the need for the company to jump on a Sasha Banks heel turn and a chance for Bayley and The Boss to create magic at WrestleMania 33 have me salivating at the possibilities. But if this company is going to continue with its brand extension, there must be wholesale changes. Depth is still an issue. Jericho and Seth Rollins are supporting cast members – they must continue their feud despite the fact it still falls to second place behind anything Owens signs his name to.

Reigns is still WWE’s darling and will be until Finn Balor returns or better yet, someone comes up with the idea of moving AJ Styles to Monday nights. It’s ok, there is still John Cena to wave the flag of the blue team in his place. At some point, the 16th title reign will be his and the man who used to run the place can become more of a supporting cast member as someone like Baron Corbin gets his shot.

Oh, I’m sorry. Back to my thoughts of Roadblock.

WWE did the right thing with taking the tag titles off The New Day, but how will the trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods move on from here. I hear depth is needed in the singles’ division. The idea of Cesaro and Sheamus winning on Sunday night and then feuding once again was brilliant, but it did not solve other issues that exist like when will The Club reign supreme?

Sami Zayn’s “win” over Braun Strowman makes no sense unless there is a deeper angle with Mick Foley and of course, when the ball drops in a few weeks, will Triple H finally re-emerge from the back and confront Rollins? One of WWE’s best storylines has been wasted in a big way.

The Roadblock PPV is really an indictment in my opinion of how the company wanted 2016 to end so it could concentrate on 2017, hoping for bigger and better. Sasha and Charlotte gave their all. The cruiserweights will be better with a heel Neville character and hopefully, someone will challenge for the United States Title instead of it just resting around Reigns’ waist.

To put it mildly, I’m glad this event is over and 2016 is in the books, quite honestly. Let’s see if next month is better than the last six – which means WWE really does have an idea of what it needs to do to be better than it was before.

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