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This Is Us Season 7: Is it Renewed or Canceled?

Disney plus Hotstar special drama series “This Is Us” is unfortunately ending. The tragedy series that has an 8.4 rating on IMDb and a hooping 94% on rotten tomatoes were one of the famous series that was available both on Hotstar as well as Amazon Prime. The series also had prior six seasons released with each season having around 18 episodes.

However, the series is getting canceled after its 6 seasons and will not be renewed for another season. Therefore, it is essential to know why the NBC series that was quite hit is getting canceled? Some fans are still baffled as to why the NBC show had to come to an end at all, especially after only six seasons and a little over 100 episodes.

Why is the show ending?

Dan Fogelman, the creator, explains why. Let us know. Following the official news that “This Is Us” would be ending with its sixth season. This has been spoken by Dan spoke with the press about why the program had the ideal number of episodes and time on the air. “We never set out to develop a television series that would endure 18 seasons, so we have a pretty direct approach,” he told a renowned media outlet years ago.

Dan recently discussed the decision once more. He added at a Television Critics Association event, “It’s not because we don’t have any more stories to tell.” “It’s because we arranged everything to go this way. We’re on a five-year course,” Dan continued, “and to suddenly pivot and add more because we don’t want it to finish would not be entirely responsible to the show and what we’ve planned, and it would start becoming something different.”

How is the season ending?

Too many twists and unbalanced scenes of true significance, but “This Is Us” was a hit for NBC and network TV. The Pearson family’s problems were matched by The Big Three’s responsibility to save broadcast TV. Teases and cliffhangers are more engaging than basic, flowing tales. The 106th episode highlights the show’s finest trait: showcasing the significance of a loving family. Years into their marriage, Jack notices a scar on his wife.

Rebecca describes how much she liked when her father pushed her on the swingset. Rebecca further tells how much time she wasted worrying when he would stop. She tells Jack she wishes she had spent more time loving the moment. But all of her time went into worrying about the end. The two are laying side by side, recalling the penultimate episode.

Rebecca, Kevin, and Kate take a backseat to the audience’s two favorite dads towards the end. Yes, especially after Mandy Moore’s win. These are minor issues when “This Is Us” nails the central message. Respecting what it means to sit with these individuals week after week for six years feels like an appropriate send-off. “Us” revels in passing moments that form fantastic memories. Life-changing memories and meaningful life.



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