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This Is My House Season 2 Release Date, Rumors And Latest News

BBC’s very famous TV series This is my House is renewing for a new season and the excitement is already at its peak. This will the second season for the show as one season has already been released in 2021. The show, when announced received mixed reactions concerning the weird plot it has. But over time, people realized the masterpiece and are eyeing a new season since then.

The popularity of the show can also be adjudged through its IMDb rating i.e. 7.1 and a huge 80% on rotten tomatoes. The ratings are really good but the show outshines everything. The series is greatly crafted by its creators Richard Bacon and U.S.-based TV producer Nick Weidenfeld.

This time, Stacey Dooley will be present, with no one lined up to take her place, and the previous one-hour structure has been revised, with episodes now lasting only 30 minutes. However, change can be beneficial, and we are looking forward to seeing what the program has in store for us when it returns. Therefore, it’s equally essential to look into the show’s release dates, plot, and other concomitant factors.

This Is My House Season 2 Release Date

The release date of the show is still not finalized but its return is assured. Several sources are hinting at the dates falling later this year but no official confirmation has been provided. Further, no intimation of the trailer and other dates are given. Hence the viewers have to wait a little longer for such dates to get released.

The plot of This is my House Season 2

This Is My House is exactly what it sounds like: four people claim to be the same person as well as the owners of the same house. A panel of five celebrities must accurately predict the true homeowner to earn a £1,000 award; if they guess incorrectly, they will receive nothing.

With each contender having their unique narrative to tell and the three imposters attempting to confuse the celebs, there will undoubtedly be some major surprises when the true owner is exposed. The best part? You can join in the fun at home!

Panelists and Hosts of This is my House Season 2

As Stacey Dooley hosted This is My House last season, she will not be back for season 2, and while we wait to find out who will take her place, we’re hearing that the program may continue without a presenter for its sophomore season. Season 2’s panelists for This Is My House is yet to be disclosed.

Claudia Winkleman, Chris Eubank, Harry Hill, and Nina Wadia all appeared in the comedic relief special, but no word on whether they will return for the second season. Bill Bailey, Emily Atack, Jamali Maddix, and Judi Love were among the panelists last year; no word yet on whether any of them will return this year.



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