Things We Must See at WWE TLC 2013


If you are scoring at home, there are 10 days until Christmas (four days until my birthday) and only a few more hours until WWE’s final pay-per-view of the year – TLC. Of the three events, I am sure TLC is first on your collective radars as the most important of the holiday season. This PPV event, for some reason, makes me feel like a bucket of paint was opened and thrown against the wall. No one seems to have a clue as to what will happen, what curve the WWE will try to throw at us and who might show up to the feeling of shock and awe. If there was ever a time for something overdramatic and company altering – this might be the one.

[adinserter block=”1″]A new unified champion will be crowned, a new tag team champion will steal the show and Daniel Bryan and CM Punk may find out their fates tonight at the hands of the Wyatts, The Shield and dare I say, Paul Heyman?

Too many things have to happen at this pay-per-view. Too many subplots to unfold and to many questions to be answered. It can’t happen in one night and it cannot happen as a carry over into Monday Night Raw. There must be a winner and loser and a huge controversy. This event must be Disney World and the Shawshank Redemption all in one. That might be too much pressure for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to deal with.

Here are a few things that must happen for TLC to be successful.

Damien Sandow gets his push

If Sandow wins the Intercontinental Title, the move does a few things. It may produce a run at John Cena and the new unified title. It also may finally allow E Langston to find his place in the company. I like the idea of the friendship that is developing between Langston and Mark Henry. As a tag team heading into the new year, they could be devastating.

The Real Americans win the tag titles

The matches between The Rhodes Brothers and The Real Americans have been epic of late. It about time to change things up a bit. That starts with a shake up in who wears the titles. I would love to see the Rhodes brothers lose the titles and then feud with each other. The WWE has teased us with this for a while. It’s time for it to happen.

Family Feud

I know this wouldn’t happen here, but what if Stephanie and Kane took a major step forward and claimed Randy Orton as their champion, while John Cena stood tall with Triple H. Maybe another swerve would be Vince McMahon joining the side of his daughter against her husband. Oh, what a rush.

Everything clicks

All of these matches must sell and make an impact. While the lineup does not excite you off the bat, but they all must sell like it was a Summer Slam event. The problem with the WWE is there has not been continuity in the pay-per-views this season. For every one good event, there are two to follow. Putting together some momentum would do the company some good.

Paul Heyman

[adinserter block=”2″]I have stressed this over and over again this year – Paul Heyman is the best thing the WWE has. Randy Orton and John Cena should sell well. So should CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Forget about the Divas match and Dolph Ziggler is now a jobber. Damien Sandow is headed for greatness. The addition of Heyman means there is a chance this could be a good event.

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  1. David, your man crush is getting to be a little over the top. You have found a way to write about the guy in every article lately. I guess you will be heartbroken when he loses to Big E tonight.


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