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Things Have Changed in WWE: Why Now Is the Best Time to Be a Fan

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While it has been decades since professional wrestling has emerged from its carnival origins, there are still plenty of people who think that you have to be a hillbilly or a child to truly enjoy it. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to be a fan of professional wrestling and of the WWE as a whole.

The WWE Embraces Its Role as the Ultimate Reality Show

In the last five years or so, the WWE has positioned itself as more of a reality show as opposed to sports entertainment or a pure wrestling product. The people who walk to the ring each night are promoted as much as characters playing a role as bonafide athletes. The company has also made a major push into social media to connect with both serious and casual fans alike.

WWE Has Many Crossover Stars

If you are a fan of MMA, you probably know who Brock Lesnar is, which may give you a reason to watch the WWE whenever he is on a show. If you are a reality TV fan, you may know who John Cena is or who the Miz is. This means that you already have someone worth rooting for when you turn on the TV to watch an episode of Raw or feel like watching a pay-per-view at a bar or with your friends.

In the event that you are the diehard wrestling fan in your group, the fact that your friends may know of these people already means that they won’t be completely lost and tune out. Wrestling has also gotten more mainstream in the fact that you can bet on matches. Using betonline reviews or other site reviews, you can tell where the genuine wagers are being taken.

WWE Has Paid More Attention to Its Women’s Division

A lot has been made in recent years about how women are underrepresented in the workplace and in society as a whole. The same was true in WWE until the start of 2016. Throughout the year, more focus has been placed on showcasing women as wrestlers and not just things to stare at during a show or as a way to pass time between the big matches. If you are a woman or want to watch with your daughter, now is the time to do so. With female wrestlers being given a larger role within the company, they can act as role models for your kids or give your wife a reason to watch with you on Monday or Tuesday nights.

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WWE Has Been Giving Everyone What They Like

If you like fast-paced matches, the WWE has brought back its cruiserweight division to give the smaller guys a chance to shine. For those who like pure wrestling, they have devoted segments of their shows to guys with more athletic ability who can use their moves to tell a story. Those matches tend to last longer and have a more authentic feel to them.

Of course, there are still the superhero types and the guys in masks who cater to the little kids and those who want something that is a little larger than life. No matter what type of character you are into or what type of match you like, there is bound to be at least one person or one matchup that you can’t wait to see every time you watch a live show or a televised event.

Professional wrestling has come a long way from its roots as a sideshow. Today, the WWE has a more corporate and organized feel to it, which means you get as much sport as you do entertainment these days. The best part is that it is designed for the whole family to enjoy, which is less common in the 21st century.

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