They Don’t Wrestle Like They Used To: New School Sucks and Old School Rocks


Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels “Ric Flair, you once called me a woman. Well, what I want to know is, how does it feel to get beat by a woman?” ‘Rowdy” Roddy Piper once said during one of his feud’s with ‘the Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

Something that’s been on my mind a lot about the wrestling business is they don’t make their feud’s the way they used to, as well as they actually don’t wrestle like they used to! Feuds go a month or two now days and then finish, when back then, feud’s would last around six months, if not longer!

I don’t think it helps out that wrestling events back then really meant something back then to now, meaning they have four-to-five pay-per-views back then to now days there’s one every three to five weeks, up to 15 a year.

[adinserter block=”1″]In this article my plan is to talk about a couple of feuds I believe the WWE did right with in the past decade (2000 to 2009) and talk about why I believe wrestling sucks to back in the mid ‘90’s and earlier.

Some of the feuds the WWE did great within the past decade are Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels (2003 and 2008), Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio (2009), Shawn Michaels and Triple H (2002 to 2009), and Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels (2005). Why do I think that they did these feud’s right over the other feuds? They drug these ones out. They made these feuds worth while watching. I’ll discuss each feud and why I enjoyed them.

Chris Jericho versus Shawn Michaels (2003 and 2008)

Hearbreak’s first feud outside of Triple H was Chris Jericho. HBK was Y2J’s inspiration for getting into the business. I’ll be saying this a lot in this article, but their match at WrestleMania XIX was a show stopper and a show stealer. Then come this past summer, summer of 2008, Michaels broke everyone’s heart when he retired Ric Flair at WrestleMania XXV. Jericho started up with Michaels after Michaels had a one month after WrestleMania, after Michaels fought Batista at Backlash for retiring “his best friend.” Through this feud, Jericho dropped his tights and went for trunks, when from wearing shiny vest and pants to business suits, insulting fans with huge words that wrestling fans aren’t used to hearing. But each pay-per-view match that they have, it’s the best match of the card.

Chris Jericho versus Rey Mysterio (2009)

The feud that’s still going on this summer. These guys feuded in the old WCW days, but I wanted to look at feuds of the decade of 2000-2009, I had to cut their matches out. But their pay-per-view matches, Smackdown matches, and every other matches they’ve faced one another always changes from their last match with one another and is always considered to be the best match of the night. Jericho wants to take the Intercontinental Championship from the Masked Warrior, but more important to Jericho is taking the mask which identifies Mysterio to his fans and to his history tied in with Mexico and Lucha Libra. Like said, the great thing about this feud is that each match that they have with one another is always different, which makes each match surprisingly different and surprisingly great.

Shawn Michaels versus Triple H (2002-2006)

Best friends doing battle. What real life drama the WWE brought in. Ol’ Heartbreak Kid came back only for one night at SummerSlam 2002 to face “the Game” in a Street Fight, only for one night. Another show-stealing match. The feud continued at Survivor Series of that year, when Michaels beat Triple H at the end inside the first Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship. One month later their Three Stages of Hell Match where Triple H regained the World Title. They would have classic matches back and forth for four years inside Hell in a Cell, in a Last Man Standing match, in a Triple Threat matches with other people. But whenever they were put against one another, or even together in D-Generation X, they always tore the house down.

Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels (2005)

A great feud. Two great wrestlers. A former Olympic Gold Medalist and a former WWE Grand Slam Champion. A mat-technician and a high-flyer who gets down on the mat with the technicians. Both men were former World Champions in the WWE; at WrestleMania 21 they stole the show. The year before at WrestleMania XX, they both were in the main event matches, Angle challenging Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship and Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit (oh no, I dropped his name) challenged Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Which was great about this feud is their matches with one another, their styles complimented one another and they countered each other’s counters. A traditional wrestling fan’s delight.

Wrestling Died in the ‘90’s

[adinserter block=”2″]Why do I believe wrestling died in the 1990’s? A great question deserves a great answer. My answer: look at tapes (or dvd’s nowadays) of wrestling from mid 90’s to now. What’s the difference? They actually wrestled and didn’t have much flashy stuff to what we have today. Wrestling matches aren’t really wrestling matches these days. The superstars do a lot of flashy moves and that’s it. I miss the days of wrestling holds and submission moves and stuff that was fun watching. Today’s stuff is fun to watch, I guess, but it’s nothing like it was from the 1990’s and before. I miss the holds that made wrestling what it was, wrestling. Today’s stuff is more entertainment than anything, which I think simply sucks. Feuds that lasted more than a month or two, and actually meant something. The feuds today are predictable, too extreme to be even fun to try to predict, and wrestling back then wasn’t that way. That’s my reasoning behind such, personally and philosophically. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, enjoying the blue skies and white clouds, goodbye!

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