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The WWE’s Biggest Fear and Greatest Solution

The WWE may have just had Daniel Bryan prove a point I have been stressing for some time now that the company’s World Title really means nothing – the matches and feuds within the organization are what seems to be more important in today’s professional wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]Bryan announced that he was having neck surgery this week – which is not part of a program, rather a true story based on injury. He made the statement on Raw that he was leaving to have the operation and recovery during Raw on Monday night. He was subsequently brutally attacked by Kane parallel to the time that Stephanie McMahon called the company’s champion to the ring.

This sets up for a longer recovery time for Bryan, but it also begs us to ask what will happen to Bryan upon his return and more importantly (at least in my eyes) what happens to the WWE title and will there be a new champion appointed (Kane) or will there be a match or matches to determine who will next hold the WWE World Title?

There have been many instances in wrestling history where a title is upheld because of an edict from any number of promotions that state the champion must defend the title in 30 days or have it stripped from him by the promotion’s board members. And then there are times when “special circumstances” have held true where the title is “suspended” so the champion can rest and rehabilitate and return to the promotion.

Either way, the WWE right now has a dilemma because of the pecking order it has created – and by doing so has made it a hard sell to believe in the WWE World Title. Part of that reason is the unification of the WWE and World titles, which proven to be more of a hassle than help in rankings, title matches and ratings. I commend the company for the concept of unification, but the recent changes do not make the title any more important than a regular match on television Monday or Friday night.

Also, given the fact that there is no CM Punk or John Cena clawing with The Authority (which has really become Stephanie McMahon herself) and you have a major issue about the company keeping wrestlers in reserve to defense the WWE’s flag is a situation like Bryan’s arises. Again, poor planning and poor execution by the company.

Now that the Intercontinental and United States titles have new champions, it more important than ever to promote them during this segment of the year. Maybe the idea of Wade Barrett and Sheamus being given title consideration should be a focal point of the company – a winner earns the right to wear the WWE’s top gold strap. But what happens to Roman Reigns, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio and the like who are just as much a potential champion?

Why can’t the WWE have a tournament like the finals at WrestleMania IV for the title? The main event was the finals of a fourteen-man tournament for the undisputed WWF Championship, where Randy Savage defeated Ted DiBiase to win the vacant title.

[adinserter block=”2″]In the interest of excitement and promotion, this may be the best idea for crowning a champion. And to take it a step further, what if members of Evolution faced off for the title? Fans would flock to see Triple H and Randy Orton or Batista or some combination wrestle each other, only to have Bryan return later in the year (SummerSlam) to challenge for a title he never lost.

Compelling and ready made for a pay-per-view. The WWE needs to check this out.

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