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The WWE Retirement of Rosa Mendes

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Earlier this month, Rosa Mendes announced her retirement from the WWE after giving birth to her daughter. While Rosa might most be remembered for being a manager for the tag team of Primo and Epico, she should be remembered for more than that.

Early WWE Career

Rosa debuted in 2008 as a big fan of Beth Phoenix. She would bring signs to all the shows, and would scream her devotion to the Glamazon. Eventually, her obsession with Beth led to Rosa getting involved in matches to ensure victory for her favorite Superstar.

After getting involved in matches, Phoenix took Rosa under her wing, and made her into in intern. While most interns have to deal with the dirty work and things the boss doesn’t want to do, Rosa Mendes was taught by Beth Phoenix and her beau at the time Santino Marella.

Primo and Epico Management

As the manager for Primo and Epico, Rosa would get involved in matches to help her team win. That sounds familiar. Rosa was a great distraction to the refs due to her good looks and apparent charm towards the refs. Rosa was a big reason that they were tag champs for as long as they were. She led that tag team.

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Total Divas Fame

In recent years, the WWE has had a show called Total Divas that tracks the day-to-day lives of the divas. Rosa played a huge part in the show, and while she might not have been the biggest star, she held her own on a cast full of in-ring talent.

Rosa attributes her retirement to the birth of her daughter, and wanting to spend more time with her. That is completely understandable. It’s still a shame though, as she was so good at what she did for the WWE. She was with the company for almost a decade, and she stood the test of time well in the company. She deserves to be at home with her little girl.

The Effect on WWE

Recently, managers have started to go away in the WWE. Most of the time if a competitor comes out with someone by their side, they are a tag team partner, or really good friends (looking at you Jeri-KO). Rosa leaving the WWE ultimately won’t hurt the company that much on Raw or SmackDown, but if she decides to leave Total Divas, that would be a big loss for the show. She is refreshing to watch, because she doesn’t seem fake. She feels relatable, and that is always a good thing to have in a reality show.

If you were to go back 10 years and ask most sports betting sites how long they think Rosa Mendes would last in the WWE, they probably would have said six or seven years. But after a full decade being signed to the WWE, and nine years of in-ring action, she proved many people wrong. Rosa was a constant face on T.V. until last February, when she gave birth to her daughter.

Rosa’s Future Ambitions

While in the WWE, Rosa obviously learned how to stay in tremendous shape, and she want sot give back in a big way. She is starting her own business call TF Mama (which stands for Totally Fit). She heard of meal plans that were costing close to $200 per month, and she decided she wanted to devote her time to being a mother and business owner. She is also starting an at-home workout app with John Cena’s trainer.

Overall, Rosa will be missed in WWE programming. She was a constant figure and from all accounts, a hard worker who loved her role with the company. If she works half as hard as she did in WWE, her new business will be around for a long time.

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