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The WWE Rebirth I Never Expected

I feel like it’s a common thing on my part to chime in on things long after something has happened.  Case in point, last Sunday night was the Survivor Series.  I was looking forward to watching it live but a bout of pneumonia oozed into my lower left lung leaving me as the late Gorilla Monsoon would say “out of commission for a while”.  But after taking some antibiotics, a busy Thanksgiving Day, and lots of bed rest I’m bringing up something I thought I would never have talked about in this decade; Goldberg’s big return to the WWE.

When I mean big I mean BIG in the sense of the announcement, the return, and just the flat out aura of Goldberg.  When I first heard of the rumored Goldberg/Lesnar match with the release of the video game and Goldberg’s appearance on ESPN the old man in me (I’m 45 years old, actually) said this was just another way to squeeze out additional ratings from a former WWE Superstar.

But watching the RAW episodes prior to the Survivor Series match I had no idea Goldberg would get such a huge pop.  The WWE played the buildup and his return masterfully.  I felt like I was in a time warp back in the late 90’s watching Nitro hearing those “Goldberg” chants; piped into the arena or not.  It created awe and goosebumps when he made his trek from backstage to the center of the ring.

Week after week you can feel the tension and excitement of the Goldberg/Lesnar match.  At first, I wasn’t sure how this would’ve been booked.  Would Lesnar win and even the score resulting in a tie breaking match at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania?  That was quickly dashed when I read the result of the match.  And what clinched it was the following night on RAW when Goldberg announced he’s entered in the 2017 Royal Rumble match.  Bing – Bang – Boom!

I was not surprised that Goldberg won the match but very surprised at the squash on Brock Lesnar and how quickly and easily Goldberg won the match.  So if you break it down from my three B’s; Bing – Goldberg pins Lesnar.  Bang – Goldberg announces his entrance into the Rumble. Boom – Goldberg will win the match and main event WrestleMania to become champion.  Now that could all come crashing down based on past years of bookings just to throw us off for predicting the obvious.  But is there any other path for Goldberg at this point?  A squash, an announcement, and eventual champion.

Goldberg is still in great shape.  The rust will eventually fade out with time.  What never changed was the pop for Goldberg.  Aside from the Undertaker, Goldberg is arguably one of the all-time intimidating wrestlers when it comes to entrance and performance in the ring.  The time off has done him well and he looks like he’s ready to become champion again.  Adding to his motivation is his ten year old son watching ringside.

Whether or not Kevin Owens makes it to WrestleMania as champion may be a non-issue.  It’s obvious the WWE brass is betting big on Goldberg in 2017.  Will the title match be a squash or will it be a draw out affair to the eventual obvious outcome.  Rest assured 2017 looks to be an interesting first quarter for the WWE.  The youth movement dominated after this year’s WrestleMania.  Going forward, a little bit of age thrown into the roster has been successful.

Welcome back Goldberg!  Never thought I’d say that today.  But true to form in the professional wrestling industry; never say never.

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