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The WWE Plateau of Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is a star. It has been established, and her accomplishments more than speak for that factor. However, considering the last two years, it seems that Banks has been on a plateau of sorts for 2017.

That is not to say that it is a bad thing. At first, fans were outraged at her loss to Alicia Fox several weeks back. It had seemed that Banks was falling fast right behind Bayley. The Raw Women’s Division is currently being restructured with Alexa Bliss at the helm while the others have been presented as afterthoughts. None of the women are at fault here, but many fans should know by now the flaws that plague Raw on a weekly basis. This is no different and it is sure no surprise considering Raw’s plummeting popularity.

Thinking back to the era of Trish Stratus and Lita – the ladies faced plateaus of their own in their respective careers. They too had some embarrassing losses and moments that thankfully didn’t overshadow their accomplishments. Hopefully it will be the same for the ladies mentioned in this blog. At this point, everyone can only get better and move on from what’s been happening on Raw as of late. This thought is what started to change my opinion on where Banks is going.

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I had written a blog on another site and expressed frustration at the position Banks was being booked in on top of sabotaging the momentum of Bliss and embarrassing Bayley with the whole ‘This is Your Life’ disaster. As I said before, I had a change of heart about Banks’ storyline by the time Extreme Rules came around. The culmination of the small feud between her and Fox had gone from being scheduled on the pre-show to the main card of the event. That was a problem that the company solved just in time.

The Cruiserweight division needed extra attention, thus why there was a cross promotion with Banks and Fox. Having someone with the caliber of Banks adds interest to the division – which was desperately needed and could be the start of something bigger if utilized properly. I saw it as starting small with the women to see how the fans receive it to see if in fact the Cruiserweights can mix it up with the other Raw talent. Is it a pipe dream or a trial and error scene? Honestly it works, and Extreme Rules was an example of that.

This past Monday’s Raw showed that Banks was ready to take the fight to Bliss. Banks has been in and out of the Championship picture with her last challenge for it being at WrestleMania 33. It is a feud fans can look forward to, especially that Bliss is on a pedestal right now. Arguably Bliss is a hot topic on Raw and if done correctly, a feud with Banks would be huge. Both women made history in their own right, which already gives the ladies something in common.

So in closing, fear not Sasha fans. They say that it’s quiet before the storm, which describes Banks’ situation just right. She is certainly not done making an impact in the company and with goals such as main eventing WrestleMania, she’s just only getting started.

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