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The WWE Needs to Use Brock Lesnar More Effectively

If there was ever any doubt that a Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match would lead to an encounter like the one we saw on Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, maybe you should have guessed again. If anything, the beast that Lesnar is has been has further been exposed to be the baddest man on the wrestling planet.

[adinserter block=”1″]And it will only get better for the WWE Universe and worse for opponents.

Two years ago, Lesnar proved he was as bad as he had ever been at Extreme Rules when he battled John Cena. Last year, he and Triple H put on one hell of a show. Now, Lesnar and Big show try to take it to another level.

There are only 70 days until WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans and I am wondering what role Lesnar will have in the biggest night of the wrestling world. The bar has been set high enough so far with this man and depending on who the company pits against him, it could get higher.

Batista? Show? Cena? Mark Henry? What about Undertaker? What about the possibility of The Rock?

The ideas are countless. Hopefully, the WWE can cash in on it.

When I think of the greats who have been as dominant as Lesnar over the years, especially villains, I can think of few. Big Show, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Batista and Vader come to mind. Lesnar has a chance to exceed all of them and their presence. The WWE needs a true villain where the fans simply hate him at all costs, Brock Lesnar needs to be that man. Orton has an aura of anger and hatred, but fans still love to cheer him. The same for Show and in some instances Henry, who along with Alberto Del Rio, is the closest thing to a true villain in the company has seen since Dusty Rhodes as the hero and Ric Flair as the hated.

The problem Lesnar presents with the company and its fan base is there aren’t many men who can draw with him. CM Punk and Lesnar was a well orchestrated as it could have been, but most of the rivalry was more about Punk and his issues with Paul Heyman and while that was as beautiful a script could be, there wasn’t the true interjection of Lesnar in the program as it should have been.

Not even the changes in script where Ryback and Curtis Axel were moved into the role of Lesnar so there would not be a gap in the action. But as we all know, neither could carry the torch.

For the next three months, the WWE must find the right combatant and have him break down the Beast into several intense matches. Batista would be awesome. Punk has been used over and over again. Cena makes sense, only if he not a contender for the WWE Title. But truthfully, I like Batista and I especially like Batista if the WWE World Title is on the line.

And let’s not forget if the company decides to continue to use Show as part of this program, it can with the help of Heyman and his history with Show and Lesnar together.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back in WCW, writers took advantage of wrestlers like Vader and how he ran through opponents. The same thing for The Giant (Big Show) and wrestlers like Meng, Ole Anderson back in the day and Abdullah the Butcher. Lesnar has that kind of appeal and persona. Nothing gets past him.

If the WWE can use Lesnar in that capacity, it will finally have the super villain in has needed in some time.

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  1. There's only one problem with your analysts, Lesnar will be cheered over everyone on the roster except one man… Daniel Bryan. If. Brock destroys Batista the fans will love it, same with Cena same with Orton. Maybe the Undertaker will generate the boos for Lesnar if he beats him at WM stopping the streak. But Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE title is the ultimate good vs evil, David vs Goliath story. And it doesn't matter who wins, both guys are so over with the crowd at this point they could have it go either way. DB wins and Lesnar comes back for revenge. Lesnar wins and Bryan comes back from the beating with his determination and guys and gets even more over. Even though it doesn't look like this will be the main event at WM this year, they should build towards it for WM 31.

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