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The WWE Needs To Bring Back Ric Flair

Ric FlairWWE Monday Night RAW is moving to three hours and everyone in and out of the WWE is in a panic. What can they do to jumpstart a stale show? He may not be the answer to all of their problems but there is one guy newly available who sure can help. Woo!!!!

It was reported by numerous sources that Ric Flair is leaving TNA Impact Wrestling. According to Dave Meltzer, Flair and TNA are in the midst of working out some kind of agreement that would free up Flair from his contract. The timing couldn’t be any better for the Nature Boy and the WWE to work out a deal and bring back the only two-time WWE Hall of Fame wrestler.

[adinserter block=”2″]If anyone suggested this to me at any other time I’d tell them it was a bad move. Yet again as stated above, timing is everything. Does the WWE want similar headaches that Flair gave TNA? No of course not. Does the WWE want to worry about the bad publicity that they could get thanks to a rowdy Ric Flair out with the boys after a taping? Nope, they definitely don’t. Fortunately for Flair what they do need is a fresh face and compelling figure for the new expanded RAW and Flair is that guy.

I don’t ever want to see Ric Flair wrestle again. This isn’t about re-signing Flair as a wrestler. This is about bringing Flair back as a personality, an authority figure, a manager, any reason to get one of the most popular figures in wrestling on their television. Flair the wrestler is done but Flair can still go out there and cut a hell of a promo better than 95% of the talent in the WWE. Do you want a guy to give fans a reason not to turn the dial? Give Flair a hot microphone and nobody is tuning out of RAW.

He even has a ready-made storyline waiting that would allow him to walk back in and integrate himself into the program as if he never left. He would be perfect as John Laurinaitus’ foil wouldn’t he? Think about it. The Board of Directors demand that Johnny needs to be managed. Triple H would naturally get the call, but is told that he has to step aside because he is getting back in the ring against Brock Lesnar. However, Hunter is allowed to make a recommendation for the position. Who does Hunter recommend to the board to take his spot on an interim basis? Hunter recommends one of his closest friends and one of the most beloved figures by millions of fans in pro wrestling. Flair would be a perfect foil to go toe to toe with Big Johnny every week. Johnny can bring up his days as Johnny Ace under Flair the booker, who eventually buried him. Flair could even turn heel down the road and become a manager when Hunter returns to take his spot back. I can’t think of anyone else better or a better story to help fill in some of those gaps with the upcoming three hour RAW shows.

Outside of the ring Flair has left a lot to be desired. His exploits have been well documented by bloggers and writers all over the Internet. Yet Flair still remains an extremely popular figure to millions of fans who don’t pay attention to those blogs or care about what anyone is writing about their hero. I have to think on a week to week basis that Flair could do a better job of almost anyone at keeping the audience and crafting drama. I don’t know what else or who else they could do to supplement other than Flair.

There is also the WWE Network. Let’s face it. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are the faces of 1980s pro wrestling. Right now neither one of those guys is under a WWE contract. Flair would be absolutely perfect to use as one of the major faces of that era in pro wrestling. Again, you always have to worry about the baggage outside of the ring Flair brings with him. But there is plenty of work to give him to keep him busy and use as incentive for Flair to remain on good behavior.

[adinserter block=”1″]Keep in mind that this is all for nothing if Flair and Dixie Carter can’t come to terms on Flair’s release. Yet at the end of the day, Dixie’s history isn’t very good when it comes to playing hardball with talent looking for a release. Once Flair can work out a deal and is free to negotiate I think the WWE needs to sign him up right away and get him ready for the RAW 1000th episode and beyond.



  1. I thought of this yesterday as the "dream scenario" (I'm a shameless Slick rRic mark, have been for 30+ years). That's why it won't happen. Kind of like why we didn't see AJ slap around Show after his emotional breakdown (like in Godfather- "act like a man!" – how cool would that have been) or seeing concussed R-Truth decide he was David Otunga and show up in court wearing a suit. Where's the imagination these days…a 4 star Brian v. Punk strap match, and nearly an hour of Cena. PLease Uncle Rric, save us…


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