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The WWE May Get it Right With Hell in a Cell

With only 18 days to work with, the WWE did its best to set the table for Hell in a Cell in Miami. If the heat from South Beach isn’t enough, maybe the idea of return matches, new matches and some interesting surprises are on the horizon.

In my opinion, WWE Battleground was the worst idea of a pay-per-view this company has had in a number of years. The matches were doomed from the start. While some matches delivered (Ryback/CM Punk, Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield) it is hard to see the value in what took place in Buffalo two nights ago.

The WWE is obviously of the belief its mantra can be “Don’t worry if we screw up the next pay-per-view event, there will be others to bail us out.”

Well, if you haven’t noticed, there are only three other PPV’s to choose from and while I suspect TLC could be dynamic with extreme rules implications, this one must deliver because Survivor Series, unless there is some miracle, will probably be a dud.

Just going on averages and the way the WWE has performed of late.

Monday night’s Raw episode gave us a little taste of what the future looks like and he next two and a half weeks leading up to Hell in a cell.

While I still want to see Daniel Bryan and Triple H in the main event in a cell match, I can see the value in a “Hell in a Cell match” between Triple H and Big Show. Maybe the stipulation is contract versus career or Show becomes the Corporation muscle.

Here are some other thoughts…

Where it all began

This is also a return to the scene of the crime – so to speak – for Ryback and CM Punk. Punk was the WWE Champion at the time and won the match with a very raw Ryback in a cage match.

The roles are reversed and Paul Heyman is now in Ryback’s corner. Let’s see if the WWE plays on that somewhat in the vignettes and promos.

The belts have to change hands

Something has to be done with the Intercontinental Title and the US Championship.

If the WWE wants to make the belts stepping stones, find rivals that are world title material. And does that mean someone like Dean Ambrose would challenge for the World Title if Damien Sandow ever cashes in or if Alberto Del Rio retains the title for a while?

I love the idea of R-Truth and Curtis Axel going at it for a bit and having another title match at HIAC.

I really want the WWE to get this right again. If the company is not going to put Dolph Ziggler back in the title picture once RVD leaves, and face Del Rio, then please make him the focal point of a great feud with Ambrose. The two are captivating and great for the mid card.

And now for the elephant in the room

If anyone did not think Shawn Michaels would not be the special guest referee is out on an island somewhere.

The decision to add a “special guest” referee presents so many challenges right now, I am giddy and aggravated at the same time. There is always a foil of some sort that makes no sense. Michaels being involved in Triple H’s match with Brock Lesnar was idiotic and this one seems so over the top set up, it is sad. A child could write this script.

As soon as HBK said he could separate the words personal and professional and the fact he trained Daniel Bryan told me we could forget a clean match.

Leave it to the WWE to throw the Heartbreak Kid into the fold when it really needs ratings and cable buys.

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