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The WWE Is In Trouble

The reaction after WWE Hell in a Cell isn’t all that much better than Battleground. As a matter of a fact it may be worse. It is one thing for fans to get upset over a pay per view but the emotion here is the worst WWE could hope for…apathy.

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE is in trouble. I don’t mean going out of business kind of trouble but they are in some serious trouble of losing fans for good. It is one thing not to completely listen to your fans in regards to direction but it is another thing altogether when fans just aren’t talking. The reactions live in Miami and the on social media tells me that fans are done and are on the way out.

This has nothing to do with Daniel Bryan winning the title or not. This is bigger than Daniel Bryan winning or losing. This is about the WWE continuing with a storyline expected to lead them through WrestleMania that has tanked less than three months in. The only choices here are to remain stubborn and continue in spite of business trends or regroup with enough time before Mania. Nope, the answer to this group of geniuses is to bring back Vince McMahon.

As characters I think Triple H and Stephanie have been great. Vince is also one of the best characters in WWE history. Daniel Bryan is arguably the best on the roster and as a heel I think Randy is fantastic. Yet for whatever reason fans don’t care. Fans don’t care about the infighting and drama of the McMahons, they don’t care about Triple H running the company or not, they don’t care about Randy Orton, they don’t care about Daniel Bryan, they aren’t buying The Big Show content and the numbers all prove this. It’s time to move on.

The idea as has been reported in numerous places is to peak this angle at WrestleMania with Vince McMahon backing a wrestler against Triple H for control of the company. It sounds logical on paper but fans have seen Vince turn heel and act like a jerk so many times that they have no interest in backing him as the sympathetic babyface here. It’s a good storyline but fans just aren’t invested into the characters. It’s only going to get worse.

The numbers from last week’s RAW leading into Hell in a Cell tell the story. The show went down in viewers over three hours. John Cena is back and he will certainly give the show a boost. Vince is coming back this week and that will boost it for the interim. But where is this story going to be in a month? It is only going to get worse.

The WWE did it to themselves with this 50/50 booking over the last few years. I go back to my glory years in the 80s as a fan and then look back at the Attitude Era, and even some of the post-WCW purchase years and there is a big difference in WWE then as compared to today. Back then you had a card full of stars and everyone had a role. Now you have a card full of mid-carders, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. I wouldn’t even take CM Punk or Randy Orton out of the mid-carders. They have lost so much in recent months that they mean nothing at the box office.

It’s funny because I remember reading awhile back fans and media talking about how great it will be when Triple H takes over for Vince McMahon. Proponents pointed to Trips old-school mentality and his fresh ideas countering that Vince had lost his touch. Not only has that hope disappeared, I am actually more worried about the state of the WWE post-Vince. I’d sell your stock quickly the first you hear of Vince retiring. No wonder Shane McMahon left for China!

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE can be stubborn and plod along regardless of the fan casualties along the way. They’ll be fine in the sense that they aren’t going out of business. On the other hand they can shift gears and give fans a storyline that they can sink their teeth into and invest emotionally into. At the end of the day this comes down to Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince looking in the mirror and admitting that they aren’t over and the chances of that happening aren’t very good.

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