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The WWE Hype Minus Substance of Apollo Crews

Since the surprise main roster debut of Apollo Crews, the former NXT superstar has wowed and captivated the WWE Universe. Each week, the five star athlete comes out with explosive energy with the presentation and move set to match it. Anyone who looks at Crews can pretty much sense that he is a superstar waiting to explode into the stratosphere.

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Sure, many fans have followed Crews throughout his Independent journey. They know the waves he made as Uhaa Nation. Those same fans rejoiced when it was announced that he signed with WWE in late 2014. When he made his NXT debut last summer, Crews plowed through the roster. That eventually earned him a NXT Championship match, followed by small feuds with Baron Corbin and Elias Samson.

Fast forward some months and we’re on to a bigger stage. We’re a month in, and pretty much its show and tell time when Crews is out there in the ring. But there are only so much great moves and short matches can do. Crews is in need of a story and direction. Look at the team of the Vaudevillians and the team of Enzo and Cass. The tag division is on fire right now, and they are in the center of it. Or, how about Baron Corbin? Corbin won the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal at WrestleMania, then has been in a feud with Dolph Ziggler.

We haven’t seen anything yet for Crews.

It’s almost as if it’s a slow burn going on, especially with the Crews video package on last week’s Raw. But when are we going to see this hype pay off? Having him eliminated so early in the battle royal this week on Raw didn’t sound too promising. Hopefully I am wrong.

It’s great watching Crews agility and athleticism, don’t get it twisted. I am ready to see what he’s really made of. Like I said, Crews is a powerhouse, and that is a ticking time bomb with the right man to square off against. A rally of talent is at his disposal – anywhere from Kevin Owens to Sheamus is the bad guy to his good. It’s a matter of who would be available and what WWE wants to do. But for now, Crews is in the midst of the NXT curse. He’s getting lost in the shuffle. The hype is doing some good in keeping his star shining bright. It’s a matter of time before that star goes dim if something isn’t done soon.

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Time will only tell how far Crews will go from here on out. As of right now, Crews is the only new addition since WrestleMania who hasn’t reaped any kind of reward going to the main roster. WWE is teasing us with his hype, but with little substance to build upon it, the show and tell time with his matches is getting old fast. Its past due time for WWE to let Crews live up to his hype. Fans have bought into it. Now it’s time to give them a reason to rally behind Crews.

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