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The Big Show turned yet once again at Survivor Series, taking out captain John Cena and aligning with the Authority. A look back at Show’s untrustworthy history tells you that Cena and every one on his team should have expected it. You can’t trust the Big Show!

[adinserter block=”1″]The turns of The Big Show have become something of a running joke among longtime WWE fans. One week he is on the side of good fighting evil and the next he is aligned with the corporation out to destroy John Cena. You never know which Big Show you are going to get which is why I thought it would be fun with the help of Google and Wikiepedia to look back on all of The Big Show’s turn during his WWE career.

All in all I counted over 20 turns here although to be fair some of them weren’t full-fledged turns yet for the sake of this list they are being counted. 21 turns since 1999 is amazing although after RAW I’d have to guess that Kane would be honing in on this record. Let’s have some fun and relive the roller coaster ride of The Big Show’s emotions.

– A few months after “Big Nasty” entered the WWE he wound up in a feud with Mick Foley. Following the feud Nasty KO’d Vince McMahon and joined the Union to fight the Corporation.

– Show winds up turning heel again four months later and forms a tag team with The Undertaker feuding with Kane and X-Pac

– Less than three months later Show turns face during the infamous “Big Show Father is Dead” storyline and feuds with Prince Albert and the Big Bossman.

– Three months after Show turns face he turns heel again at the Royal Rumble where he wound up getting into it with The Rock. Show was eliminated by The Rock in the Rumble which started a feud between the two.

– Immediately after WrestleMania Show starts doing those goofy impersonations of other wrestlers (remember the Showster?) which of course turned him babyface. He wound up feuding with Shane McMahon.

– Two months after losing to Shane at Judgment Day Show turned heel again. Show acted as if he was going to go after Shane McMahon but instead wound up attacking The Undertaker. Show and Shane formed “The Conspiracy” with Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Edge and Christian.

– Show turns babyface again, pledging loyalty to the WWE throughout the Invasion angle and feuded specifically with Shane once again. He also formed the Show Gunns with Billy Gunn.

– Show turns heel again right after WrestleMania X-8. Show attacks Steve Austin and joins (or re-joins) the n.W.o.

– The Big Show returns after a lengthy injury-related absence and turns babyface once again after choosing to wrestle Kurt Angle at No Mercy 2004.

– The Big Show is drafted over to ECW and becomes the top heel in the company. Show attacks Tajiri, Super Crazy, and the F.B.I. at One Night Stand and winds up winning the title after Paul Heyman turns on Rob Van Dam.

– The Big Show seemingly turned babyface when a slimmer Show returned at No Way Out in 2008 only to turn back heel immediately by attacking Rey Mysterio thus turning twice in one night.

– Show winds up turning babyface over the course of the next few weeks when WWE fans reject Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the babyface in their feud. Show becomes something of a hero representing the WWE. Show officially turns babyface right after WrestleMania and begins feuding with the Great Khali.

– Show goes heel again in a few months after aligning himself with Vickie Guerrero in her feud against The Undertaker. Show attacked Undertaker at Unforgiven and began interfering in his matches.

– Show teases another babyface turn when he winds up with a spot on Team RAW. Show actually winds up turning on Team RAW to reveal he was a SmackDown guy all along. So in a sense he never really turned since he was a heel in the place.

– In April 2010 The Big Show KO’s The Miz after they lost the unified tag team championship which immediately turns him babyface (of course!)

– The Big Show returns after a lengthy absence in May 2012 with an “ironclad” contract as the henchmen of John Laurinaitis and begins a feud with John Cena.

– In March 2013 The Big Show helps Randy Orton and Sheamus against The Shield turning him somewhat babyface although this was never a full-fledged turn.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Show “turns heel” (if you consider his alliance with Sheamus and Orton an turn) and KO’s Orton and Sheamus after losing a six-man tag team match to The Shield at WrestleMania 29. Show was mad nobody tagged him in which if you think about it actually makes him a bit of a babyface.

– Show returns from another lengthy absence and continues his feud with The Shield and thus makes a full-fledged babyface turn aligning with Mark Henry and RVD. Show and Henry were scheduled to have a long run as a team here until Henry got hurt.

– Show turned twice in one night once again in October when he KO’s Daniel Bryan at Battleground only to turn around and turn babyface once again by KO’ing Randy Orton.

In other words don’t trust this man WWE Universe! He’ll be with Steph and Triple H before you know it.

Big Show officially made his babyface turn by teaming with Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. The Shield at WrestleMania 29.

– The Big Show turns on Team Cena at the Survivor Series 2014, KO’ing Cena and walking off of the team. Show joins the Authority.

– Show and Kane compete against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns on the February 12, 2015 SmackDown. Kane and Show argue, Kane pushes Show and Show KO’s Kane seemingly turning back face…just in time for a Kane vs. Show match at WrestleMania 31.

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