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The WWE Has 48 Hours to Capitalize on Bayley’s NXT Title Win

The WWE made history on Saturday night at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. Bayley and Sasha Banks had arguably the most exciting women’s match in WWE history. The WWE needs to capitalize on this momentum immediately and seize the day with Bayley.

[adinserter block=”1″]Words can’t even describe the match Bayley and Sasha had at TakeOver. Quite honestly it wasn’t the best in-ring wrestling match I have ever seen between two ladies in a WWE ring. However, it was the most heated ladies match in WWE history. The match had over 15,000 fans going crazy in Brooklyn, creating a moment that will become legend. The WWE has been handed a gift, but time is ticking.

Taking nothing away from Sasha Banks, Bayley was the star of the match and the show. I can’t even tell you what it is that she has, but the fans absolutely love her. It could be her girl-next-door looks, her bubbly personality, or her selling that rivals Ricky Steamboat, nonetheless she is a mega star in the making. Unfortunately for the company, the way I see it, the WWE has all of about 48 hours to capitalize on this otherwise her moment was all for nothing.

The WWE will be in that same building tomorrow and Monday night. On one of those nights, Bayley needs to come out, beat the Divas champion, and start a revolution. They need to book her hot and keep her away from any kind of an alliance, at least on the first night. Considering that the win would come in this same building, with predictably many of the same fans, the reaction would immediately make Bayley a star to the millions of RAW viewers that didn’t watch NXT and are seeing this for the first time.

The WWE has no time to get cute with Bayley. They will not have another opportunity like this in that you have her two nights later in the same building after a classic match. Even if they debuted her with a title win next week or the week after, the reaction wouldn’t be the same, and while she’d be hot she wouldn’t be the mega superstar she’d be perceived to be if it happened in New York.

We have seen them blow golden opportunities like this more than they’ve capitalized. At a time when Ronda Rousey is introducing a new genre of fans to female fighting, the WWE could have their own female superstar this Monday night. The beauty of Bayley is that this all happened organically and she could really resonate with a lot of that same fan base.

[adinserter block=”2″]The drawback, of course, is that Bayley doesn’t have a lot of quality heel opponents, none with the kind of heat that Sasha had coming into the match. It is also unfortunate that the post-match “curtain call” kills the idea of bringing the same feud to the main roster. That is why it is so important to capitalize on Bayley and turn into the hottest female star in WWE history. Rousey certainly is drawing fans on her star power, not her opponents.

As easy as this all seems we are talking about a creative team that has botched more than they’ve gotten right in recent years. Do they feel the same sense of urgency I feel when it comes to giving Bayley a mega push?

I guess we’ll find out within the next 48 hours.

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