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The WWE Finally Has Its Act Together

The WWE may be in the best place it could be right now. And it did not need John Cena to get there.

Welcome to the new “Attitude”of the WWE, a mixture of the old “Corporation,” a blend of “The Shield,” a hint of “DX” and a lot of the NWO.

This, my friends, is the new brand the WWE is selling and like anyone who has wanted a change in the style of the company and the wrestling that has been a staple for years, you are finally getting what you wish for.

Last night’s spots were dead on with the The Shield showing they are the enforcers of the company and the henchmen who will do the WWE’s dirty work.

I have to say, I like it. I did not image all of this going down when I was predicting SummerSlam, but it has a great feel to it, a comfortable vibe.

And it allows the WWE to now work so many angles from now until the end of the year. Or until John Cena makes his return and saves the day, whichever comes first.

While the grand scheme is brilliant and well thought out and thought provoking, it is also flawed, which makes it grand. The corporate heads will make sure the belts around the waist of Orton, Dean Ambrose and Rman Reigns and Seth Rollins are sacred, untouched and there shall be plenty of NWO tactics to keep the straps.

Welcome to the Vince McMahon/Eric Bischoff method of thinking.

Somewhere, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash must be smiling thinking, “Hey I thought of that first.”

There is no infringement rights in professional wrestling unless there is a copyright.

And if you are not down with that, I am sure someone will be taking a survey of your thoughts soon enough.

“Score one for the good guys.”

Now, I am flooded with all these questions following Monday night.

Will Daniel Bryan fight the good fight alone?

Does Dolph Ziggler become a mark and a player in all this after his comments about Triple H?

Are there more players in all of this? Will more wrestlers jump to Triple H’s side and join the corporate way?

Do Big Show, Mark Henry and Bryan become the new enforcers on the side of good?

Will Bryan’s role be like Sting taking on the NWO?

What I am interested to see is whether CM Punk gets involved in this angle once he and Paul Heyman run its course? I personally think Bryan and Punk vs. The Corporation presents a great angle that maybe the company has not explored yet. But again, I am just a writer and not a scriptwriter (hint, hint).

For now, it is Daniel Bryan vs. The World. No one came to his defense and tried to help. I at least expected Ziggler to come to his aid, but that did not happen.

Does this also mean that Bryan and Orton will challenge each other at Night of Champions? Idss there any way Bryan can win a fight with The Shield as the final judge and jury? It looks like there is a lot WCW in this and there hasn’t been a can of spray paint thrown around anywhere.

Monday night allowed us to soak everything in and see what Triple H and the McMahons had to offer us. Next Monday will be a better grasp of how things will be.

There are only 25 days until Night of Champions and it looks like the WWE has got its act together and has a plan of action. That plan of action will not only screw over the faces of the company, but it will provide plenty of excitement for all of us to watch.

Yes, it’s getting good.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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