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The WWE Divas Revolution Is Getting Ugly

There appears to be a bit of a double standard in the WWE Universe. It seems that while the universe has been highly vocal in expressing their views on the Divas Revolution, those same voices appear to be a little too sensitive when the girls return the favor.

[adinserter block=”1″]The wheels came off of the rails Monday night in Brooklyn on live television. During Monday Night RAW, about 15,000 fans hijacked the segments featuring the WWE Divas with catcalls and unflattering chants. Yet when the Divas went on social media to respond, those same critics cried foul.

Paige was the first to break her silence and fire back at the crowd and critics of the movement. Paige went on Twitter and scolded those fans.

“You helped us create change and then did your best to disrespect. Niceeeee jobbbbbbbb!”

Brie Bella followed by posting on Instagram “Brooklyn crowd can kiss my ass” while her sister Nikki wrote “WWE Brooklyn shame on you for disrespecting women that put their bodies on the line for your entertainment.”

The Bellas and Paige immediately got heat for their social media escapades and were criticized for being unprofessional to their fans. Paige actually went back and deleted her tweet. Unfortunately for her the tweet was seen by plenty in social media and still hasn’t forgotten. Yet I see absolutely nothing wrong with Paige or the Bellas for firing back.

Let’s be honest for a second. The segments on Monday and the booking of this “revolution” has been downright awful. The cynic in me says that it was booked to fail as some kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy by Vince McMahon. Nobody with any pro wrestling acumen could believe that this booking would get anyone over. So nobody should be surprised by fan reaction on and off of social media.

At the same time, I think fan chants have gotten way out of hand and took the fun out of pro wrestling a while ago. To be fair, the WWE regularly encourages these chants so they have nobody to blame but themselves. The chants were even addressed on commentary Monday night. Why wouldn’t Paige and the Bellas be upset at being essentially embarrassed on live television by fans who hijacked their segment?

That said, someone should let Paige know that nobody was asking for THIS Divas Revolution. I don’t even know how many fans were clamouring for any kind of a divas revolution. With all due respect to Paige, and I think she’s a damned good worker, you can’t blame the fans for rejecting something they never really wanted.

[adinserter block=”2″]This whole Divas Revolution has gotten way out of hand. Quite honestly, it may be one of the biggest booking flops this company has produced in a long time. Paige and the Bellas shouldn’t be mad at the fans, they should be mad at the writers for ruining their party. Then again, it’s their party and they can certainly cry if they want to.

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  1. We all wanted things to change and they (sort) of finally have due to fan power but the fans at Raw crapping on it isn’t gonna help at all. The only way things change is when fans get behind them. The more that happens, the more WWE will be encouraged to keep doing stuff. Take NXT – the Divas were liked so WWE did more with them which lead to more people liking what they saw which lead to more and more as things got better. It took 2 years and alot of luck coz they had Paige and Emma at the same time to start it and it’s a learning process. The same can happen on the main roster but it needs people to support it, not hate on it. Crapping on it all the time only discourages WWE from trying to make things better. Give WWE a reason to try.
    Admittedly WWE have only themselves to blame. They over hyped the ‘revolution’ far too much and were relying purely on internet fans who were always going to compare it to NXT. There was no plan other than “Debut” and “Hashtags”. They basically assumed it would fix things instantly. ‘Give Divas a Chance’ should have been when the changed started, with existing divas that the fans were familiar with to help it along, then the NXT call ups would have had a better divas division to join.WWE will now probably react in some kind of stupid way as usual, more hashtags, more promises and will probably rush more call ups.

    WWE half-arsing everything doesn’t help either, so it’s no surprise the novelty has worn off for some. There has been no real storyline, random teams, matches for matches sake, burying of all the main roster divas and the same 9 divas involved in all matches all the time. Summerslam was a waste of time – it had nothing at stake and a ‘payoff’ match designed to protect most of the people in it from losing. Did PCB win it/the revolution? If so why were they losing to the Bellas? (Stephanie taking over the whole thing doesn’t help either imo.)

    It seems the Divas have changed but WWE’s attitude towards them hasn’t.

    Whatever your opinions on them, you have to feel at least a bit sorry for the Divas. It’s not the first time the crowd has abused them recently either. They are doing
    the best they can with what WWE gives them. Don’t hate on them, hate on WWE. How would you feel if it was you in that situation?

    By far the biggest issue for me is that Nikki is still champion. How can you have a revolution where nothing changes? The whole Paige vs Bellas thing should have been the Bellas saying after WM31 that now AJ has gone things can return to how they should be because Paige has no allies. Then do the whole Bellas cheating/numbers game for a while. Paige gets help, finally wins at Summerslam (celebrity help/Stephanie/other Divas finally turning on the Bellas to overthrow them and end Nikki’s reign at the same time. Revolution over, bring in more divas and start a new era. As usual though WWE missed a chance at a big PPV and we just got a tag match with nothing at stake to delay things some more until Nikki breaks AJ’s record. Getting rid of the Bellas should be the whole point of this revolution stuff imo and until that happens nothing will change. The Bellas are the biggest thing wrong with the Divas division as they don’t want anyone to be more successful/popular than them.


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