The WWE Blew A Golden Opportunity for Hell in a Cell


Oops, they did it again. They played with our hearts, only thought of themselves.

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s not the words to Britney Spears song, but it gets the point across. The WWE blew it when it came to the final match of the night – pitting Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan against each other.

In the immortal words of Ron Simmons – DAMN!

If the WWE wants to create a real buzz, then find some way to do a few things that are not as predictable as they have been over the course of the last month. While entertaining, wrestling is dying a slow agonizing death that could only be resuscitated by CPR from a young variation of Vince McMahon, Dusty Rhodes and Eddie Graham determining the outcome of matches and booking main events.

Oh, what I would not kill for a “Dusty Finish” right now!

I agree with Eric’s assessment of the match between Orton and Bryan and wonder what the hell was the WWE thinking? An Angry Big Show is great as a sideshow to the events of the night that will lead to a Triple Threat match between the three combatants in three weeks at Hell in a Cell, but there should have been the slightest form of closure. This leads me to believe a few things could happen toward the end of the year and result not only in a Daniel Bryan/John Cena showdown, but could also lead to a split in the Bella Twins and Cena actually taking the “heel” role in this match.

The Devil Inside, the devil inside – every single one of us is the devil inside.

It also makes me wonder why after such an odd turn of events, Triple H is not taking a more active role in the ring and challenging Bryan as if to say, “If Orton cannot get the job down, then maybe I should do it myself?”

Oh, the plot thickens.

Hell in a Cell would have been the ideal place for the COO of the WWE to get back in the ring, to pass the brass ring off in the form of the WWE Title. To make Vince’s WWE matter again.

There are certain matches and events we all know are the epicenter for some of professional wrestling’s greats. WrestleMania is owned by Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. Hell in a Cell is the type of showcase event where Triple H should shine and he could take this failing angle to a new level. But the company chose another way out, a cheap way out – one that the fans should be mad at and one that truthfully makes the work of Orton and Bryan weak and unimportant.

Some of the best work by both men have been on television. And while the pay-per-views – which I also agree with Eric, have been average or slow or disheartening, it does not take away from the fact the on screen chemistry between these two men has been nothing short of brilliant.


The one thing I can say about the WWE moving forward, is there is a plan – regardless of whether we like it or not. There is an idea they are following that might be entertaining. A crazed giant is not that bad for this type of situation, just not in the middle of a title match or toward the end of it. The whole concept was wrong. It leads to three men in a major PPV – which I really dislike. And when it comes down to it – does little for me in terms of what is best for business.

[adinserter block=”2″]Sorry, had to get that in there.

One man should have walked out of the arena with the title. That is a major mistake by this company. Regardless who the winner might have been. Now, everything appears to be back at square one.

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