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The WWE 2013 Royal Rumble Results Were The Right Results

The Internet Wrestling Community is out of control with hate, sadness, and disappointment following the WWE 2013 Royal Rumble. Unfortunately for those fans whether they like it or not, the best business decisions were made at the Rumble.

[adinserter block=”1″]I must say I was pretty surprised to see all of the anger on social media immediately following the Royal Rumble. Fans took to Twitter and other social media outlets to voice their displeasure over both CM Punk losing the title and John Cena winning the Rumble. I can empathize with their passion but at the end of the day it’s time to get a grip.

Let’s start with John Cena. I’m not a fan (although anytime I say anything remotely positive about him here I am accused of being a Cena lover) but I can respect his impact on business. Whether I like him or you like him, he is the biggest draw in the WWE today. The ratings prove that, the buyrates prove that, and the merchandise sales prove that. Saying anything different is just simply a fan thinking with their heart and not their head.

I didn’t want to see Cena win the Rumble but as it played out I started trying to come up with other scenarios. Anybody but Cena winning wouldn’t have made sense. Sure it would have been a fun swerve, but how could you go with anyone else besides Cena in this year’s WrestleMania scenario? I would have loved to see Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, or even Randy Orton win but it just wouldn’t have made sense in the big picture. Cena winning was the right move whether we like it or not.

Now let’s get to CM Punk. I have read countless tweets from fans saying Punk was disrespected, screwed, etc. First of all, I don’t know anyone is disrespected by given the sixth longest title reign in WWE history and one of the biggest paydays he’ll ever make for one match. Call me crazy but I just don’t get that one. CM Punk was not screwed. CM Punk was elevated more in the last 434 days than any new star in recent memory.

Was the wrong decision made by having Punk lose to The Rock? For starters, he actually pinned The Rock in the match. That pin was evidence of the WWE showing Punk more respect than you can imagine. Was it the final pin of the match? No, but Punk pinned The Rock period. The defeated champion walked away from a match with fans questioning whether he was really defeated or not. That was a terrific job of the WWE keeping Punk strong and over.

Should Punk have won? No, the right decision was made. Punk had 434 days to show the WWE what he could do for business. I hate to say it and I know a lot of you enjoyed him but he didn’t make a difference in business. In fact I think it’s fair to say that ratings and buyrates are evidence that he wasn’t a strong drawing champion at all. I don’t know why but for some reason he never connected with casual fans. I couldn’t think of a worst business decision in the world than putting him in the WrestleMania main-event over Rock or even Cena for that matter.

Cena and Rock drew the biggest buyrate in WrestleMania history last year! How can you not come back with a rematch? Cena and Punk headlined SummerSlam and while it did great business, it was nowhere close to WrestleMania 28. Punk was given plenty of opportunities over the last 434 days to show that he can draw those kinds of Rock vs. Cena numbers and it never materialized. Sure Rock may be in and out in a few months but the company will do more business over those few months than they could do with anyone or anything else.

Punk had to lose the title at some point. He couldn’t go on forever. I would bet that he would have lost the title months ago if WrestleMania plans were different. Punk fans should take it as a compliment that he was used as something of a springboard for The Rock. If Punk is going to lose to anyone in 434 days it isn’t a bad thing to lose to the biggest draw in the company.

I have also heard a large outcry over Punk being pinned with the People’s Elbow. I don’t get that one at all. The GTS is essentially a knee to the face and Punk has pinned plenty of people with that. I would imagine looking at the big picture that the finish was to set up a big kick out spot at WrestleMania 29 with Cena kicking out of the elbow. It’s pro wrestling and let’s be honest, most of the finishing moves are kind of corny. Complaining about the People’s Elbow is a bit over the top in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t want to see Cena vs. Rock 2 but the numbers from last year tell me and anyone else with an open mind that plenty of people do. The WWE will get more buzz in the upcoming weeks with its title around the waist of an A-list movie star than anyone else including Cena. It’s best for business now and it’s best for business later.

Don’t cry too hard for CM Punk. He’ll be taking home more money in the first half of 2013 than at any other point in his career. For that and everyone else who will benefit, the right decisions were made at the Royal Rumble.

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  1. Oh, and one more thing: Really? They're complaining that Punk lost via People's Elbow? That's been Rock's main finishing move for a long time. As if the GTS is this "Lethal Weapon of Death". god-uh hits people with a running knee to the face way before Punk began using a knee strike as his finisher. I could also explain how lame the F-U finisher is as well but I bet millions have already done that. Like you said, many finishing moves are corny.

    Also, like you said, they made Punk look REALLY strong during the match. Stronger than he ever looked against Cena in his matches against him post MitB.

  2. Wow. Smarks sure love their so called "indie gems" don't they? The sad truth is, no matter how much they cry foul, pleasing the majority comes before pleasing the minority. As cool as Punk is, before his heel run as champ (that run of his was mixed imo), he didn't draw as much money as WWE had hoped with him as champ. I think it's due to bad booking due to his rushed return to TV after MitB 2011.
    I won't go into too many details as to why not but you've explained many times that he doesn't draw as much money as Cena or Rock do.

    I also don't want to see Cena vs Rock 2 but I DID want The Rock to win the title…so it was a win/lose situation from the beginning. All I can do now is hope WWE and both wrestlers will do their best to make this rematch better than their first encounter. Same goes for Bork vs "god-uh" 2.

  3. I feel Punk wasn't a draw to casual fans because the casual fan doesn't like pure wrestling which is what Punk is all about. Bryan Danielson has the same problem and is why I feel he dropped the title at Mania and has been stuck in a tag team with Kane.

  4. I do not disagree with you at all. Rock/Cena is the best for business in a money making sense. Hardcore fans will get Mania, they always do. They want casual buys to jack up the buyrate. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. However, I do disagree about the strong draw as champion for CM Punk.2011, the pipebomb promo, was in late June/early July. Punk got traction then and was very mainstream for a few weeks to a couple of months, but IMO was dropped on the card with Trips and then won the title at Survivor Series. Punk raise to the top was fast and wasn’t draw out long enough for casual fans to get behind him. Austin started up in 96 with the KotR promo and was built over time to a title win in April of 98. Cena started the rap deal in 03 and was pushed to the moon, but no title reign until 05. It takes time to build into a draw. Punk never got that kind of time once he broke through. They gave him the title and a semi-main event status IMO again. The title reign was great and he is great on the mic and in ring, but without the build it is a hard to be a main draw without serious growing time.


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