The Winds of Change have shifted on Wade Barrett


Wade Barrett is a weird situation. When Wade Barrett broke away from the Nexus, many thought (as did I) that he would be the next big superstar. He had charisma that some superstars could only wish to attain when he was the Nexus leader during that time it felt so natural that he was the leader. He had a pretty good feud with Randy Orton on Smackdown but after that they did the Corre which was a complete bust.

[adinserter block=”1″]I’m still scratching my head on what the WWE was trying to accomplish with this group. Does the WWE think that the WWE Universe doesn’t remember or care that we just seen these guys as Nexus on Raw? After this okay feud and the Corre he got injured when many of the IWC thought he was destined to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match that year. Since his return he’s been hovering around the Intercontinental Championship scene and can’t seem to get out of the midcard. I have some reasons I feel that Wade Barrett isn’t quite the star that everyone once thought he was destined to be. In no way am I saying that he isn’t going to be that star but as of this writing he hasn’t accomplished or gave a glimpse of this coming anytime soon. The issues with Wade Barrett have both been his fault and the WWE so called creative.

Wade Barrett is pretty generic in all honesty. The bare knuckle brawler Wade Barrett with the rough and tough look will never be up to par with the young upstart Wade Barrett leading a group of rookies into battle against the top stars. He had so much charisma as the Nexus leader that covered up some of the things he needed to work on and improve. Now that the WWE Universe isn’t particularly invested in what he does on TV now, these unimproved flaws are seen tenfold now. The only thing unique about him is his accent and that it’s something you don’t hear too often on WWE television so when you hear it you’re more keen to listen and remember what he said.

He’s got an okay look, not the best but with improvement on all these other faults than it’s certainly passable. He is as generic of a heel as it gets. He even does the A typical stop on the apron and dust your boots off toward the audience. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about. If this is how you get heat on TV than that’s pathetic. He just rarely gives you a reason to care about anything he does. The only improvement he made was the advent of his new finisher the Bull-Hammer, which isn’t enough.

The WWE is clearly at fault as much as Wade Barrett is. He hasn’t had a decent theme song since he left the Nexus. These theme songs have been God awful, like beyond explanation. I really think they screwed up his “open for business” storyline. That could have worked for someone like him, definitely since now they are doing a street fighter gimmick with him. Even if it didn’t work it would have to be a lot better than what he is doing right now. All in all, I won’t call Wade Barrett a loss cause because he still has a lot of potential. But currently, he’s right where he belongs. And it’s going to be up to him to make them change his status.

The booking of Wade Barrett since the beginning has sucked. It’s difficult for me to think that WWE officials just aren’t as high on him as they once were. He was gold during the Nexus run and flat again during the Corre. Before getting injured and put on the shelf for nearly a year he was slated as the favorite to win the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This would have saw him cash it in on whomever and won the title (more than likely). He returned and soon after his return he won the Intercontinental Championship. Most of the IWC saw this as a step down, I was optimistic and things went pretty well for the first month or so. After the first month it was only downhill, the WWE decided to bury Wade Barrett and the title.

He was frequently jobbed out to bigger stars and often lost non-title matches against the likes of Santino and The Miz. This is the mistake that WWE makes every now and again. Wade Barrett was caught on with the fans during the Nexus but he wasn’t allowed time to slowly build his character and change with the times. Personally he caught my attention when he made the famous “Winds of Change” promo on NXT. Instead of giving a guy like Barrett some time to build his reputation and character he was thrust into the main even with the company’s top guys. He was pushed was too hard, way too fast. After winning the first season of NXT and moving onto Raw, he was getting three consecutive WWE Championship matches. The crowd didn’t really know exactly who he was and why he was in the main event.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s too bad because, in my opinion, Barrett’s got a lot of talent and I think still has a somewhat slight chance of recovering. However, I can’t help but think that Barrett’s ship may have sailed as he simply nowhere remotely close to getting a push. In a way Barrett never truly paid his dues coming up, so he’s paying them now. When this is over, we all can hope it will be time for Wade Barrett to get another major push. Unless something changes and improves their in-ring work, I don’t expect to see “winds of change.”

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Do you think the ship has sailed on Wade Barrett? Will we ever see the Winds of Change? Let me know in the comment section below..

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