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The Wilds Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Are we going back to the island?

Survival series are something that gets people hooked very easily. There is something about rooting for your favorite character to survive until the very end. One such series was “The Wilds” which debuted in December 2020. The theme and the dark story of the series quickly became a huge success.

Season 2 of “The Wilds” was released last month all at once on May 6 and the hardcore fans were quick to binge-watch all of it in one night. The series has been appreciated by the audience as well as the critics and now we wait eagerly for what’s in store for us next.

Today we talk about everything we know about the chances of a third season of the show. Here are the details:

What Is “The Wilds” About?

The series follows a group of teenage girls from different backgrounds flying to Hawaii to attend the Dawn of Eve program, a retreat for the empowerment of young women. However, the plane crashes and the girls find themselves stranded on a deserted island.

As they try to survive and get to know each other, they don’t know that the plane crash was staged and they are subjects of an experiment by the head of the Dawn of Eve program.

Will There Be a Third Season?

Season 2 premiered last month and so far there is no official news regarding the continuation of the series. Prime Video also hasn’t announced anything regarding the existence of a season three. However, considering the success of the two seasons so far and the massive cliffhanger that season 2 ended with, we can expect a season 3 on the horizon.

Some cast members have already expressed their excitement about season 3. Mia Healey, who portrays Shelby said: “[Season 3] really excites me. That is like, ‘Okay, this is a whole different ball game now.’ And also, we have the whole bunker, you know? We’re not just on the island anymore. So these guys are in their sweats in this bunker, like investigating the whole thing and working together. It’s gonna be huge if we do season three, obviously.”

What to Expect in Season 3?

By the end of season 2, we saw that Gretchen and her team took off while on the run from the FBI however, she was confident that this changed nothing. So it seems that they will be moving to a secure and safe location away from the reach of the FBI.

Season 3 will most probably involve Gretchen initiating phase 3 as it seems like a logical choice. We will see the group of girls from season 1 coming in contact with the boys of season 2. They might now work together to build a society.

The Wilds Season 3 Release Date Speculation

Since a third season hasn’t been announced yet, it’s hard to say that a release date would be revealed anytime soon. If we speculate on the release date of previous seasons and the gaps between them, we can expect the third season to release only by 2024.

For now, take every rumor with a pinch of salt and wait for an official announcement from Amazon Prime Video.



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