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The Wendy Williams Show is Ready to Make a Solid Comeback

Exclusive news from Wendy Williams is doing rounds on the internet as the versatile media personality is announcing to come back into the media limelight after focusing on her health. Williams has disclosed in an exclusive phone interview with the prestigious American Morning News show Good Morning America. Willians has admitted that she’s enthusiastic to go back to work, claiming that her partners and everyone else at the show are ready. Here’s everything you should know.

Wendy Williams’s Come Back After Recovering From Health Issues

Wendy Williams was overheard telling her friends at dinner time, that she’s ready to make a comeback. she was spotted at the Big Apple on the 14th of April. Wendy Williams is speaking out as she recovers from health and other issues that have kept her from hosting The Wendy William Show for months. The announcement comes from a phone interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, where Williams is heard mentioning her good health and wellbeing. She says she is feeling really well. Also adding to the phone conversation that she feels like having the body of 25 year old. 

After being away for months, Wendy Williams’ comeback to TV has been confirmed. She was interviewed by various platforms and said that she can’t wait to get back on TV to reconnect with her fans and relieve the worry caused by rumors of her illness.

The Wendy Williams Show: Is it Coming?

After Wendy told Good Morning America on Thursday that she’s “comfortable” and “ready” to start working again weeks after it was announced that former View co-host Sherry Shephard would take over her time slot with her own talk show, many fans were relieved to hear from the 57-year-old Williams would come back on the screen later in 2022.  According to some sources, The Wendy Williams Show is going to have its comeback probably by September 2023. The sources have also revealed that The Wendy Williams Show has a strong team of experienced staff members who are all committed to the Sherri show at the moment because of the time slots given to her due to Wendy’s disappearance. The syndication company behind the new show is helping Williams out and she also has her own show in the works if Sherri doesn’t work out.

Wendy Williams Opens About Her Health And The End Of Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams shared some notable things that led to the decision of ending the popular show The Wendy Williams Show. The 57 years old media personality shared on Good Morning America that is struggling with some serious health and financial issues.

She addressed her financial struggles. The Bank, Wells Fargo has declared herself “Incapacitated” and requires the autonomy of the guardian to claim the further assets. The financial establishment filed a letter in court claiming it has compelling evidence that Williams is the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation. Regarding her health, Williams has assured her fans that she is keeping well now and would give her best to bring back the action. 



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