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The Voice Australia Finale: Controversy Rises Over Lachie Gill’s Victory

Social media is claiming Lachie won because of white privileges.

The Voice Australia declared the results of the final round yesterday and Lachie Gill was crowned the winner for this year’s season. However, as soon as the winner was revealed, social media was caught up in an uproar and controversy erupted.

The controversy surrounding the victory is that Lachie Gill, apparently a “white person” from Rita Ora’s team beat a diverse trio that included Jordan Tavita from Guy Sebastian’s Team, Faith Sosene from Jess Mauboy’s team, and Thando Sikwila from Keith Urban’s team.

Even one of the finalists, Faith took part in that controversy hinting it was an unfair win. Here is everything we know about it so far:

The Reaction of the Runner-Ups

Faith, one of the runner-ups took to Instagram to congratulate Lachie however, her words suggested otherwise. In her post on Instagram, she wrote the caption: “We already knew Australia was gonna love & pick you! You’re simply perfect for them”. The caption hinted that Lachie won because of his ethnic background which was ‘perfect’ for Australia.

However, she soon edited that tweet and removed “for them” from the caption which now reads “You’re simply perfect”. She had also added: “[Thando and Jordan] We must work harder for our future generations to win. Off to work we go”, which she also removed later.

However, she forgot to update the same on her Facebook post and the caption still reads the same original text. Later on, she retyped the original text on her Instagram as well. Faith and Jordan happen to be of Samoan descent and Thando is from Zimbabwe.

Thando on the other hand simply congratulated Lachie and called him a “legend” and that he “absolutely deserves it”. The same notion was carried forward by Jordan who cheered up the runner-ups in his caption.

Twitter Reacts

Most of the reactions on Twitter were about Lachie’s win being controversial and he won due to his white privileges or because they didn’t want to crown a diverse person. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter over Lachie’s victory:

Lachie Reacts

Lachie also posted on his Instagram account where he typed a length caption that thanked and congratulated the three runner-ups. He said: Jordan Faith & Thando. What can I say other than Thankyou. Thankyou for sharing your gifts with me and Australia. You will continue to inspire me every single day moving forward and I KNOW and I MEAN IT! That you will have amazing careers in this industry and have so much too (sic) offer to Australia and beyond.”

As for the controversy, Lachie reacted and said that he did not read into any of those. He told Daily Mail: “There are always doubters and I won’t buy into it. I’m just really grateful to my fans who voted for me and have shown their support.” He also talked about it on 3AW Afternoons and said: I’m a big fan of them (fellow contestants) and they’re a big fan of me and that’s all that matters. I’m not going to read into anything else.”

Lachie won the cash prize of $100, 000 and a recording contract in his victory.



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